10 Worst Drama Kisses

Drama world is a beautiful place to be in because you see people do stuff you would not normally see doing in real life. One of those things is kissing in the most unlikely situations and weird positions. Imagine yourself reading a notice board and as you turn to leave you accidentally happen to kiss a guy. Yes, I said kiss not bump into a guy. You accidentally kiss him on his lips. Sounds absurd right? But it is quite possible in drama land. Don’t look surprised yet. Drama writers get very creative when it comes to writing a surprise kiss. Let’s check out some of the weirdest but creative (even uncomfortable kisses) yet worst drama kisses below.

1) Balancing To Kiss  – Let’s Drink

It is very likely that my protruding belly makes me find this kiss practically impossible. Despite the uncomfortable position the actors look quite comfortable while kissing like this.

2) Another Balance To Kiss – Refresh Man

I pity Aaron Yan for this kiss. Poor guy had to balance himself on the horse while trying to keep his lips glued to his girls’ lips in the drama. Geez! This kiss must have been his most difficult one till date. 

3) Slip To Kiss – Noble My Love

It’s kinda funny how the actress has to slip perfectly to be able to position her lips exactly on top of his. Jeez! Who falls like that?

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4) Fall To Kiss – Hana Yori Dango

If you thought that was a difficult kiss then imagine how difficult this kiss must be. But like the previous kiss here you don’t really see the couple fall into a kissing position. They fall and then the camera pans to their joined faces. Which means this kiss was impossible even for drama actors.

5) Run To Kiss – My Little Lover

And there she goes crashing perfectly onto his lips. What a collision!

6) Faint To Kiss – Black

In a very dramatic style, the guy gets hit on the head and he falls on his face right after his lips partly meet the girls’ lips. Awww….so typically K-drama-ish. 😉

7) Stumble To Kiss – Jang Bori is Here

Falling onto someone like that….I wonder how they managed to keep their teeth from cracking.

WARNING: Going beyond this point will expose you to some of the weirdest and uncomfortable kisses. Those who can’t stand gross kisses can leave right now.  

8) Bite To Kiss – Reply 1994

I don’t know if this is even considered a kiss. All I know is that this scene made me squeamish.

9) Puke To Kiss – You’re Beautiful

The first time I watched this drama I never really understood why Tae Kyung felt furious with Go Mi Nam for kissing him. It is only later that I understood that she didn’t kiss him but threw up in his mouth. Yes, his mouth!! YUCK!!! (Couldn’t get the shorter version so had to pick the whole episode. You can watch the whole episode if you want. It is very funny.)

10) Eat To Kiss – Uncontrollably Fond

This kiss has to be the grossest kiss ever. He kisses her right when she is chewing her food. Ugh!! Yuck! YUCKKK!! I have seen this scene only once while watching the drama and still can’t erase this vomit inducing scene from my memory. Watch the video below at your own risk.

Here is a Bonus kiss suggested by ‘OldAnimeLady’ on Mydramalist.com. This one is certified YUCK. I can’t believe someone actually came up with a kiss as cringe-worthy as that.

**Puke AND Kiss – Million Yen Women 

Statutory Warning!

Do NOT watch this kiss while eating.

Watch it at your own risk.

Don’t ask me to describe this kiss. I am still in shock. 

The last three drama kisses grossed me out. I now need to watch a better kiss to get this yuckie feeling off me. Will be back with another interesting drama post. Enjoy 🙂

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