10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are Falling In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

I have been watching Korean dramas for the past year and a half and till now I have ravenously devoured more than 50 dramas. I watch K-dramas because they are a short and highly entertaining. I don’t remember being such an ardent follower of any other thing in my entire life. K-dramas have changed me and I feel glad to have found such an amazing medium of escapism. Whenever I think about the reason why I like K-dramas, the first thought that comes to my mind is the male lead of a show. Of course, Korean dramas have more than just eye-candies to offer but when it comes to selecting a drama to watch, I often find myself checking for a drama with the cutest looking actor. Do not judge me, ask any K-drama fan girl about her motivation to watch a drama and almost 90% will admit to watching a drama only for her favourite oppa (an older guy).  

So, what is it that makes these Korean actors so appealing to the viewers? Well, after keenly observing several oppas in dramas I have noted that these actors embody certain qualities that make them appealing to young girls. Here are a few qualities I feel that drama male leads personify that makes girls swoon over them.

1. He is RICH!

Almost every K-drama male lead is rich. And not just a regular rich guy but a stinking Richie rich who can afford to buy anything and everything for the girl he likes.

For example: In Boys Over Flowers, when Gu Jun Pyo wants to impress his lady love Geum Jan Di, he takes her on a foreign trip in his private jet. He then takes her on a helicopter ride to show her a heart-shaped piece of land that he owns. 10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

He sweeps her off her feet by telling her that he had decided to bring the girl he liked to that place first. Aww…..who said money can’t buy love?

10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

2. He accepts his girl irrespective of GENDER.

A K-drama hero believes in falling in love with his heart and soul. And when he finds someone worth loving he will accept her the way she is and will not even mind the fact that she is the same gender as he.

For example: In Coffee Prince, Choi Han Kyul is a handsome Lothario and does not believe in committing to one woman in life. However, he faces a major dilemma when he finds himself helplessly attracted to his coffee shop employee, Go Eun Chan. After years of flirting with women, he cannot believe he is in love with a man and tries his best to dismiss his feelings for the boy. However, he is unable to overcome his feelings and finally confesses his love to Eun Chan only to later discover that Eun Chan is actually a girl disguised as a boy.

10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

3. He likes to admire his girl when she is asleep.

I call this the ‘Edward Cullen Syndrome’ because he likes to watch Bella ‘sleep’. A Korean hero is no different. He too likes to watch his girl sleep.

For example: Ji Wook feels for Bong Hee in the drama Suspicious Partner and finds it difficult to keep away from her. However, he does not act upon his feelings and only gazes at her when she isn’t looking or when she is asleep.

10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

Actor Ji Chang Wook does that often. He did that in Healer too.

10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

In case you are wondering who he is then let me tell you he is my ultimate BIAS!! In case you too want to check him out then go watch his drama Healer. I gave it high ratings because the drama is too good and Ji Chang Wook is just mind-blowing in it.  

4. He will carry his girl on his back when she is drunk.

Piggybacks are common in K-dramas and K-drama actors are a pro at it. No one carries a girl on the back better than a K-drama hero.

For example: Whenever Kae In is feeling low or is sloshed out her ‘gay best-friend’ (who is actually straight and falls in love with her) ‘turns his back’ to her so he can give her a piggyback ride home. Well, at least that is what happens in Personal Taste

10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

When a guy as hot as Lee Min Ho offers you a piggyback ride do you think you can decline it?

5. He grabs his girl’s wrists when he has to stop her from making a blunder.

Personally, I do not like this at all. But I know girls who find this masochistic trait very hot. They like to be mildly submissive to the guy who likes to claim his lady. I don’t mind this ‘wrist-grabbing’ thing as long as it is in a drama.

For example: Hwang Tae Kyung cares about Go Mi Nam and wants to warn her about the heartbreak she might have to face if she proceeds to meet the guys he thinks she loves in You’re Beautiful. Go Mi Nam is in no mood to talk to him so he has to grab her by the wrist and take her aside to dissuade her from meeting the guy.      

 10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

6. He cools off his anger by shooting.

When a K-drama hero is furious he vents his anger by shooting. C’mon, didn’t I tell you K-drama heroes are rich? This is how rich guys cool down.

For example: Look at the ultra-stylish Joon shoot out his anger in Love Rain. He even wears sunglasses while shooting. Wow!!!

10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

7. He will compete fiercely with another guy to win over his lady love.

Love triangles as common to Korean dramas as mother-in-laws are to Indian TV serials. It is prevalent in every drama. No matter how arrogant, egoistic and selfish a K-drama hero may be. Will change himself only to beat the sweet and adorable second-lead to eventually win over the heroine who he feels is rightfully his.

For example: Wang So is willing to go against his entire family for Hae Soo. He does not even think twice before banishing his brother Wang Wook, who also loves Hae Soo.

10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

8. He will cook for his girl when she is ill.

A drama hero is multi-talented and knows to shoot, swim and even cook. He will prepare a tasty meal when his girl is unwell and will even feed her.

For example: Louie loses his mind when Bok Shil gets kidnapped. And when she is found he takes good care of her and even feeds her when she is unable to eat at the hospital. Isn’t that cute? Cheers to this cute couple from Shopping King Louie

10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes

9. He will kiss his girl like she is the only woman he will ever kiss.

K-drama heroes are born to kiss. No, I’m not exaggerating. K-drama kisses are very popular and you will find hundreds of fan list ranking their favourite K-drama kiss. I too have a list of my own which I will reveal in some other post.

For example: I am not going to describe anything but take a look at this video below and you will know what I’m talking about. This kiss is counted as one of the best K-drama kisses. Rom-com drama, Jealousy Incarnate is good in every department. If you haven’t yet seen this drama, then go watch it right now. Trust me, you will come back to thank me for recommending this awesome drama.

10. He will hold his girl in a back-hug whenever he wants to show that he cares.

Like love triangles, back-hugs are also very common in K-drama and an ideal Korean hero aces at that. With a back-hug the hero wants to tell his girl that he cares for her and will always be there for her no matter what.

For example: Don’t Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyung from Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo look awwwwdorable together. Joon Hyung never runs out of a hug for his weightlifting champion girlfriend.

10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes 10 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are In Love With Korean Drama Heroes


K-drama heroes are cute, hot, sweet, cool, caring, loving, and loyal at the same time. I don’t see a single reason to not fall in love with at least one drama hero. I have fallen for many of them. And if you too don’t mind having multiple celebrity crushes then you have to start watching Korean dramas. If you are already addicted to K-dramas then let me know how many oppas you like. 🙂 


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