12 Signs That A Guy Definitely Likes You

OK so there is a guy the whole world thinks ‘likes you’ but you aren’t sure because he never really said it himself. Also, you are not sure if he takes you as a friend or more than that. With men, it is slightly difficult to determine what’s on their mind. No matter how extroverted they may be, when it comes to speaking their heart out, they become like a little child trying to speak for the first time. Confessing one’s feeling to someone is not an easy task. A man may act tough on the outside but when he is in front of the woman he likes, you will see the soft, vulnerable side of him. That is because a man can hardly conceal his liking for a woman. He may not be able to express it through words but there are several signs that give away the fact that he adores a particular woman.

If you want to know whether a guy likes you or not then you will have to notice two things about him: his behaviour and his body language. These two things change drastically when a man is around the woman he likes. Let’s have a look at how a guy’s behaviour and body language make it evident that he likes you.


1. He Is Nervous Around You

A guy may be junglee (rowdy) when with his group of friends but the moment he realises that you are around he will suddenly become calm, composed and at times even mute. He will be on his best behaviour around you. He may be a chatty person otherwise but in front of you, he might feel tongue-tied and will hardly speak to you as compared to his friends. He may seem overly anxious around you only because he likes you and doesn’t want a make a fool of himself before you.

2. He Will Not Get Angry With You

Now let’s suppose he lent you his favourite DVD and you happened to lose it, you might prepare yourself to get an earful about being irresponsible. But if the guy likes you no matter how important the DVD was for him he will not lose his temper on you. Instead, he will act cool like it doesn’t matter when in reality he will be crying on the inside. This is only applicable in the initial days when he has started developing feelings for you. Once you are in a relationship be prepared to handle the nuclear explosion after you lose anything that belongs to him.

3. He Will Make You Laugh

For men, laughing is the biggest sign of comfort by a woman. If you are in a group, whenever he says something funny he will first look at you for your reaction. If you laugh heartily it means that you approve of him. He will crack more jokes to ensure that you enjoy his company and like him.

4. He Is The Conversation Starter ALWAYS!

If this happens then be sure that the guy is totally into you. Guys do not waste time chatting with people they are not interested in. If a guy regularly starts a conversation with you and keeps it going then nothing can be more evident than the fact that he is interested in you.  

5. He Notices Every Little Thing About You

When girls compliment your new earrings it is fine because women have an eye for accessories but when a guy notices the nail paint on your toes then there must be something for sure. If he notices every little thing about you that clearly means that he is attracted to you. And if he compliments you then he wants you to know that you have his attention.

6. He Remembers Every Little Detail You Tell Him

If likes you he will pay attention to what you say and will keep in mind the things you like and dislike. However, if he doesn’t remember stuff about you then it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you, the guy may just have a poor memory. But most of the time a guy who likes you, will remember minor details about you.   

Body Language

7. He Will Try To Be Close To You

A guy who likes you will always stand close to you. He will lean to speak to you and to hear what you have to say. He will always face you and will not turn his back to you. He may even playfully punch you and if he sees that you do not mind his touch then he will find more subtle ways to make frequent physical contact.

8. His Spine Will Be Erect

A guy will want you to look at him favourably and will maintain an erect posture not only to hide his paunch but also to look more confident. He will sit and stand in postures that will make him look broader or taller only to make himself look appealing to you.

9. Always Smiling In Your Presence

When you talk to him he will always have a silly smile on his face. That is because he likes your company and is excited about being with you. He will smile more often around you and his smile will also last longer. The more he smiles the more he likes you.

10. You Are His Centre Of Attention

Sometimes it may so happen that you may feel he is watching you and as soon as you turn to look at him, he is looking elsewhere making you wonder if something is wrong with your instincts. But do not worry, there is a way to confirm this. In a K-Drama, there was this one girl who felt that the guy she has been crushing on for years likes her and is often staring at her. To check it she one day starts yawning the moment she feels he is looking at her. Yawning is contagious. It is common that when you see someone yawning you automatically start yawning with that person. So, if you too feel that a guy often stares at you try yawning and see if he follows suit. If he yawns after you then it means that he has caught your bait and that he had been staring at you. 

11. Mirrors Your Actions

If you are talking to a guy and you notice that he is imitating your hand gestures or actions then it is a clear, bold sign that he likes you. Men tend to subconsciously imitate someone they admire. You can try this trick with subtle gestures like pinching your nose or crossing your arms. If he copies you then you know he likes you.

12. Holds Your Gaze For Long

When you speak to him, he will make eye contact and will hold your gaze longer than usual. I would have added ‘check for dilated pupils’ but that sign is next to impossible to try in India where most men have dark brown or black eyes. This may work with men with light eyes but for the rest, checking for dilated pupils without flashing a torchlight in their eyes is not an option.  


The key to knowing how a guy feels is noticing his behaviour and body language. If a guy shows some or all of the above signs then he most certainly finds you attractive and likes you. If not, then sorry, maybe he is not that into you. You can read about the signs which clearly tell you that a guy is not interested in you.


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