20 Best Indian TV Serial Title Tracks And Their Melodious Sound Tracks (Part 2)

Just the other day I was writing a post on Sony TV’s latest show Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hain when the serial brought back some fond memories of my childhood. My childhood consisted of a lot of stuff of which TV serials were the most integral part back then. I thrived on all types of shows as a kid which had a great influence on me. You may laugh if I tell you that India’s Most Wanted was my favourite show. Back then reality shows were not as rampant as they are today. So for me, IMW was my fill of reality TV.  Some TV serials had great theme music which I still remember a decade later. I have already listed some songs in a previous post and here are some more title tracks that I missed out last time.


1. Miley Jab Hum Tum

Remember this college drama? Two sisters come to Mumbai from a small town of Morena to study in an illustrious college. Here they meet two hunks that they eventually fall in love with. Samrat and Gunjan became a real life couple after this show but my favourite couple on this show was the bickering jodi of Mayank and Nupur. Which was your favourite jodi?


2. Love Story

I can’t believe I forgot to include this show in the in the previous list of best OST’s. Love Story was my favourite show that I used to watch twice a day. I mean I used to watch the original telecast as well as the repeat telecast because I couldn’t get enough of this love saga.

Here is the show’s theme song

3. This song still gives me the feels. blushes I was addicted to this song and back then we did not have YouTube or torrent download to get this song so I recorded it on my mobile phone and used to hear it innumerable times in a day.


4. Kareena Kareena

The title track of this show was as vivacious as the lead actress Kulraj Randhawa. An interesting show which is available on YouTube.

Catch the title track below.


5. Lavanya

Now tell me isn’t this melodious title track of Lavanya a music lovers’ delight?


6. Kyun Hota Hain Pyaar

My love for second leads is not new as I used to like Vikas Sethi (played the role of Kukku) in this serial more than Amit Sadh (played the lead Aditya).


7. Perfect Bride

Does anybody remember this show at all? It is not a very old show as it came in 2009. It had a very interesting concept of having arranged marriages on TV. The show had 10 young girls sharing a house or rather a neighbourhood with 5 eligible bachelors and their mothers. The girls had to beat the other girls in competitions to win the heart of one boy who would agree to marry her in the final episode of the show. The show was not very popular but was very entertaining.


8. Dill Mill Gayye

Another show I can’t believe I missed in my last post. How obsessed I was with Karan Singh Grover at one point of time! This was his best show. He played the role of  Dr. Armaan Malik to perfection. Riddhima kept changing but Armaan was always the same. Of the three Riddhima’s that kept shuffling, I think the original Riddhima, Shilpa Anand suited KSG the best. Their chemistry was just out of this wurrrrrrld.


This show had some great sound tracks and below are my favourite ones from the show.

9. Aasmaani Rang Ho

10. Ishq Leta Hain Kaise Imtihaan

11. And finally this soothing ‘sajanaaaaaaaaaaa…..’


12. Yeh Meri Life Hain

What happens when a middle-class girl gets admission in the city’s most prestigious college attended by children hailing from rich backgrounds? Well, that was what this show was about. It started off well and I have no clue what went wrong with it. Enjoy its short title track.


13. Tere Liye

Another love story with an addictive sound track.


14. Pavitra Rishta

Sushant Singh Rajput’s claim to fame serial Pavitra Rishta had a tuneful title track that suited the theme of the show.


15. Kaajjal

Image Courtesy: Sony TV

Please do not laugh when I say that I used to act like a TV heroine in front of my mirror while this song played on the TV. >_<

You can watch the title track on YouTube.


16. Hum Pardesi Ho Gaye

This show is about how some parents fixated with the idea of having an NRI son-in-law get their daughter married to a boy settled in America. Mallika’s parents get her married to an NRI without even conducting a decent background check and totally unaware that he is already living with another woman there. The show was unique and very interesting.

You can check out its title track here.


17. Shagun 

I am not sure how many of you might remember this serial but it was quite a hit in the afternoon slot.


18. Kasam Se

Another good track from a Balaji production. Balaji shows had some of the best title songs.


19. Dharampatni

This show did not become very popular despite having Harshad Chopra in the lead. However, its traditional sound track struck a chord with many.


20. Rehna Hai Teri Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein

I did not follow this show regularly but did watch a few random episodes and understood that the girl likes brother number 2 but her could-be mother-in-law wants her to marry brother number 1. All I remember about this show is its title song and that the girl used to call the guy Karan Ji which would sound like the sweet meat Karanjee to me. Hehe


I have added as many songs as I could remember. I am sure you must be having some favourites of your own. Let me know if I have missed any song that you think needs to be mentioned here.


Feature Image Courtesy: Sony SAB, NDTV Imagine, Hotstar, Zee Network


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