5 Personality Traits That Prove Deepika Padukone’s A True Capricorn Woman

Since her debut in 2007, Deepika Padukone has seen her share of ups and downs in the entertainment industry and her personal life. But our ‘Dreamy Girl’ has handled every situation with dignity and grace which are the hallmarks of a Capricorn woman. Let’s have a look at some of the peculiar Capricorn qualities that Deepika embodies which make her a true Capricorn woman.


1. Focus and 2. Determination

In Bollywood, it is believed that people who have a great debut rarely ever succeed in the industry. For example, actors like Kumar Gaurav, Bhagyashree, Amisha Patel each had a blockbuster for a debut movie but sadly their movie careers did not last long. Something similar happened with Deepika Padukone who featured in a string of flops following her super-hit debut movie, Om Shanti Om. The long period between 2008 to 2011 had her in only one good movie while the rest of her films tanked miserably. People started to speculate that she too would be a one-film wonder. But Deepika was not done yet. She bounced back in 2012 with her breakthrough role as Veronica in Cocktail and gave five back-to-back super hits in two years. She did not crumble under pressure. Her focus on her work and faith in herself put her on the top of the game.


3. Emotional

Once while promoting her movie Bachna Ae Haseeno with her then beau Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika told an interviewer that when she was shooting the song ‘Khuda Jaane’ with Ranbir she actually meant the lyrics for him especially the part ‘ke bann gaye ho tum mere khuda’. Yes, Capricorn woman can be highly emotional when in love as she seeks lots of love and security from a relationship.


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4. Ambitious

After her break-up with Ranbir Kapoor, people thought that she was doomed and that she will vanish from the filmy circuit soon. But the true sportswoman that she is, she did not let failure in a relationship affect her career and gave it all she had to meet her dream of being the ultimate heroine in Bollywood. Once in number 1 position, she did not relax but ventured further into unchartered territories and landed herself a role in a Hollywood movie opposite Vin Diesel. Her ambition kept her going and see how well it turned out.


5. Fashionable

For a Capricorn woman, status and image are extremely important which is why they will always be well-dressed. Do I need to explain anything about Deepika’s fashion? Well, if I have to describe her style in word then it will be – impeccable. Take a look at some of her gorgeous outfits and I am sure you will see the classy, chic Capricorn that she is.


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Wow!! Is there an outfit she cannot slay?

Here’s wishing this dimpled beauty a great Birthday and a wonderful year ahead.


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