5 Reasons Why You Must Watch Korean Shows

AlphaGirl has one whole section dedicated to reviewing Korean Shows (aka K-Dramas) which clearly indicates that I am totally in love with Korean drama series. There was a time when my phone and laptop would be covered with images of Ian Somerhalder, Jensen Ackles, and Matt Lanter. But today my phone looks like this –


Reasons Why You MUST Watch K-Drama
Wallpapers on my phone

I would have shown you my desktop too but it is way too messy and I do not want anybody to know how bad I am at organizing files on my PC. But this image is enough to make anyone understand how obsessed I am with K-dramas. Initially, I was apprehensive of watching Korean shows because:

1. I do not understand Korean

2. Subtitles distract me

3. I can’t remember or grasp Korean names

However, today not only do I know the actors by their actual names, but I also know their year of graduation and the people they are dating. Today I listen to Korean music on loop. Luckily, I live in India, had I been living in Korea I would have definitely become a ‘sasaeng’ (a fan who obsessively stalks celebrities) by now.

Enough of my fixation and let’s get to the point. There are several reasons why K-Dramas are gaining so much popularity in the US and Asia.

Here are 6 reasons why you must watch Korean shows and not miss out on the Hallyu i.e. Korean wave.


1. Good Looking Actors

Most good looking Korean Actors
Most good looking Korean Actors – Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho, Jung Geun Suk

Image Courtesy: 1,2,3

You just saw snapshots of the wallpapers on my phone. And now these images above just go on to prove that Korean shows boast of some real eye candies that make young girls swoon and compel them to eagerly wait for their favourite star’s shows.

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses
Most Beautiful Korean Actresses – Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Ji Hyun

Image Courtesy: 1,2,3

Not only the actors but Korean actresses will also catch your eye with their pleasing personalities and beautiful faces (not to mention their bright and speckless skin). 


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2. Considerable dose of romance

Childhood crush, teenage love, alien love, love-hate relationship, you name it and you got it. Korean shows are high in emotional content and their level of romance ranges from innocent to passionate. Since South Korea is a tad conservative country, you will not see heavy love-making scenes but romantic kisses are aplenty. In fact, many actors have a steady fan base owing to their on-screen kissing talent.


3. Curious cliffhangers

The pace of a show depends on the storyline. However, every episode ends with a hook meant to make the audience curious and coerce them to watch the next episode. If the first episode interests you, you will automatically be driven to watch the subsequent episodes because each episode ends on a rather interesting note.


4. Soulful Soundtracks

The Original Sound Track (OST) is one of the vital driving factors of a Korean show. The music in K-dramas is so touching that you will love it even when you do not understand the lyrics (don’t worry about the lyrics there are several YouTube videos giving you the Korean wordings as well as the English translation of a song).


5. Short Duration

Korean shows are mostly 60 minutes long. Each series consists of around 15-20 episodes. It is the perfect option for binge watching. So if you do not have any plans for the weekend, switch on any Korean drama and you will finish the whole series in two days without having to wait too long for the next episode.


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Hallyu has hit India and is spreading widely. Korean shows are short, interesting, and highly romantic (rom-com is indeed my favourite genre). If you too are a sucker for rom-coms then K-Dramas will not disappoint you. You can check my take on several Korean shows in the review section and decide for yourself if a show is worth trying or no.


Here are some links to sites where you can watch Korean shows with English subtitles:






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