6 YouTube Channels You Must Subscribe To Workout At Home

We all want to be healthy and in good shape. But sadly we either do not have the time or the money to invest in our health. Working professionals usually find it difficult to make time, from busy schedules, to register themselves with a gym. Meanwhile, students find it challenging to save money from their pocket money to enroll in any fitness based activity. It would be really convenient if a fit body could be achieved from the comfort of your home, wouldn’t it? Well then here is the perfect solution for you. YouTube has hundreds of fitness channels that help you get in shape through various ways, and that too for FREE. All you need to have is a net connection, a computer or a Smartphone and some space in your house (wide enough to let you move and not knock into furniture around you). Additionally, you will also require the willingness to work hard and the commitment to exercise regularly to see some hardcore results.

Before you get charged up and start exercising it is highly advisable that you carefully listen and follow instructions advised by the professional in the videos. Always do some warm-up exercises before every workout and cool-down exercises after every workout. At any point, when exercising, if you experience any kind of pain or discomfort then stop immediately. Do not hurt your body.

Now that you have read the word of caution, let’s get started.


#Workout Videos

These are YouTube channels that demonstrate strength based and cardio workout like the ones you would generally do in a gym. The only difference is here you will not always require gym equipment and can still reap benefits of a professional trainer.


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1. BeFit

This channel not only has workout videos but also offers short health hack videos advising on healthy eating and living. It also has workout routines for those who can spare just a few minutes for some serious exercise.

Full Body Sculpt Workout: Jenn Glysson


How to Jumpstart Your Thyroid: Health Hack- Thomas DeLauer



2. Tone It Up

Fitness trainers, Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn mean some serious business when it comes to working out. Their channel ‘Tone It Up’ playlist consists of full body workouts, individual body part toning, fitness challenges and healthy food recipes.

Total Body Tone Up!


Detoxifying & Delicious! The ‘Green-Giant’ smoothie from your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!


#Dance Workout

This is for those who want to lose weight and have a lot of fun too. Dancing is the easiest way to lose weight. This high-intensity cardio activity will work on almost every muscle in your body and burn maximum calories in less time.


3. Superherofitnesstv / Keira Lashae

Two different channels but belongs to the same fitness instructor Keira Lashae. She selects a particular style of dance and uses its moves to make you burn fat while learning some killer dances moves. Her dance moves are simple but will still make you sweat. Workout routines are inspired from dance forms such as Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin Soca, and Tabata. Her workout videos also include warm-up and cool-down moves so you need not do it separately.

Check out this Reggae Dancehall workout by Keaira LaShae


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4. The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall takes dance workout to a different level. His Hip-Hop/Pop inspired dance workouts saw a meteoric rise on YouTube in a very short time. His workouts are based on single songs and his playlist includes special videos for warm-up, cool-down, and the main workout. His workout videos will challenge you to work harder till you perfect the move.

Sorry – The Fitness Marshall – Cardio Hip-Hop



Yoga must most preferably be done under a professional’s supervision because breath control in very important in yoga. Only a certified yoga trainer can guide you with the breath counts and the proper posture. If you have been to a yoga class before and are well acquainted with yoga postures and breathing techniques then you can check out these online yoga videos so that you can practice it at home at your convenience.

5. Shilpa’s Yoga

Who better than the super slim and fit Shilpa Shetty could have been the ambassador of Yoga? Her channel has a few videos extracted as samples of her Yoga DVD. If you have tried Yoga before this channel can help revise those postures.

Shilpa Shetty’s Quick Fix Yoga – 15 min Full Body Workout


6. Yoga With Adriene

This channel is good for beginners in Yoga. Adriene teaches Yoga in a way that a yoga instructor would teach you in a class. She explains everything in detail so pay full attention to what she says and how she holds her posture. You can try her 30-day Yoga camp and see if it suits you. (However, I still insist on seeking professional guidance before trying Yoga by yourself)

Yoga For Complete Beginners – 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!


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I hope these videos eliminate all the excuses that you have been giving for not exercising and inspire you to workout regularly.

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