7 Difficulties You Face When Your Best Friend Is A Boy

‘Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi kabhi dost nahi ho sakte’

You must have heard many times before. I don’t really know how far this is true but I do know that being friends with the opposite sex can be a little tricky. Tricky because there are chances of you feeling attracted to your friend or vice versa and things can get tad bitter if the feeling is not mutual and you may lose a good friend. 

If your bestie is a boy you will definitely relate to the following difficulties.


1. People around you think that you are dating.

People think you guys are dating

Since you guys enjoy each other’s company people assume that you are very much in love with each other.


2. If you are single, then your girlfriends will suggest/ insist you hook up with him.

friends will want you two to hook up
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“He is someone you are comfortable with and someone you love being with then why not marry him?”
Not again!


3. At times, you will want to consider your friend’s suggestion of hooking up.

you will consider your friends suggestion
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But you won’t really do it because you are afraid of losing your dear friend.


4. You will feel the tinge of jealousy when he is dating someone.

you will jealous
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Now that he has someone in his life, his time with you will be limited. But it’s OK. He deserves to be happy, right?


5. You cannot feel attracted to him because…..he’s your buddy!

girl looking at boy
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6. Boys don’t hit on you because they think you already have a boyfriend.

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It’s a little sad when your crush thinks you are committed to your best friend.


7. You may compare your boyfriend with your friend.

confused between boyfriend and best friend
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“Why can’t he be punctual like Sam?”. Because, he ISN’T Sam!

A girl and a boy can be friends but yes it is a little difficult and you have to work hard to maintain the friendship.