7 Fun Games For Couples

You and your partner have a whole day to yourselves and have absolutely no plans to venture out but still want to do something interesting. Then try some fun activities to save yourself from a boring day and create some pleasant memories for you and your partner. For this, all you need is some privacy and creativity, that’s it!

Here are some interesting games that you can play with your partner to create that intimacy and romance between you.

1. Act It Out

There must be some romantic movie scene where you must have thought to yourself ‘I wish I was in her place’ or ‘I wish that happened with me’. Well, you can try acting out the scene you love the most with your partner. Look up your favourite scene online, write down the dialogues, and share it with you partner. If you are too lazy to write the dialogues then just play the scene on your PC and try to imitate the characters. Try to copy their body language and expressions. It may seem funny initially by try to complete the scene seriously. You can add your own dialogues or even swap roles to make things more exciting. You can even record your scene and keep it as a piece of memory.

For those looking for some inspiration try the ‘….it still isn’t over’ scene from The Notebook.



2. Lovey Dovey Pics

Having a collection of candid pictures of you and your partner seems really romantic, right? Then, google some cute couple poses, try it out with your partner, set your camera on a timer and SNAP! You need not look your best because it is just for your own personal collection. So don’t worry about your hair or your t-shirt. All you have to do is ask him to hold you, gaze into your eyes, and try to get the perfect click.

You can try this pose –

Fun Activities For Couples
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Okay, I get it, this one is slightly difficult.

But this one is totally doable.

Fun Activities For Couples
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3. Wrestling

Now this one is especially for your partner. Trying easy wrestling moves on each other is fun. However, by wrestling, I do not mean actual choke-slams and high-flyers. Some harmless play fight is always welcome. You can try grabbing him in a headlock. He can try lifting you on his shoulders and slamming you on the bed. You can lock his hands behind his back and hold him till he taps out. Pick any move that is challenging but not very difficult or risky. To do this you have to ensure that the place is well padded. You can try this by placing a mattress on the floor.  


4. Groom You

Your partner can groom you by applying makeup on your face without your guidance. He will have to figure things out on his own and you cannot help. If you think that will be a disaster then ask him to apply nail polish to your nails or try styling your hair. There are numerous hair tutorials online, find one for your partner and ask him to try the exact style for your hair. Any grooming option you choose you cannot help him. He has to do it all by himself. The less you help him the more fun you will have. Remember to click a picture of the final outcome.

Fun Activities For Couples
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5. Touch and Guess

As the name suggest you have to touch and guess! Touch what? Here your partner will be blindfolded and you will hold his finger and place it on any part of your body. His finger has to make contact with the body part only once for around 10 secs. He then has to guess the body part he just felt. He can take off the blindfold and see what he just touched. If he guesses right he gets a point if not then you get a point.  


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6. Paint Tattoo

Now this is a timed game where you both have to draw the same thing on each other at the same time within a given time frame. You can select the design of your choice and the one who draws the design most accurately wins. To do this you have to sit facing each other, with your legs folded and can draw on your partner’s leg or thighs or even stomach whichever part is easy to draw on.


7. Roll And Match

This is tad bit naughty. But hey, love should be naughty too, right? Okay, so for this you need to list six body parts on one page and six actions on another. Now roll two dices and check for the action and body part to the corresponding number. For example, you get a combination of ‘4’ and ‘2’ and the action written against ‘4’ is ‘flick’ while the body part written against ‘2’ is ‘forehead’ then you get to flick your partner’s forehead. The game can be more interesting with one dice where the first number rolled on the dice will stand for the body part will the second roll will stand for the action. The anticipation between the two rolls is what makes it exciting. 

Indulging in some fun activities always helps couples to grow close to each other. So next time you want to try something different and interesting then do try the activities listed above.


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