8 Problems You Will Relate To If You Are The Middle Child In Your Family

Being the child between an older and a younger sibling is not the most popular position to be in. You have to be obedient to the one older than you and responsible for the one younger than you. There will be several instances where you will feel neglected only because you are not the dynamic oldest child or the adorable youngest child. Being a middle child myself, I have gone through the middle child syndrome and I know how it feels to be stuck at ‘number 2’ in the sibling hierarchy.

Here are 8 types of problems that every middle child has to face for being, well, the ‘middle child’.


1. Always be compared to the elder sibling

The first child in a family is mostly the yardstick for all siblings. But in a family with three children, it is the middle child who is the only one who is compared with the eldest child because somehow the youngest child is always too young to be compared. The older sibling is just naturally dependable and a role model while the middle child has to be the quiet follower.


2. Never old, Never young

Problems Of A Middle Child
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You will never be old enough to fight with the older sibling and will never be young enough to trouble your younger sibling. Confused?

If you are the middle child and you are caught troubling any of your siblings then the scolding you receive will be somewhat like this:

Middle Child: But Mom, I didn’t do anything; she robbed my pen so I robbed her hair comb to settle it out.

Mom: Shame on you! Is this the way to behave with your elder sister? Show some respect.


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Same scenario with the younger sibling.

Middle Child: But Mom, I didn’t do anything; she robbed my pen so I robbed her hair comb to settle it out.

Mom: Shame on you! Is this what you teach your younger sister? Show some love. 

Get my point?


3. Too young to be responsible, Too old to be pampered

When the family has any important decision to make, your eldest sibling will always be consulted because well, she is matured you are still young so go out and play. On the other hand, when your parents have to buy a new PlayStation or a cycle your younger sibling will have the final choice because c’mon you are not the baby, your younger sibling is. You are now grown up! Why would you need a Playstation?


4. Accidental role model

As the middle child, you are always expected to behave well with your older sibling because if you disrespect your older sibling your younger sibling will disrespect you. Of all the times where you can be treated as responsible, this is the only time when you are expected to be responsible and dependent. Argh!!!


5. Play the Peacemaker

Problems Of A Middle Child
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Since the age gap between the oldest and youngest sibling is wider than the middle child and either of them, you are more likely to get into arguments. In such a scenario, it is the middle child who will be looked at to take sides and/or make peace between the two arguing parties.


6. Always neglected

No matter what you do and how you do it your achievements are always undermined before the older sibling’s accomplishments. That’s because you can’t really match up to your angelic older sibling. Similarly, no matter what you do and how you do it your achievements always appear over-hyped before the younger sibling’s little successes. That’s because you are old enough to do those things while the younger sibling achieves bigger things at a younger age.


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7. Use and Save old books

As the middle child you will have to use your older sibling’s textbooks but never overuse them as you will have to keep them in good condition to pass it on to your younger sibling.


8. Relatives seldom remember you name

Whenever you are at a family gathering and you bump into a long lost relative, they will always call you by your elder or younger sibling’s name because according to them those are the only names worth remembering.


Every middle child faces challenges that no else relates to. But we are known to overcome difficult situations and be shaped as better individuals. Our difficulties make us more emphatic, resourceful, and independent, and those are just some qualities, out of the many, we develop by just being the ‘middle child’.

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