A Love Story: Episode 1

Show Title: A Love Story

Country: Turkey

Channel: Zee Zindagi

Timings: Monday to Saturday 8 pm


Zee Zindagi has launched a new Turkish drama, Bir Ask Hikayesi i.e. A Love Story which is an adaptation of the So Ji Sub starrer Korean drama, ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’. The show is about an orphan Korkut who is on the lookout for his biological parents after he got to know that he has only a year to live. He manages to meet his birth mother and is disheartened to see her live in luxury while he suffered all his life in poverty. He decides to take revenge from her and her famous singer-son, Tolga. However, life brings a twist to his tale as he finds love in the most unlikely way. Will his love be able to kill the hatred in his heart?

The show’s plot seems interesting and I hope the show lives up to my expectations. Here is the first episode written update of A Love Story. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂


A Love Story                      

Written Update: Episode 1

A Love Story Episode 1

A reporter is interviewing random people on the streets when she sees Korkut (Seckin Ozdemir) and asks him if he is from Turkey. He says was born in Turkey and despite being brought up in Germany he hasn’t been able to forget Turkey and introduces his girlfriend who is also Turkish. The reporter asks him about his family and he says he was 2 years-old when his parents adopted him from a Turkish orphanage and brought him to Germany. He adds that he lost his adoptive parents a few years ago to a car accident. The reporter asks him if he wishes to ever meet his biological mother and he replies that he dreams about meeting her everyday and he will surely make his dream come true someday.

Korkut sees a pretty foreigner and offers her a lift. She gets in his car and thanks him for the help when a man hiding in the back seat grabs her in a neck hold and asks her to leave her bag and get out of the car. The lady does as she is asked and is left stranded on a pavement screaming at the car.


A Love Story Episode 1

Korkut’s partner in crime hands him a measly amount obtained from the lady’s bag and expresses his disappointment in the loot. Korkut sees through his lies and asks him to hand over the remaining share that he has hidden. The man sighs that they will have to find a new victim tomorrow and Korkut says he has to save money as he intends to get married and settle soon. Just then, Yilmaz (Fatih Dönmez) drives in and Korkut runs to greet him.

Yilmaz chides Korkut for keeping company of minor thieves and carrying out petty crimes. He tries to persuade him to join him but Korkut turns him down saying that he has something else on his mind as he wishes to visit Turkey to seek his biological mother. Yilmaz is disappointed with Korkut’s decision but asks him to give his offer a thought.


A Love Story Episode 1

Korkut and Yilmaz stop by a restaurant and a man walks out and gives a disapproving look to Korkut while he warmly greets Yilmaz. Korkut quickly gets in the restaurant where his girlfriend is working. He tells her that he plans to ask her hand in marriage from her father the next day but she looks unhappy about it. She tries to dissuade him from doing so knowing her father’s dislike for him but Korkut is adamant and assures her that he will come with Yilmaz who her father cannot refuse.

Cut to, in Istanbul, Ceylan (Damla Sönmez) and Eda (Elçin Sangu) are being chased by the paparazzi. Ceylan is tensed as it seems impossible to lose the reporters hounding them but a cool Eda advises her to take a right turn and just like that they lose the reporters. Eda’s boyfriend emerges from the backseat and quickly leaves the car.


A Love Story Episode 1

Ceylan scolds Eda for hooking up with unworthy guys and putting her in such tricky situations. Eda asks her what she thinks about love and Ceylan gushes that love is a beautiful feeling that makes the world look more beautiful. Eda counters that love is just a game where ‘the more the merrier’. Ceylan receives a message from Tolga requesting her to bring Eda or he will kill himself.

Ceylan asks Eda to return her favour by working for Tolga’s music video. Eda is reluctant but eventually, gives in.


A Love Story Episode 1

Ceylan visits Tolga’s home and finds him in the bathroom. Tolga (Yamaç Telli) invites her in and she hesitatingly walks backwards to avoid looking at him in the bathtub. She informs him that Eda has consented to work with him in his music video. He is happy to hear that but she then adds that Eda does not have feelings for him and that he should move on. He feels dejected and says he should really kill himself. He then submerges himself completely in the bath tub and Ceylan tries to pull him up but ends up falling in the tub with him as he guffaws at her. He requests her to help him get close to Eda and stands up to take a shower as she sits frozen with her eyes covered.

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A Love Story Episode 1

Kazim is worried about not being able to pay back debts with his meager income generated by his restaurant. Korkut walks in and asks about his girlfriend but Kazim screams at him for inquiring about his daughter. Korkut then visits Yilmaz’s home who is busy with a woman. He is furious at Korkut for disturbing him early in the morning and Korkut tells him he did so because he wanted to inform him of his marriage. Yilmaz congratulates him and asks him who the bride is and he tells its Arsla (I may be wrong with this name but I really couldn’t figure it out. Will update it as soon as I learn the actual name till then I’ll address her as Arsla.) and Yilmaz laughs awkwardly at the mention of the name and we see a blurry image of a woman walking in a towel (Who is actually Arsala).

Yilmaz shuts the door and questions Arsla about Korkut and her marriage. She denies having anything to do with him. He chokes her and threatens to kill her and her family if she is found two-timing him but he leaves her the moment she tells him she is pregnant with his child.


A Love Story Episode 1

Korkut visits a high-end jewellery store and the saleswoman suggestively says that everything in their store is expensive. Annoyed, Korkut dumps a bunch of notes before her and she quickly shows him a box of rings. He buys one before leaving the store.

Yilmaz meets Arsala’s father Kazim and proposes to marry his daughter. Kazim is more than happy to have his daughter married to Yilmaz and tells him that he needs to talk to his daughter too about it. Yilmaz tells him he needn’t do that as she has already agreed to marry him and we see Korkut overhearing their conversation.


A Love Story Episode 1

Korkut barges into Arsala’s home and asks her about her relationship with Yilmaz and she confirms his fears. He yells at her for fooling him. He says he loved her dearly and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She tells him that she loved him too but she loves Yilmaz’s wealth more. Infuriated, Korkut hits his fist to the wall before leaving the house.


A Love Story Episode 1

Ceylan, Tolga, and Eda land in Germany for the shoot. Eda cribs about the hotel arrangement and Tolga assures her of a good experience. Eda tells Ceylan that she will put up with Tolga only for this once and after that, she will leave the place. Ceylan requests her to be nice to Tolga and she reluctantly agrees.

With a heavy heart, Ceylan endures Tolga and Eda’s romantic scenes while arranging Tolga’s attire for the shoot.


A Love Story Episode 1

Ceylan and Tolga are taking a stroll when Ceylan asks Tolga if he knows that love is a game. She explains to him how certain people consider love to be a game and Tolga tells her to not listen to such stuff. He pulls her into an embrace and tells her that she is very innocent and that she should keep away from people who treat love as a game. She tells him not to be too heartbroken if someone ever breaks his heart. He says that it is difficult to find true love but liking someone with their flaws is what true love means. Just then, Ceylan sees a car speeding in their direction and she instinctively shields Tolga as she pushes him to safety and hurts her herself in the process.

A Love Story Episode 1

Tolga tends to Ceylan’s wounds as he fumes over the reckless driver. He dabs medicine on Ceylan’s wounds and his proximity makes her awkward. She asks him to leave her as she doesn’t want him to miss Eda’s party but he puts his foot down and refuses to leave her in this condition. She lies on her bed and Tolga sings a romantic song for her. (Poor girl. How painful it must be for her to see the guy she adores like someone else. Gah!! These mean mean men!!)


A Love Story Episode 1

Ceylan pretends to be asleep and Tolga quickly calls Eda as Ceylan silently cries under her blanket. Tolga goes to Eda’s room where she tells him of having finished the entire wine bottle. She feels pukish and he says she looks cute gagging and it makes him want to kiss her. In a drunken daze, she tells him to go ahead and kiss her as she closes her eyes. Tempted, Tolga almost kisses her when Eda dozes off to sleep and Tolga pulls a blanket over her.

Meanwhile, Ceylan packs her bag and leaves the hotel.



Wow!! So many cross connections. Too much love, angst, and betrayal. I loved the first episode. The cast looks good and the story is too intriguing. I am sold to this drama. Did you like the first episode? Share your comments below.



You can also watch this episode on Ozee.com.


Next Episode

A Love Story: Episode 2



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