A Love Story: Episode 10

A Love Story

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A Love Story Episode 10

Ceylan wakes up the next morning to find herself alone in the hotel room totally unaware that Korkut was with her last night and left only after ensuring that her fever has abated. She takes a bus home and Korkut takes off in his car.

Korkut calls Tolga for his schedule for the day and Tolga tells him that he has nothing much to do and that he will only be required to drive him to Eda’s place in the evening. (Am I the only one who noticed Tolga’s prominent ‘protruding’ collarbone?)


A Love Story Episode 10

Asiye is working in Gonul’s kitchen when Ceylan walks in and reports to Gonul who had asked to meet her urgently. Asiye starts to scold her for staying the night out but Gonul pacifies her saying that Ceylan was out for her work. She takes Ceylan aside to discuss Tolga’s work and Asiye mumbles that Gonul doesn’t understand the pain of being a mother to a girl.

Ceylan thanks Gonul for saving her from her mother’s ire. Gonul then requests Ceylan to not quit her job and tells her that she no longer minds Korkut working for them. Ceylan looks confused and Gonul says that Korkut has to stay as Tolga likes him and trusts him. Ceylan suggests that Korkut can continue working while she can leave but Gonul insists that she stay back and Ceylan finally gives in.


A Love Story Episode 10

Eda is driving her car when Korkut blocks her way and orders her to come out of her car. She asks him what the matter is and he barks that she ran over his puppy. On checking, Eda finds a bloodied dog under her car wheels. She is terrified at the sight and she apologises profusely saying she did not see the puppy at all. She offers him money to buy a new dog but he moves closer to intimated her before rejecting her money and screaming at her to not repeat such a thing. She nervously gets into her car and drives off hurriedly while he picks up the stuffed toy painted in red colour and flings it in his car.

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A Love Story Episode 10

Ceylan is out near a local garbage bin with a bag in her hand. She looks at the medicines in it that someone used to bring her fever down last night. Tolga approaches her and scolds her for going back to the restaurant to cover-up for Korkut’s mistakes. He chides her for not caring about her health and tells her that he couldn’t sleep a wink last night because he was worried about her. She says she knows about it as she felt him around her. (Whaaaaaaaaaaaad?? She thinks he gave her those medicines? Kya yaar….Tolga itna bhi great nahi hain.)

He wonders what she is talking about and she says she knew that he would always be there to save her from any trouble. As tears glisten her eyes she thanks him saying that had it not been for him she probably would not have been alive today. She apologises for misunderstanding him and he in turn says sorry for being rude to her. He then pulls her in a hug and promises to never hurt her again. We then see Korkut secretly clicking images of Tolga hugging Ceylan with his mobile phone. Korkut then gets in his car and dumps the soft toy by the garbage bin and drives on.


A Love Story Episode 10

Tolga is having lunch with Eda when he receives a call from someone that prompts him to immediately check the news. On checking the news, he sees images of him hugging Ceylan outside his house, splashed all over the internet.

Meanwhile, Korkut brings Emine and Umut to his new house and they excitedly look around the spacious bungalow. Korkut tells them that they are now a family and that he will be looking after them. Umut and Emine check out their rooms and Korkut peeks outside the window to see Eda fight with Tolga over his pictures with Ceylan.  


A Love Story Episode 10

Ceylan is out to throw the garbage when she sees the soft toy Korkut had thrown by the bin earlier. She picks the soft toy and decides to wash it when she is ambushed by a group of reporters who ask her about her affair with Tolga. Stunned by the questioned she runs inside her house gate where she finds her mother and Gonul rushing towards her.

Asiye is panicking seeing the news and Gonul scoffs that this is not a television drama where the rich hero marries a poor girl. Offended by Gonul’s comment Asiye picks a fight with her and Gonul screams that she has been tolerating Asiye only for Tahsin’s sake. Gonul then leaves to have a word with Tolga and Asiye mourns being poor. She tearfully tells Ceylan that the news will have no effect on Tolga as he is a guy and can have as many affairs as he wants unlike Ceylan who is a girl and will find it difficult to find a suitable groom because of the scandal.

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A Love Story Episode 10

Korkut smirks looking at the reporters queuing outside Eda’s house. Eda personally addresses the reporters and tells them that Ceylan is her best friend and Tolga’s assistant which is why they are always together and that it is normal for friends to share a hug.  

Emine is out with Umut in their yard when a neighbour lady asks Emine if she is free to work in her house. Umut tells her that Emine is not a maid and that they live there with his uncle. Korkut walks up to them and Umut tells him about the neighbour mistaking Emine for a maid and the lady apologises to him. However, Umut feels humiliated by this incident and insists on returning to his house but Korkut yells at him to be strong and win against the world but he isn’t interested in his tirade and gets back into the house with Emine.


A Love Story Episode 10

Asiye complains about Gonul’s remarks to Tahsin and he sides Gonul saying that whatever she said is true as she is their boss and they are her employees and that they can never match up to them. He tells her to ask Ceylan if she really likes Tolga and to make her understand that such a thing is not possible for them. She says she is worried that Ceylan might end up harming herself and Tahsin rises determinedly as he decides to take matters in his hand.

Tahsin walks in Gonul’s house and hears her tell someone that Ceylan’s father is actually a driver working for them but she quickly changes the topic the moment she sees Tahsin enter the hallway. She then tells Tahsin to not mind her words and he calmly replies that whatever she said is true and that even if the world has changed people haven’t as the rich and poor can never be together as one.


A Love Story Episode 10

Tolga walks in and Tahsin tells Gonul that Ceylan will no longer work for him as his assistant as he intends to send her to a university in Ankara to have her complete her education. Gonul admits this to be the best thing for Ceylan but Tolga opposes the idea, however, Tahsin leaves paying no heed to him.

Eda discusses a script with her co-star when he informs her of being ousted from the show. Shocked she confirms with a crewmember and the lady tells her that it was the producer’s decision to have her character bumped off. 


A Love Story Episode 10

Eda is nearing her house when she is accosted by two suited men outside her house who forcibly drag her to a car parked nearby. The car’s window rolls down to reveal an aged man who tells Eda to leave the place at once and she firmly refuses comply. He tells her that her role in the show has ended and that she should leave now. Stunned to know of his involvement behind her ouster from the show, she screams to know the reason why he hates her so much. He answers that he is fed up of reading her scandals daily in the newspaper and he doesn’t want her to ruin his name the way her mother did. She yells that he cannot punish her for her mother’s mistakes and reminds him that she is his daughter and he cannot do this to her. Gritting his teeth he tells her to not call herself his daughter as the bodyguards push her to the ground and leave.

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A Love Story Episode 10

Eda is on the ground trembling when someone offers her a hand and she looks up to see Korkut. She thanks him for helping her and then apologises for accidently killing his puppy. She says she is willing to do anything to make him feel better about his dog and Korkut remarks that she need not do anything for him as she has problems of her own to deal with. 


A Love Story Episode 10 Tahsin hands over a ticket to Ceylan and informs her that she will be living with her aunt in Ankara for some time and when the college commences he will look for accommodation for her. Ceylan requests her father to not send her to Ankara and he says it is for her good. She strongly opposes his decision and he rebukes her for being shameless and humiliating him. Hanging her head in shame, she leaves the room with tears in her eyes.


A Love Story Episode 10

Ceylan bumps into Tolga and tells him that she has decided to leave for Ankara and he says he will convince her father to change his decision. She tells him that it is her decision and that she wants to go to Ankara and he counters that if that is so then why is she crying and she replies that the tears are because she will miss her family. He is surprised that she will only miss her family and not him and in her mind she says that she will miss him the most. He tells her that they cannot be separated and that he will accept offers to perform in Ankara so they can be together. She lights up listening to this but just then Tolga receives a call from Eda asking him to meet her immediately and he walks away leaving Ceylan in a lurch.


A Love Story Episode 10

Ceylan slumps on the stairs crying in despair and Korkut who has been eavesdropping her conversation with Tolga runs to be by her side. She asks him to leave at once but he instead puts his arm around her shoulders and she wails bitterly against his chest. Korkut regretfully muses that he is trying to hurt Tolga but she is the one bearing the pain. She then comes to her senses and pushes him away. He wipes away her tears and she quickly takes to heel.   

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