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A Love Story

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Eda is by the poolside in her house when Tolga lovingly wraps a shawl around her and holds her in a back-hug. He asks her about her unceremonious exit from her show and she answers that she had asked for a raise and since they couldn’t give it they asked her to leave. She thoughtfully expresses her desire to leave with him to a place where no on knows them and he explains that there is no use running away. He assures her of everything being fine soon and professing his love for her, he leans in for a kiss when she pushes him away.

Eda is furious that she has lost a role and he is feeling bad about being denied a kiss. She screams that he, like every other man, just wants to sleep with her and justifies it by saying that he loves her. She loses her cool and asks him to get out of her house. Eda and Tolga’s fight brings a smile on Korkut’s face who has been observing them from his house. Eda locks herself in her room as Tolga apologises and requests her to speak to him but she slumps to the floor and cries silently.


Umut asks Korkut about his conveyance to school and Korkut tells him that he will personally drop him and fetch him from school. Umut is worried about Emine having to stay alone at home and Korkut says that she will soon get accustomed to it. Umut persists that she fears living alone and suggests Korkut invite Emine’s mother to live with her. Korkut is furious over his suggestion and states that Emine has no mother and that he need not talk about her again. Just then, they hear Emine cry for help and they go rushing to the bathroom.

They find her crying over the hand she burnt while washing clothes and Umut says she must’ve opened the wrong tap. Umut then emphasizes the fact that Emine would not be able to live alone and Korkut suggests she use the washing machine to wash clothes the next time. She sobs harder saying that she doesn’t want to learn how to use it. She cries that she wants to return to Hakki baba and so does Umut.


Emine tells Umut to get her bag so they can pack their stuff and take the bus to go back to Hakki. Korkut comes charging towards them and gripping Emine’s hand firmly he barks that nobody will leave his house and that they will continue living like a family. Seeing Emine wince in pain Umut bites Korkut’s hand but his bite seems to have no effect on Korkut. Emine stops Umut from doing so and takes him to his room as Korkut helplessly sits back.

Tahsin finds Ceylan alone by the poolside and she requests him to not send her to Ankara. She assures him of resuming college and completing her studies and begs him to not be sent to Ankara. He tells her that he is worried about any scandal ruining her name. He explains that one-sided love is like a spark that smoulders you slowly leaving you completely shallow from within. He says that the farther she is from Tolga the faster she will be able to forget him. His words hit her hard and she starts weeping uncontrollably as he pulls her in an embrace and looks up to see Gonul looking over them from her balcony.

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Tolga spends the night outside Eda’s room as she refuses to talk to him. At daybreak, he knocks on her door and pleads her to speak with him but she is too fatigued to open the door. Finally, when she does the open the door she sees no one outside and hears her main door shut as Tolga leaves.

Korkut arrives at his home with a new cycle for Umut and is surprised to see Tolga’s car parked outside Eda’s home. He presents the cycle to Umut who excitedly asks to ride it as Korkut breathes a sigh of relief on seeing Tolga drive away. He then retrieves a few bags from his car and hands it over to Emine whose eyes light up on seeing dresses for her. Umut and Emine thank Korkut for the gifts and he apologises for his behaviour last night saying that he cannot see them unhappy. He then puts Umut’s cycle in his car trunk and takes them to a surprise location.


Gonul visits Tahsin’s house and apologises for her behaviour the previous day. She says that she has spoken to the reporter and has everything under control and Selim excitedly cheers for her. (That was funny. I like Selim. :)) Gonul tells Tahsin that since the situation is under control they need not worry about anything and that Ceylan will not have to go to Ankara. Selim and Ece give hi-5’s to each other as Ceylan thanks Gonul for the help but Tahsin rises to declare that his decision is final and Ceylan will definitely leave for Ankara.

Gonul walks after Tahsin and asks him to not overreact to such a small incident. He tells her that he has done a lot for her but this time he won’t waver as it involves his daughter. Surprised by his claim she asks him what exactly he has done for her till date and he leaves saying there is no use going over the past.


Gonul is asking Tolga’s agent to find her replacement for Ceylan when she notices Tolga’s car outside the window. She goes to Tolga’s room and scolds him for sleeping with his shoes on. She asks him to wake up as she has planned a photo shoot with Eda for him and he mournfully says that Eda won’t come for the shoot and Gonul states that she had a word with her and that she will be there for the shoot and he jumps with excitement. 

When Korkut arrives at Tolga’s house Gonul notices the ketchup around his mouth and she instinctively raises her hand to wipe it off but then withdraws her hand and reminds him about it as he longingly gazes at her. She tells him that being Tolga’s driver, he now has to mind his habit and appearance just like Ceylan who despite being from lower class managed well to adjust and Korkut nods in acceptance.  


Tolga walks in and lovingly hugs and kisses Gonul as Korkut looks away embarrassed. Tolga tells him that he will soon get accustomed to it as he has been hugging Gonul like this since childhood and Korkut scornfully looks over the mother-son duo before leaving them alone. As he walks a few steps he hears Tolga tell Gonul that despite having a bath he is still having a headache. She refrains him from taking a painkiller and affectionately massages his head as Korkut painfully looks over.

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Emine is preparing to leave for the market to sell pastries and Umut reminds her that she need not sell anything as Korkut has asked them to not do so. But she stubbornly goes on her own to sell pastries.  

Asiye tries to dissuade Ceylan from going for Tolga’s shoot and Ceylan says she has to go as Tolga has requested her to be there. Ece walks in and breaks into a jig teasing Ceylan about going to Ankara and Asiye hurls her sandal at Ece warning her of ever mentioning Ankara before her again.


Eda arrives for the shoot and Korkut quickly hides behind the car to avoid being seen by her. Eda asks Ceylan if she is serious about going to Ankara and she regretfully informs that her she will certainly be going there. Tolga casually locks his arm with Eda’s trying to be normal with her while she rolls her eyes at his attempt at showing everything is hunky-dory.

Korkut continues to observe Eda and Tolga when Ceylan catches him in the act and asks him about it and he brushes off her query and asks her to do her work. She gets in the van when Tolga’s fans bring him gifts which Korkut accepts on his behalf. He then opens a box of goodies left by the fan and starts eating it.


Ceylan sees him eat the goodies and reprimands him for eating stuff not meant for him and he nonchalantly replies that the goodies are tasty and offers her some. Disgusted by his attitude she says he needs to change himself and he tells her that she can change him if she wants to. She says she can’t change him as she is leaving for Ankara and he suggests she try for as long as she is here. She chastises him for being selfish when she is worried of leaving everything and relocating to Ankara. He sarcastically adds that he does wish to be a good man but she starts to leave disinterested in his act. He holds her arm mocking her lack of patience and she relents. She tells him that the first lesson in being a good man is controlling one’s temper. She instructs him to keep his cool in all circumstances and he grins before following her lessons.


Tolga joins Ceylan and Korkut and eats the goodies brought by his fans. He asks Ceylan the reason she is there and she expresses her dismay over the fact that the gifts meant for Tolga are being consumed by Korkut. She remarks that Korkut and Tolga are alike as they both enjoy irritating her. Her statement amuses them and they both choke on the food. Though Korkut coughs hard Ceylan is only worried about Tolga and she fetches him a glass of water as Korkut looks at her in disbelief. 

Emine is trying to sell her pastries in the market when a man looks at her lecherously. He walks up to her and buys some pastry from her. He then asks her about Umut and she tells him that Umut is completing his homework. He then asks her about her husband but she has no idea of his whereabouts. He then asks her if she gets bored alone at home in Umut’s absence and she answers that she does feel bored but she cooks to kill time. The man’s eyes run over Emine salaciously and she squirms in discomfort.

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Tolga is unable to get his eyes off Eda in a wedding gown and she sternly reminds him that she is there only for the shoot. Ceylan despondently looks at Eda and Tolga pose unaware that Korkut has been observing her. He then follows her to the van where he sees her take great delight in trying on a bride’s veil. However, Ceylan is startled to see him stare at her and removing the veil she starts to exit the van when she stumbles against Korkut who holds her to keep her from falling. She screams at him for touching her and he stands looking bewildered by her reaction. (Hahaha)


Ceylan walks to another van and bangs her head against the car window calling herself stupid. Korkut places his hand on the glass and asks her to stop as she might damage the car and he will have to pay for it from his salary. Ceylan notices Tolga’s fans stick funny posters of Ceylan on his van and she rebukes them for doing so. The group of girls then corner her and criticise her for having an affair with Tolga. Korkut shushes them but Ceylan beckons him to keep out of it.  

After the girls have left, Ceylan tauntingly tells Korkut that he is a fast learner and that she asked him not to interfere and he readily obliged. She remarks that it is a good thing that he doesn’t protect the one he loves. She looks at the scratch on her hand and states that her mother was right, she always ends up with new wounds even when her old wounds haven’t fully healed.


Angry, Korkut walks up to the group of girls and clicks an image of theirs. They excitedly ask him if he managed to capture Tolga in it and he says that he has and will upload their image on their school website so that their parents and teachers know what they do bunking school. They beg him to not upload the picture and he tells them his condition for obliging them

The girls then walk up to Ceylan and apologise for their behaviour. Ceylan accepts their apology and they immediately turn to look at Korkut who waves his phone and they then ask her to smile for them which she does and he looks content with it.  


Emine is wandering in the market and the pervert eyeing her earlier approaches her saying that he has lots of fresh fruits in his tempo and she can have them for free. He shuts the tempo the moment she gets in and he physically assaults her. Korkut returns home to see Umut in tears. Umut tells him that someone hit Emine in the market and Korkut rushes to the bathroom to see her. The lady consoling Umut shouts that someone tried to molest Emine and she was rescued on time by some people who heard her screams but the pervert managed to escape.


Korkut is shaken to hear about it and he gently pleads Emine to open the door for him as she fearfully scrubs her lips. He breaks the door open when he hears her scream and finds her bawling on the washroom floor.  

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