A Love Story: Episode 12

A Love Story

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A Love Story Episode 12

Korkut breaks the bathroom door open to find a traumatized Emine crying inconsolably on the floor. Not wanting Umut to see his mother in such a distraught condition, he shuts the door behind him and crouches beside Emine trying to contain his tears. Seeing her scrub her lips with a scrubber he takes a loofah, rubs a soap on it, and tells her that he will erase all the scars the pervert (actually I want to call him a b**tard but will settle for pervert) inflicted on her. He gently rubs Emine’s hand while fighting back his own tears. Tearfully he asks her what the pervert did to her and trembling she tells him that he kissed her. Korkut then gently rubs her lips with a loofah and Emine feels slightly at ease as Korkut states that Emine is now just like before. He then assures her that nobody will ever dare touch her again and that he will always be with her. He begs her to forget whatever happened and she wipes his tears and he holds her closer to him as they both slump to the floor crying in despair. (Seckin Ozdemir and Gunes Sayin are such amazing actors. They did the scene so well. Their anguish, helplessness, and pain was palpable. It was a difficult scene but they performed it so effortlessly and impeccably. Awesome!!)


A Love Story Episode 12

In Ceylan’s room, her clothes are scattered around as she dolefully shares her grief with the stuff toy Korkut had dumped outside her house. She tells the soft toy that they are alike since the toy was dumped by someone who liked it once while she is going away from the one she loves. She receives a call from her mother who informs her about a farewell party organised for her, which she doesn’t really appreciate but on Asiye’s insistence agrees to attend.

Umut protectively holds Emine’s hand as she sleeps next to him. Korkut carefully runs his hands over her face and pulls a blanket over her before leaving the room. In a fit of rage, he reaches Gonul’s house and breaks open her front door. Bellowing in sheer anger he blames Gonul for ruining Emine’s and his life and demands her to open the door. When his screams meet no response he breaks the flower pots in her yard and the commotion alerts Ceylan who rushes to the spot.

Drained, Korkut flumps against the door and vows to avenge his sister and ruin Gonul’s entire family. Ceylan comes rushing to Tolga’s house and finds the veranda in a mess as Korkut cries silently. She asks Korkut about it and he in turn, asks her to hug him the way she caringly hugs Tolga. She walks closer to him suspecting him of being drunk and like a little child he opens his arms asking her to hug him once. She cautiously moves forward and asks him to leave before someone sees him and he woefully says that everyone has abandoned him and asks her if she will do the same to him. His innocent question moves her and she pulls him in an embrace as he cries against her shoulder. Ceylan then states that someone’s departure doesn’t mean the end of the world and Korkut scornfully pushes her away saying that she has no idea what pain is and leaves in a huff. We then see Ceylan clean up the mess he made outside Gonul’s house.

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A Love Story Episode 12

Korkut arrives at his house and freezes in his place when he sees Gonul and Tolga leave Eda’s house. Gonul and Tolga are surprised to see Korkut and Tolga asks him if Ceylan had sent him to pick them and Korkut nods his head. Tolga then states that they had brought their car and Korkut was not required to pick them so Korkut leaves immediately. Gonul tells Tolga that Korkut has ulterior motives behind working with him and Tolga reasons that he needed work and so he hired him. She sternly states that he is using Tolga to be close to Ceylan and Tolga shrugs at her observation. (Woah!! That was a close shave for Korkut. He almost got caught. Good he is isn’t a dimwit like Igor from Snowdrop and managed to cover-up well.)


In a flashback, we see a young man arrive at an orphanage with two infants in his hand. He leaves the two babies outside the orphanage door and quickly returns to his car and tells a lady, whose face is not revealed to us, that he left the babies right outside the door. In the present day, Tahsin wakes up with a start and goes to the washroom where he thoughtfully gazes at his reflection.

Next morning, Ceylan (That dazzling yellow jacket looked so damn good on her. I want that jacket. I want it I want it I WANT IT toooooo….) asks Tolga for Korkut’s number and instead of sharing the number he instantly dials the number and hands his phone to her. Korkut is surprised to hear Ceylan speak from Tolga’s phone. She tells him that she was worried about him and he asks her if she called from Tolga’s number to make Tolga jealous and she scoffs that she was feeling concerned and he is speaking rubbish with her. He is happy that she feels concerned for him and she hangs up annoyed by his flirty remark.

Gonul is giving Tahsin instructions for the work he needs to get done around the house when she notices his cold demeanour. She asks him the reason behind his aloofness but he denies it. She then asks him about the ‘favour’ he claimed to have done for her and he tries to evade the topic. But she holds his hand and insists he speak looking her in the eye. However, Tahsin suddenly tightens his grip and states that she shouldn’t coerce him as it will do no good to anyone. Ceylan witnesses this from the balcony and is reminded of the pep talk Tahsin gave her about the damage one-sided love can cause a person. (What? Does she suspect Tahsin of being in love with Gonul? Is it true? Does he really love her?)


Eda meets Korkut at the local sauna center and asks him the reason for him still being upset with her. He tells her that she is trying hard to flirt with him and she boastfully counters that she never chases a man and rather men chase after her. Korkut states that it is not the case with him which is what she likes about him and she doesn’t deny his assumption. He walks up to her and says that he is that flame of fire which can never be doused and she should not play with fire as she will end up burning her hands.

Ceylan walks out of Tolga’s house looking upset and Korkut (thankfully wearing decent clothes and looking the hottie that he is) clicks her photo saying that he needs one before she leaves for Ankara. She tells him that he can leave as Tolga will not need him today and he asks her to join him for an outing. She asks him the reason why she should go anywhere with him and he answers that she needs to go out with him to cheer herself up. She looks indecisive but he holds her hand and takes her to the car as they both drive off.


In the car, Ceylan mournfully states that she doesn’t wish to go to Ankara and Korkut nonchalantly tells her that she shouldn’t go if she doesn’t want to and she adds that she has no choice. She starts weeping as Korkut squirms while driving the car.


Standing by the seaside, Ceylan takes a deep breath and says she feels much better now. Korkut jokingly says that her body lacks iodine and she retorts that his body lacks a heart. As they get off the rocks, Ceylan trips and Korkut holds her to keep her from falling. They gaze into each other’s eyes till it gets awkward and Ceylan breaks the silence saying that he isn’t ‘lover’ material and he admits to it before walking away from her.

Ceylan walks after Korkut and says that they should eat something as she is hungry and if she doesn’t eat anything she will most likely collapse and he will have to carry her to her house. He tenderly pinches her cheeks before leaving to buy some snack.

They walk while eating their sandwich when a man from the restaurant comes running to return Korkut’s balance amount. Korkut accepts the money as Ceylan thanks the man for it. She then tells Korkut that he needs to learn some manners and that he should start with a ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank You’. He says that he says Thank You but not Sorry as he never does anything that will make him say sorry for it.


Korkut feeds his sandwich to some stray dogs and Ceylan quips that if he behaves so lovingly with humans too, he would not have to be taught anything. Korkut states that animals are harmless and do not betray anyone like humans. Ceylan wonders if someone has broken his heart and he regretfully tells her that he loved a girl deeply and wanted to marry her. But she loved money more than him and dumped him to marry a local goon for his money. He adds that the goon was someone he once considered to be his brother.

Korkut looks gloomy and she asks him to quit thinking about it. He repeats her statement that ‘someone’s departure doesn’t mean the end of the world’ and counters it saying that when a person leaves you the world does seem to come crashing down as life becomes a burden. Ceylan relates to his pain and says that her problems look small in front others pain and that she likes helping people which is why she thinks he too should trying doing the same. Korkut then sees an old man struggle with his hand-cart and he rushes to help him with it.


Korkut leaves the man to his desired location but turns to find Ceylan missing. Ceylan on the other hand, is unable to catch up with him and she leaves to meet Tolga who sounds upset on the phone. Ceylan finds Tolga extremely distressed and he tells her that Eda has decided to break up with him. Ceylan offers to talk to Eda as it will be the last time she will be able to help him before she leaves for Ankara.

Korkut arrives at his house where he finds a note left on his door by Eda asking him to meet her in the gym.

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Ceylan reaches Eda’s house but does not find her there. Korkut and Eda reach her house and she asks him to not be late for dinner. Korkut gets straight to the point and asks what she wants from him. Eda too doesn’t beat around the bush and replies that she likes him and wants to spend time with him. She asks for his answer and he pulls her in for a kiss. Looking for Eda, Ceylan happens to see her kiss someone in a car. Eda spots Ceylan looking at them and Korkut immediately drives on before Ceylan can catch them. Eda is worried about Ceylan seeing them and Korkut suggests she talk to her about it.


Ceylan screams at Eda demanding an explanation and Eda says that she broke up with Tolga and that she is single now. Ceylan tries to explain Tolga’s attachment with her and Eda yells that people only want something from her. She says Ceylan wants Eda to become like her, Tolga wants to sleep with her, her father wants her to leave the country and Tolga’s mom just wants her as Tolga’s trophy wife but no one ever asked her what she wants. Ceylan then requests her to make things clear with Tolga and tell him that she doesn’t like him and she agrees to do so and they both head towards Tolga’s house as Korkut secretly looks on from his house.

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