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Korkut suggests they go for a movie and Ceylan laughs saying his idea of a date is just like any other guy. Irritated by her comment, he states that she is good at breaking hearts and she clarifies that she has never broken anybody’s heart. She then says that it was his girlfriend who broke his heart but he still loves her which is why he still wears her ring around his neck. He brushes off her comment and starts walking away looking annoyed. Ceylan realises her mistake and apologises. Trying to console him she says he is a good man because he may have had his heart broken but has never broken someone else’s heart but he counters saying that heart-broken people are the most dangerous as they take their revenge the very first opportunity they get.


Eda calls Ceylan asking her to talk to Tolga who is stalking her relentlessly. Ceylan hangs up saying that Eda shouldn’t involve her in such matters and that she cannot help her with that. Her refusal to Eda brings a wide smile on Korkut’s face and he teases her that she refused to help Eda as she did not feel like leaving Korkut and she laughs at his wishful thinking.

Korkut gets Ceylan and himself doughnuts but she refuses to eat saying that he cannot soften her by giving her a sweet. Korkut shrugs and starts eating his share and the delicious looking doughnut finally tempts Ceylan who then takes her share and enjoys every bite of it. She looks at Korkut and giggles saying that he eats like a little boy. She rubs the chocolate smeared on the corners of his mouth like as if he is really a kid. The touch of her fingers over his lips leaves him in a daze and he looks at her in awe as she nonchalantly continues eating her doughnut. He finally says that she never really uses her brains and always listens to her heart. He starts to tell her about a man’s mentality but gives up having no hopes of making her understand.     


Eda meets her manager who tells her that she needs to solve her problem with her father as he is threatening producers who cast her in their shows. Eda tells her manager that she need not hide her inability to find work by giving reasons of her father’s interference. Her manager looks unhappy with Eda’s behaviour and leaves saying that Eda can talk to her when she is in a better mood.

Ceylan looks admiringly at little girl’s dresses on display in a shop and Korkut apologetically tells her that he cannot father her kids. Ceylan asks him why he says so and in his mind, he says that he doesn’t have enough time on his hands. On receiving no reply from him, Ceylan remarks that she isn’t interested in him anyway. Eda calls Korkut and asks to meet urgently and tells him about Tolga following her. He tells her to not worry about it and assures to tackle Tolga for her as Ceylan eyes him suspiciously as he talks over the phone. He tells Ceylan that he has to meet a friend and she teases him that he has hardly been in Istanbul to make friends and he chaffs that he is a very friendly person. He then leaves Ceylan stranded as she grits her teeth for being left again by him.

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Next, we see two goons assuring Korkut of doing their work properly as he hands them a bundle of notes. The two goons then accost Tolga who is camping in his car outside Eda’s house. They force him out of his car and threatening with a knife push him in their car.


Korkut visits Gonul who invites him in for dinner and Korkut is pleasantly surprised by her invitation. Korkut feels slightly awkward to be eating with Gonul. However, Gonul is only worried about Tolga and she tells Korkut that Tolga isn’t returning home only because he is angry with her but she is sure that Tolga will be worried for her. In his mind, Korkut says that the son she cares for doesn’t even think about her whereas the son who thinks of her is not even cared for.

Gonul serves Korkut food and tells him that she asked Asiye to make Tolga’s favourite dishes hoping to have him back home. She tells him that Tolga loves tomato soup and had it every day when he was a child. She then narrates a funny incident where Tolga almost burned down their house. She adds that he loves a green pea dish and Korkut says he loves shwarmas. Gonul says that she too loves shwarmas and that the day he eats her shwarmas he will never want to eat any other shwarma and Korkut looks at her longingly trying to hold back his tears. She adds that she used to make shwarmas many years ago but hasn’t made any since then as she doesn’t feel like doing so anymore.


The goons take Tolga to a deserted place and tell him that Ali has asked him to clear his way or else he will have to face dire consequences. Hearing Ali’s name, Tolga starts fuming as he hurls punches that his two kidnappers. They get into a scuffle and Tolga accidently hits his head hard on a rock as he falls to the ground. Fearing Tolga to be dead, the two goons quickly flee the place leaving Tolga lying alone.

Gonul looks happy in Korkut’s company. They laugh together at something funny that Gonul had to share and Korkut tells her that they have a lot to talk about. Gonul then confesses to Korkut of not having liked him initially and he admits that he was aware of it. She justifies saying that she has been through a lot in her life and has learned that people are all selfish and mean and that nobody should be easily trusted and Korkut seconds that thought. She insists he eats a dessert made by Asiye and as he does, his phone buzzes and he excuses himself to attend the call. The two goons inform Korkut about accidently hitting Tolga. Korkut quickly thanks Gonul for the dinner and leaves in a haste to check on Tolga.

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As Korkut gets to the main gate, Tahsin calls out to him and he stops in his tracks. Tahsin demands to talk to Korkut who reluctantly turns to face him. Tahsin instantly recognizes him to be the boy from the TV show and his fears are confirmed fears on seeing the ring around Korkut’s neck.


A Love Story Episode 18Tahsin walks up to him and asks him who he is and Korkut replies that he is Tolga’s driver. He asks him why he is there and Korkut answers that Gonul had called for him. Tahsin grabs Korkut by his jacket and asks him who he is even after Korkut divulges his name to him. Ceylan intervenes pacifying Tahsin that Korkut is here for her but Korkut shoos her and tells Tahsin that Tolga and Gonul hired him after conducting a complete background check on him and that if he needs to ask anything more about him then he can do so some other time.


A Love Story Episode 18After Korkut leaves, Tahsin interrogates Ceylan about Korkut. Nervous, Ceylan tells him that Korkut is actually Tolga’s friend. Tahsin warns her from seeing Korkut before leaving in a huff.


A Love Story Episode 18Korkut receives a call from Tolga who tells him that Eda’s boyfriend had him attacked and that he has hurt his head badly. Korkut asks him if he is fine and Tolga requests Korkut to fetch him.

Ceylan regrets lying to her father about Korkut as she muses that saying the truth would have angered him. Just then, Asiye walks in Ceylan’s room and complains about Tahsin taking off once again without telling her anything about his outing. Ceylan takes the blame for his erratic behaviour saying that Tahsin is angry because of her. She then tells Asiye that Korkut loves her. Asiye gets paranoid and screams at Ceylan to stay away from a driver and Ceylan remarks that Tahsin too was a driver when Asiye married him. Asiye justifies that times have changed and back then she was too naïve and nobody even asked her before fixing her marriage. Asiye grows more suspicious of Ceylan and questions her about her relationship with Korkut and Ceylan yells at Asiye for always doubting her unnecessarily.

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A Love Story Episode 18

Korkut meets Tolga at the place the goons had left. Korkut checks the wound on Tolga’s head and suggests they go see a doctor but Tolga insists on going to the police station first. Korkut tries to dissuade him from filing a complaint against Eda’s boyfriend Ali but Tolga refuses to change his decision. Tahsin visits Gonul’s mother and tells her that he has to tell her something about Gonul’s kids she left at the orphanage.

At the police station, Tolga tells the police that he does not know much about his attacker Ali but his ex-girlfriend Eda’s knows him. Korkut looks nervous and Tolga asks him the reason why he looks so scared like as if he had Tolga bashed up and Korkut replies that he dislikes police stations.


A Love Story Episode 18Tahsin tells Gonul’s mother that of the two children left at the orphanage, one has emerged before them and his name is Korkut Ali. They both wonder what Korkut must be up to as he hasn’t revealed his real identity to Gonul as yet. Tahsin surmises that perhaps Korkut unaware of the fact that Gonul is his mother and that he is here by some weird play of destiny. Gonul’s mother asks Tahsin why he is telling her about Korkut and Tahsin reminds her that it was her idea to tell Gonul that her twins were stillborn and leave the two kids in an orphanage. In a flashback, we see Gonul’s mother instruct Tahsin to lie to Gonul about her kids and leave the kids outside an orphanage. Tahsin tries to deter her but she refuses to listen and with a heavy heart he lifts one of Gonul’s twins and follows her mother outside. In the present day, Gonul’s mother panics as she tells Tahsin to tackle Korkut before it opens a can of worms. Tahsin suggests they finally reveal the truth to Gonul but she firmly objects the idea saying that Tahsin will lose Gonul forever just like she lost her.


A Love Story Episode 18Tolga thanks Korkut for saving his life once again and Korkut says that it was his last time saving Tolga as he will have to take care of himself henceforth. Gonul sees Tolga outside the door and runs to pull him in an embrace. She feels worried on seeing his wound and he calmly tells her that it was required to bring him to his senses. He promises to never leave her again and she asks him to get in the house so she can apply some medicine to his wound. Before leaving Gonul thanks Korkut for bringing Tolga home as he fights to keep his tears from betraying him.  

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