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A Love Story Episode 24

Tolga’s manager informs Eda of Tolga’s accident and she immediately calls Ceylan to inquire about his condition. But she is unable to reach Ceylan so she decides to see Tolga personally. Ceylan is on her way home when she happens to see Tolga’s poster on a bus stop that brings tears to her eyes as she still feels guilty for not being by his side when he needed her the most.

Korkut too feels responsible and guilty for what happened to Tolga and tells an unconscious Gonul that he did wish to hurt her but not in this way. Gonul opens her eyes and asks him to leave. Korkut states that Tolga is his brother and Gonul’s eyes widen in shock. He corrects himself and says that Tolga is ‘like a brother’ to him and that he is willing to do anything for him. Gonul is then reminded of Tolga and she rushes to see him.


A Love Story Episode 24The doctor informs Gonul that the accident has severely damaged Tolga’s vocal chords which will definitely affect his singing. Devastated by the revelation, Gonul worries about Tolga’s reaction to this news and the doctor says that they cannot do much about it and that she needs to give Tolga more time.

Gonul tries to speak to Tolga but in his unconscious state, he only repeats Ceylan’s name. Gonul assures him of a speedy recovery but he only asks for Ceylan and requests to meet her. Gonul then orders Korkut to get Ceylan as Tolga wants to meet her.

Korkut does as asked. On his way out, he bumps into Eda who is surprised to see him in the same hospital as Tolga. But he lies that he is there to meet a friend of his. She tries to talk to him but leaves in a haste. 

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A Love Story Episode 24Gonul is unhappy to see Eda in the hospital and she disses her for hurting Tolga and faking concern for him. Humiliated, Eda leaves the hospital angrily.

Ridden with guilt, Ceylan settles on her bed looking lost as her sibling’s worry seeing her condition. They try to make her talk but she looks too despondent to reply. Ceylan receives a call from Korkut which is answered by Ece. Korkut asks to speak with Ceylan but Ece says she isn’t talking to anyone so he tells her he will be there soon.

Ceylan sits in shock in her room. Korkut tells her that Tolga wishes to see her but she refuses to see him as she continues to take herself to task for causing Tolga harm. Exasperated, Korkut drags Ceylan out of her bed and like a sack of potatoes he tosses her over his shoulders and forcibly takes her to meet Tolga. She begs him to not be taken to Tolga as she feels too guilty to face him. As he forces her to get into his car she throws up as she is evidently shaken by the whole incident. (Ok this is a minor detail the director missed out. Ceylan was shown vomiting outside the car.

A Love Story Episode 24

But when Korkut drives away the parking space is completely clean.

A Love Story Episode 24

So, who cleaned the puke?)

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A Love Story Episode 24Ceylan pleads Korkut to not take her to Tolga as she spoke very badly to him the last time. He tells her he isn’t taking her to Tolga as she first needs to eat something since she hasn’t eaten anything because of the whole incident. (Awww…..so caring.) He threatens to take her to his house and keep her confined if she refuses to eat. She demands he stop the car so he threatens that if she doesn’t eat anything then she will have to kiss him. She screams to stop the car so he changes the threat and says that if she doesn’t eat anything she he will kidnap her. But his threats have no effect on her and she yells that she will jump off the car and he sternly states that if she doesn’t eat anything he will kill himself and she finally calms down. After much resistance, Ceylan finally relents and eats as Korkut watches her.


A Love Story Episode 24Asiye and Tahsin reach the hospital and Asiye asks Gonul to rest as she offers to stay with Tolga. Gonul tells her that she is fine and needs to talk to Tahsin in private. Asiye leaves them alone and Gonul tells Tahsin to find out the person behind the CD because of whom everything has been ruined. As Gonul leaves, Tahsin muses that he is aware that Korkut is the person who sent the CD.

Korkut drives Ceylan to the hospital but she catches cold feet and refuses to meet Tolga. Korkut calmly tells her to take her time and meet Tolga whenever she feels prepared to do so as he will wait for in the car. They end up sleeping in the car the whole night. At dawn, she finally musters some courage and goes up to see Tolga.


A Love Story Episode 24Gonul informs Tolga of Ceylan’s arrival and he instantly extends his arm to her. She apologises for not seeing his message sooner but he doesn’t seem to have any complaints about her. Instead, he says that she is the only person who will never leave him. Gonul looks guilty and she leaves the room.


A Love Story Episode 24Korkut wakes up in his car to find Ceylan gone. He then sees Tahsin and Gonul walk out of the hospital and sit on a bench nearby. Gonul tells Tahsin that she is a bad mother as Tolga can’t even bear the sight of her. She ruefully states that had her own child been alive she would be celebrating his 27th birthday today. As Korkut secretly observes Tahsin and Gonul from his car he receives a phone call from Umut informing him about his photo published in the newspaper in Tolga’s accident case. Emine insists on visiting the hospital but Korkut orders her to stay at home.

As Korkut sees Gonul and Tahsin leave, he advances towards Gonul, Tahsin stops him midway and tells him that they do not need him anymore. He then asks Korkut about the CD that Tolga received because of which Tolga almost lost his life. But Korkut vehemently denies having any knowledge about the CD. Tahsin tells him that he will surely find the person behind the CD and Korkut wishes him luck in his quest.


A Love Story Episode 24Eda is stunned to see Korkut’s image in the paper shielding Gonul from the media and she realises that he cheated her. She immediately visits Korkut’s house in her neighbourhood but meets no response as his home is empty. She notices an advertisement of a locksmith pasted on his wall and calls the locksmith asking for help to open the door to her house and she gives him Korkut’s address.

In Tolga’s hospital room, Ceylan is sandwiched between Tolga and Korkut as both the boys hold her hand on either side. Tolga feels uncomfortable with the neck brace and Ceylan asks him to stay put as she seeks a doctor. Korkut chases after her and tells her about Tolga’s damaged vocal chords because of which he will never be able to sing again. Ceylan’s legs give away as she feels shattered to know the truth. She sobs hard as she tells Korkut that singing is like breathing for Tolga and that he will be crushed by the news.

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