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A Love Story Episode 26Tolga is unable to sing clearly and Gonul hesitantly reveals that his vocal chords were damaged in the accident and he concludes that he will never be able to sing again. Devastated by the truth, Tolga asks Gonul to leave him alone as he wails in despair.

Korkut shows Emine and Umut the ring he bought for Ceylan. Emine and Umut jump with joy knowing that Ceylan will now become a part of their family. Umut asks Korkut how he plans to propose Ceylan and he answers that he will hand her the ring and ask her to marry him. Emine suggests he do it in a more romantic and elaborate way just like they do in movies. Korkut balks at the idea of proposing in a filmy way but she insists he does so as the special moment will be etched in Ceylan’s memory forever. So, he agrees to make it special for Ceylan.


A Love Story Episode 26Tolga watches an old footage of Ceylan and his childhood where he constantly proclaims that Ceylan is his best friend and that they will always be together.

Gonul is relieved to see Ceylan and tells her to meet Tolga as she is worried he might harm himself. Ceylan does not find Tolga in his room but sees their childhood video being played on the TV. Meanwhile, Korkut is busy picking flowers as he prepares for his grand proposal.  


A Love Story Episode 26Ceylan frantically knocks on Tolga’s bathroom door as he lies in a tub submerged in water. After several failed attempts at having the bathroom door open, Gonul asks Ceylan to call Tahsin. After a few hard jolts, Tahsin finally manages to break open the bathroom door. Gonul panics seeing Tolga in the tub. However, he is awakened by Tahsin and Tolga screams at them to leave him alone but then requests Ceylan to stay back.   

He asks her to sing for him and she says her voice is not as good as his to which he says it will become good. Tearfully, he admits that he has lost his voice and her. Ceylan lovingly rubs her hand over his head and tells him that he hasn’t lost her and that she will always be with him.

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A Love Story Episode 26Tolga continues to bemoan his loss as Ceylan tries to console him. Her phone buzzes and Tolga guesses it is Korkut’s call. He states that he knows that she really likes him and urges her to answer his call and not ruin her life for him. She hesitatingly answers the call and Korkut asks her to meet him urgently and she agrees to it.

She then turns to Tolga who asks her if Korkut is asking her to meet him. He then asks her that if he requests her to not leave him and stay by his side as he needs her and loves her, will she still go? She does not give him a straight reply and bails out on him saying that she will be back soon.


A Love Story Episode 26Ceylan arrives at the decided location and is surprised to see the garden path lit with lights. As she moves forward, she finds Korkut standing amidst brightly burning lamps in a pergola. Korkut extends an arm to welcome Ceylan in the pergola. Overwhelmed by his gesture, Ceylan starts to say something but he cuts her off saying that she need not say anything as he had promised Emine to do it in a filmy way for her. Taking her hand he says, “Ceylan I wish to spend my entire life only with you. Want to be with you till my last breath. I wish to change for you. Be a good man. So Miss Jhalli, Miss Duffer, Miss Stupid Girl, will you marry me?” He opens the ring box and Ceylan gasps in shock.


A Love Story Episode 26Ceylan takes too long to respond which unnerves Korkut who implores her to say something. Ceylan regretfully states that she cannot marry him. Korkut pulls her closer and wrapping an arm around her, he says that she must be afraid of her father, but now there is no need to fear him as he has already spoken to Tahsin and told him how serious he is about Ceylan. He then tries to slip the ring on her finger but it seems too small to fit and he jokes about her weight gain. Frustrated, Ceylan finally asks him to stop and says she cannot marry him because Tolga still hasn’t recovered fully. Korkut gets angry that she is still thinking about Tolga. She explains that Tolga needs her right now and that she needs some more time but he states that he has no time and that she has to pick only one of them.

She apologises to him and he chides her for tricking him into believing that she isn’t like any other girl. He then curses his luck for not having anyone who would want him in their life and then leaves in a huff as Ceylan cries after him.

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A Love Story Episode 26While driving Korkut suffers from an excruciating headache which compels him to stop his car by the side of the road. After a few moments, he resumes driving. Meanwhile, in Stuttgart, Germany, Arsala is cooking when she receives a call from Korkut who asks her the reason why she dumped him. Confused by his sudden call, she asks him if he had a fight with his mother and he says it did start with his mother. She tells him that he is a good person and that anybody can love him. He then asks her why she chose Yilmaz over him and why she chose Tolga over him. She tells him that it is he who chooses the wrong girl for himself. She says he shouldn’t waste time over girls who do not deserve his love. But he states that he only loves her (by which he means Ceylan) and that he only wished to spend the remaining days of his life with her. She tells him that the girl will surely regret leaving him and will one-day miss him. As Arsala speaks she is unaware that Yilmaz has arrived and has been listening to her conversation. She assures Korkut that one day he will definitely meet a girl who will love him but she cuts the call without finishing as Yilmaz suddenly appears before her. Yilmaz grabs her by her hair but she manages to free herself and run to her room where she locks herself in.


A Love Story Episode 26On his way home, Korkut suffers a dizzy spell and tumbles down a few steps. Yilmaz breaks open the door and assaults Arsala who then grabs a glass bottle and hits him on his head after which he drops unconscious to the floor. Scared, Arsala tries to wake him up but he shows no signs of life. Emine is out to dump garbage when she sees Korkut lying on the street. She quickly rushes to his aid and stops a car from advancing in their direction. She calls out to Umut and Hakki baba who promptly reach her and help bring Korkut home.


A Love Story Episode 26As soon as Ceylan arrives home, Gonul asks her to be with Tolga. Ceylan tells her that she can’t meet him as she feels unwell but Gonul insists she meet him right away. She reminds her that Tolga too is unwell and that if they spend some time together they will recover fast. Ceylan reluctantly goes in to meet Tolga who perks up on seeing her. He tells her that he was scared that she would never return to him and that he felt lonely in her absence. She tells him that she is tired and sleepy and he asks her to sleep in his room as her presence will avert nightmares. She says she cannot sleep in his room but offers to stay by his side till he falls asleep. He then takes her to the couch and sleeps with his head resting on her lap.

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A Love Story Episode 26Emine and Umut are freaking out seeing Korkut unconscious. Emine asks Umut to call Ceylan. Ceylan’s phone buzzes and she tries to reach for it but Tolga refrains her from answering her phone. She sternly tells him that she cannot sit with him the whole night and Tolga says he wants her by his side as he doesn’t want to lose her.


A Love Story Episode 26Umut feels disheartened that Ceylan isn’t answering his call but just then Korkut opens his eyes and Emine jumps with joy on seeing him conscious. She tells him that they had called Ceylan and Korkut angrily states that she should never call her again. He says that even if he is dying she should never call Ceylan. Emine tells him that she was scared that he would become like her after the accident and he assures her that he is totally fine and that she shouldn’t worry about him.

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