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A Love Story Episode 28Korkut brings Ceylan home but she is too drunk to wake up. He carries her to the door asking her to wake up and get inside her house but she doesn’t move. Tolga, who has been on tenterhooks waiting for Ceylan, is monitoring a CCTV footage on his phone where he sees Korkut carry Ceylan in his arms outside the main gate. Korkut wishes the time to freeze so Ceylan can lay in his arms forever. But Tolga opens the gate and asks Korkut if Ceylan is ill that he is carrying her and Korkut answers that she is only asleep. Tolga then offers to carry Ceylan when she wakes up and jumps out of their arms.

Ceylan gets in and Tolga gives her her phone that she left at Eda’s house. He then gripes that she left him alone despite promising to be by his side. Disinterested in feeding his constant need for attention she clearly states that she is tired of taking care of other people’s feelings and that from now on she will only live for herself.

A Love Story Episode 28Korkut checks his call records and sees several missed calls from Asli. Meanwhile, Yilmaz ambushes Asli’s friend, Elif in the hotel kitchen. He threatens to chop her fingers as he asks her Asli’s whereabouts. She tells him that all she knows is that Asli is in Istanbul.

When Korkut reaches home, Emine welcomes’ him excitedly before retiring to bed along with Umut. Korkut asks Hakki to stay with him as he has something to say to him. He gives Hakki a bank cheque asking him to use the money to look after Emine and Umut and start a business after he is dead. Korkut then receives a call from Asli and from the number he guesses that she is in Istanbul. He asks her if she is in some trouble and she asks to meet her in her hotel so she can explain everything to him.

A Love Story Episode 28Ceylan reminisces Korkut’s proposal and looks disappointed with her decision. Just then, Asiye comes rushing inside the room asking Ceylan to join them for dinner but Ceylan refuses to eat anything. Asiye tries to sweetly persuade her but Ceylan does not give in and refuses to leave her room.

As Korkut reaches Asli’s hotel room he recalls the day she revealed that she loves Yilmaz’s money more than him. He then cautiously knocks on her door and Asli pulls him in a tight hug the moment she sees him. Still reeling from a heartbreak Korkut rudely peels her off himself and gets straight to the point asking why she is there. She tells him that Yilmaz overheard her conversation with Korkut and started beating her after which she hit him with a vase and ran away. She says that she is scared for her life and could only think of him in this time of crisis. Korkut however, does not look interested in helping her and she falls on her knees, begging him to save her. He mocks that Yilmaz must have run out of money which is why she has come running back to him. She says that money is not the case here, and that Yilmaz is seriously after her life but he quips that death comes just once but a betrayed lover dies several deaths and angrily stalks out of her room.  

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A Love Story Episode 28Korkut then reaches Ceylan’s house where Asiye does not allow him to meet Ceylan at such a late hour. Korkut explains that he has something urgent to tell her but Asiye is adamant that he speak with her first before calling Ceylan down. Frustrated, Korkut then screams for Ceylan who comes running down hearing his call. She then takes him up to the pool to talk privately. Asiye urges Ece to be with Ceylan and Ece teases her for being an old fashioned mother forcing her to spy on her sister, but just then Ceylan appears before them and asks them to get inside the house.

Korkut tells Ceylan that he cannot wait for Tolga to recover as she is getting farther away from him each day. She tells him that she only needs some time and Korkut says he cannot give her more time and he himself is running out of it. He says he wants to spend the last moment of his life with her wants to take his last breath in her presence. Ceylan is confused and he regretfully states that he cannot divulge everything to her.

A Love Story Episode 28Just then, Tolga walks up to them and asks Korkut to back off. Ceylan asks Tolga to stay away from their matters and Tolga disdainfully states that Korkut is no one to love Ceylan and that she deserves much better. Korkut asks Tolga to stay within limits but Tolga instead punches him across his face. Korkut mocks Tolga for his weak punch. Provoked, Tolga pushes Korkut urging him to show his manly punch. Korkut trips over a pool chair and rises up to pack a solid punch that knocks out Tolga sending him crashing to the ground. Gonul runs squealing Tolga’s name and scolds the two boys for fighting each other. Annoyed, Ceylan leaves them and goes back to her house.

A Love Story Episode 28As Ceylan leaves, Tolga tells Korkut that he can do whatever he wants but Ceylan will only be his. Gonul orders Tolga to get back to his room and he complies. She looks concerned about Korkut’s bleeding nose and he asks her to not bother about that. She says that she may not be his mother but he is like a son to her. She reminds him that he had once said that Tolga is like a younger brother to him and she says that it the duty of an older brother to sacrifice for the younger one. Korkut says that he isn’t lucky to have a mother like her and that he only has Ceylan who he will never let go off.

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A Love Story Episode 28Yilmaz reaches Istanbul and calls a friend to help him find Asli. Asli’s friend Elif tells her that Yilmaz threatened to chop off her fingers because of which she had to reveal Asli’s location to him. Scared, Asli desperately tries to reach Korkut but he disconnects her call.

Emine and Umut look hesitant to talk to Korkut about something. Korkut senses their tension and asks what the matter was and Umut nervously asks him if he could be his father for one day at a school picnic where kids have play games with their fathers. Korkut happily agrees to play his father and states that he can be his father not just once but always. Umut then asks him to never leave them and Korkut emotionally agrees to always be with them.

A Love Story Episode 28As Umut leaves for school, Korkut asks Emine about Umut’s biological father but she has no clue of his whereabouts. She tells him his name was Ahmed and that he was a very nice man. He asks her if she loved him and she replies that she isn’t sure about that but she knows that he didn’t love her. He then asks her if he didn’t love Umut either and she says he doesn’t know Umut as he abandoned her when she was pregnant with Umut.  

Korkut receives a text from Asli informing him of Yilmaz’s arrival in Istanbul and pleading him to help her. Korkut calls Asli who frantically requests him to save her and he leaves to meet her at the hotel.

A Love Story Episode 28As Korkut leaves, we see Emine tremble as she retrieves a box containing her wedding picture. In a flashback, we are taken to Adapazari, Europe where we see Emine’s husband Ahmed playing cards with his friends curse his luck as a pregnant Emine approaches him. Ahmed looks angry on seeing Emine and scolds her for stepping out of the house. She asks him for some money and he throws some notes on her and asks her to leave right away. He warns her of dire consequences if she ever leaves the home again and a scared Emine promises to never come out of the house again. The recollection of the incident brings tears to Emine’s eyes as she cries silently in her room.

We then see Emine eat alone outside a dilapidated hut when Ahmed returns home looking enraged. He hits her for coming out of the house and she begs him to not hit her as it will affect her unborn baby. He screams that the baby will be just like her and she counters that her baby will be smart unlike her. Vowing to teach her a lesson he lifts a pot of boiling water and charges in her direction. Emine opens her eye in horror as she shudders remembering the unpleasant past.

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A Love Story Episode 28Gonul apologises to Tolga for scolding him last night and he criticises for always lying to him. She says she knows that he is upset with her and asks him to forget everything as she is willing to do anything to see him happy. He tells the only thing he wants now is Ceylan and that he will soon propose her for marriage. Stunned, Gonul asks him to take things slowly and he says he has planned a trip to Rome where he will propose to her. Gonul feels that Ceylan will never agree to this so Tolga asks her to handle Tahsin so that Ceylan cannot state Tahsin as a reason for not going with him. Gonul does not look happy with the Tolga’s plan but agrees to help him out.


A Love Story Episode 28Tolga goes to Ceylan’s room and apologises for last night. She accepts his apology and he tells her that he has planned a trip to Rome for the two of them. Ceylan declines his holiday plan clearly stating that she doesn’t want to go to Rome with him. He gets angry knowing that Ceylan is declining his plan only to be with Korkut. He storms out of her room chiding her for lying about caring for him.   


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