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A Love Story Episode 33Ceylan continues to sulk in the car and Korkut tells her that such minor tiffs happen in love and that she should not be angry over it anymore. She complains that she was deeply hurt by his actions and that he didn’t even bother to apologize to her. Korkut is surprised she even expects him to apologize and she feels hurt that he still doesn’t care about how she feels. Just then, his phone buzzes and he hesitates to answer it. Ceylan suggests he stop the car and drop her there so he can have a hearty chat with his ex-girlfriend. He clarifies that it is Eda’s call and she rolls her eyes calling it a bluff. He then answers the call and Eda tells him that she has found a possible treatment for his medical condition but Korkut pays no attention to her and passes the phone to Ceylan just to prove that he wasn’t lying about Eda’s call. After she hangs up Korkut teasingly asks her if she wishes to apologize to him which she flatly refuses.

Gonul is still mourning her mother’s death and refuses to eat anything as she lays on the sofa. Tolga then sits near her and asks her about his father. His question startles her and she dodges his question. He tells her that he knows how upset Gonul is for not speaking to her mother during her final moments and does not wish to suffer the same fate which is why he wishes to know about his father. But Gonul adamantly refuses to divulge anything. Tolga then stalks off resolving to find his father himself.

A Love Story Episode 33When Ceylan and Korkut reach her home she dissuades him from joining her inside as she had left her house on a false pretext. Korkut however, is keen on meeting Tahsin and brushes off her word of caution. As soon as they enter the premises, they see Tahsin strolling in the compound. Tahsin asks Ceylan to help her mother with some house chores as he wishes to talk to Korkut in private. Korkut is grateful that Tahsin saved his life and Tahsin states that they now stand equal as Korkut had accused him of stealing his life. Korkut says that taking a bullet for him does not compare to what Tahsin stole from him. Tahsin says that Korkut is free to reveal his true identity to Gonul but he will never agree to have his daughter see him. But Korkut declines it saying that he will not reveal anything to anyone and will also keep away from Ceylan as long as he doesn’t resolve his problem with Yilmaz. He then adds that doing so does not mean that he will get over Ceylan and strides off.

Eda visits Korkut’s house where she meets Asli. Asli is annoyed to see another girl looking for Korkut. She introduces herself to Eda and Eda quickly recognises her as the woman because of whom Korkut has a bullet in his head. Asli realises that Eda knowing of Korkut’s condition means that she must be close to him. Asli sneers that Eda should stop chasing after Korkut as she is not his type. Annoyed Eda retorts that she very well understands women like her who think that hijacking the house can help her get close to Korkut. Asli mockingly asks her to leave and says that she will inform Korkut of her visit but Eda remarks that they both know she won’t say anything about her visit to Korkut. (Wow! It’s raining women for Korkut. Next time anyone tells me that looks don’t matter, I will ask them to see this show. Korkut has no job, meagre savings, a family to look after and a freaking bullet in his head but none of this deters three hot women from fighting for him. What can good looks not do?)

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A Love Story Episode 33Yilmaz restlessly paces as his friend asks him to calm down. Yilmaz yells at him that he cannot calm down as long as Asli is away from him. His friend advises him to stay underground as the police is looking for him and he storms out of the room saying that he doesn’t care. Yilmaz then receives a call from Asli’s brother who informs him of Asli’s phone call for financial help. Yilmaz tells him that next time she calls he should talk politely to her and then come to Istanbul to help him track her down. (Huh? Didn’t Korkut tease him the other day saying that Asli is with him? Then why doesn’t he check his house? I guess the shooting incident made him forget this little detail.)

Asli excitedly runs to Korkut when he arrives home but he instead grabs her arm and warns her from ever saying anything to Ceylan. She pretentiously flinches at his force and crumples to the ground screaming to be spared. Her screams bring Emine out who helps her stand as Korkut softens and assures to not hit her. Emine then fetches her water and she calms down. Korkut tells her that she should refrain from mentioning anything about the child to Ceylan and she obediently nods her head. She then asks him about Yilmaz and he tells her that he has received clues and that he did not mention her name to the police. She tells him that she is thankful that he did not tell the police about her. She then takes his hand and placing it over her belly says that she knows he is protecting her for their child. He instantly withdraws his hand and walks out of her sight. He then gasps hard leaning against a wall looking shaken by the prospect of fathering the child and losing Ceylan.

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A Love Story Episode 33After days of stalking, Mr. Memduh’s men finally summon Korkut in his house. Memduh asks him the reason why he has been tailing him for days and Korkut says that he is only after Yilmaz. Memduh then asks him if he has any idea of who Memduh is and Korkut boldly replies that he is the person who knows Yilmaz. Memduh looks surprised by Korkut’s nonchalance and tells him that Yilmaz has asked him for help and that he intends to help him. Korkut sniggers that he will repent aiding Yilmaz and Memduh is shocked at Korkut’s bold approach. He reminds Korkut that he is indeed standing in his house. Unfazed, Korkut says that a lot of things can happen till the time his men come to his rescue. Understanding that Korkut is serious about meeting Yilmaz, Memduh orders his man to get Yilmaz to him and asks Korkut for his name. Korkut’s name seems to strike something but he ignores it and goes on with his call. We then see Yilmaz load his gun as he readies to meet Korkut.

Eda visits Ceylan at her house and asks her why she is so upset. Ceylan tells her about Korkut’s ex-girlfriend Asli who has reappeared in his life. Eda acts as if she is completely unaware of Asli. She asks Ceylan of how Asli looks and Ceylan ruefully adds that she is nothing like her and that she is extremely good-looking. Eda then coerces Ceylan to get up and join her at someplace so she can do a makeover of Ceylan and give a tough competition to Asli.

A Love Story Episode 33Yilmaz arrives at Memduh’s house and is let in only after he is thoroughly checked for any hidden weapon. Memduh tells him that Korkut and he can solve their problem by talking and that he doesn’t want them coming to him again. Yilmaz asks Korkut about Asli and Korkut refuses to tell him anything as Asli claimed that he is the father of her child. He screams that if Asli’s claim is true then he will take care of her and the child as he is not a bad man like his father to abandon them. Korkut’s words hit Memduh hard and he intervenes when Yilmaz attacks Korkut. Memduh sternly declares that the kid and woman will stay with the real father and no one will stop that. He then warns Yilmaz to stay away from Korkut and that if anything untoward happens to him, then he will be held responsible for it. Yilmaz leaves angrily as Memduh walks up to Korkut. Memduh reassures Korkut that Yilmaz will now leave him alone and Korkut snaps that he never asked for any help. Memduh then tells Korkut to tell Gonul that he asked for her and Korkut is surprised to know that Memduh knows Gonul personally. As Korkut leaves Memduh’s house he receives a call from Ceylan asking to meet her as she has a surprise for him.

Later in the evening, Korkut is in his car lost in his thoughts when Ceylan sits beside him clad in a sexy red dress, stilettos, and smokey eyes. Korkut is stunned to see her in a new avatar and in a serious tone asks her what she is up to. Disappointed by his reaction Ceylan hesitatingly says that she is all decked up because she wants to make-up with him after their fight. Korkut instead mocks that she perhaps has hit her head and lost her mind. Ceylan states that she put on makeup hoping to have a nice romantic dinner with him. But he continues to look unimpressed by her attempt. She rues working hard on her look and leaves his car in anger.

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A Love Story Episode 33Ceylan stumbles in her high heels and Korkut teases that walking in high heels will break her bones. Enraged, Ceylan hurls her shoe at him and vents about his lack of appreciation for her efforts. She then hurls the other shoe at him when he does not stop teasing her. She stands barefoot staring at him as he walks towards her and holds her tightly. He explains that he loves her the way she is and that she need not change anything about herself. He then consents to take her for a romantic dinner but adds that he does not want anyone else to look at her when she is looking so sexy. So he gets her a burger and juice in the car. Ceylan then cautiously initiates the topic on which they had their last fight and Korkut clarifies that Asli lives with him only because she needs help and that she knows no one else in the city. (Whaat? She has a problem with Asli but not with Yilmaz who tried to shoot Korkut dead. How come Ceylan never asked him about why Yilmaz tried to kill him?)

Korkut then changes the topic and asks Ceylan if she is willing to do something he asks her. She agrees and he makes her promise to not go back on her words. She regrets making the promise the moment she learns that they will be spending the night at a motel. But she gives in to his demand when he asks her if she trusts him enough.

A Love Story Episode 33As they reach their room, Korkut says that he had been waiting for this moment for a long time and then invites her inside the room. Once inside, Ceylan requests to use the washroom where she locks herself up to gather her thoughts and muster some courage to face him. Looking into the mirror she regrets taking Eda’s advice and picking a skimpy outfit to impress Korkut. She then waits in the washroom hoping for Korkut to fall asleep and just then he calls out to her. She quickly adjusts her dress and nervously steps out of the washroom.

Korkut asks her if is she is ‘ready’ and she answers that she doesn’t know how it feels to be ready and he looks confused as he glances at the bed. To her surprise, he asks her the side of the bed she would prefer to sleep on and she questions if they are there only to sleep. Korkut replies in affirmative and teasingly asks her what she was thinking all this while. She takes him to task for troubling her and he extends his arm to have her sit close to him on the bed. He tells her that he only wishes to sleep in her arms and wants to wake up next to her and see her sleeping face first thing in the morning. Ceylan says that she is not sleepy and Korkut switches the TV on for her. (Awww….that was so cute. It was obvious why he took her there but sensing her discomfort he changed his mind and decided to not scare her off. sighs Oh drama hero…..do not be so nice. You are spoiling us by raising the bar so high that no normal guy can ever touch you. Sorry, Amma!! Me not getting married anytime soon. At least not to someone who is not a drama hero. Humph!) (Okay! Now I know why the three women are fighting for him.)

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