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A Love Story Episode 35Memduh tells Gonul that her mother had told him about their child but Gonul does not want to believe that her mother lied to her. Memduh is convinced that Tolga is his son and says that he will surely talk to him soon no matter what she does. Gonul takes his word as a threat and asks him to leave. He holds Gonul trying to explain that he wasn’t threatening her but Gonul screams at him to leave her alone. Korkut, who has been witnessing the drama from afar, rushes to Gonul and orders Memduh to leave Gonul alone. Offended by a driver’s interference, Memduh warns Korkut of ever meddling in his matters and leaves in a huff. Gonul then requests Korkut to not speak of what happened to anyone. He asks her why Memduh was there and she vaguely answers that they have some old relation. As Korkut turns to leave, Asiye sees him and ask for Ceylan who left to meet his sister. Korkut has no inkling about this and leaves hastily.


A Love Story Episode 35Yilmaz plays a game of cards with Umut while Emine and Ceylan look over silently and helplessly. Yilmaz’s phone buzzes but he doesn’t answer. Korkut calls on Ceylan’s cell phone but fearing Yilmaz she refrains from touching her phone. Korkut then calls the landline number which is answered by Emine who nervously informs him of Yilmaz’s presence. Infuriated, Korkut then drives faster to reach home.

Perturbed, Gonul tells Tahsin that Memduh had visited to harass her all over again. She says that he still hasn’t changed and lied about their child being alive. Tahsin’s eyes widen in shock and she says that her mother must have lied to Memduh to extort money from him. She expresses her disgust for her greedy mother as Tahsin looks away with guilt.


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A Love Story Episode 35Emine begs Yilmaz to allow Umut to sleep as it is past his bedtime and Yilmaz allows them out of his sight only after Ceylan offers herself to be held hostage instead of Umut and Emine. Yilmaz leaves his gun on the table and moves to the window to check for Korkut’s arrival. He sighs that Korkut is foolish to be after his wife despite having a beautiful girlfriend. Ceylan counters that Korkut is not after his wife and that he loves her as her eyes slowly dart towards the gun on the table. Yilmaz says that people like Korkut who have nothing of their own always look for opportunities to seize what belongs to others. He advises her that she should stay away from him. He then returns to peeping outside the window and Ceylan seizes the opportunity to grab the gun but Yilmaz stops her saying that she shouldn’t make the mistake of killing someone just for Korkut’s sake. Just then, Korkut arrives and Yilmaz quickly hides.

As soon as Korkut walks in, Yilmaz attacks him with a blow to his head. Yilmaz holds the gun right in Korkut’s face who requests him to sort the matter outside so as to not scare his family. Yilmaz doesn’t yield and Korkut packs a punch across his face but he manages to retrieve himself as he sticks his gun to Korkut’s chest and orders him to take him to Asli.


A Love Story Episode 35Yilmaz forces Korkut to drive his car as one of his minions stands guard outside Korkut’s house. Yilmaz scolds Korkut for driving at leisure and Korkut states that he is never going to lead him to Asli because the child she is bearing could be his and that he does want to lose his child. Yilmaz says that he is sure about the child being his which is why he has come all the way from Germany to take her back. Korkut however, does not believe him and accelerates the car. Yilmaz tells him that dying today will kill his love Ceylan too after which Korkut halts the car. They both get out of it but only Yilmaz returns back in. Realising that Korkut is a tough nut to crack, Yilmaz calls up his minion and drives on as Korkut runs after him screaming to stop.


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A Love Story Episode 35Yilmaz’s men then barge into Korkut’s house and abduct Umut as Emine and Ceylan fight in vain to stop them. The hefty men leave with Umut after flashing a gun at the little boy, who ceases all protest on seeing the shiny weapon. Ceylan runs to answer Korkut’s call and informs him of Umut’s abduction.

Korkut forces his way into Memduh’s house where he mocks Memduh’s false claims of having Yilmaz under his control. Memduh sternly notifies that Korkut is lucky that he is Gonul’s driver or else he wouldn’t have spared him. As Korkut leaves, Memduh asks his men to fetch Yilmaz.


A Love Story Episode 35Emine is devastated on losing her son to the goons. Ceylan asks her to calm down assuring that Korkut will surely find his nephew. As Ceylan leaves to fetch a glass of water, Emine leaves the house resolving to find her son herself.  

Umut requests Yilmaz to leave him fearing that his mother will fret over his absence. Yilmaz sweetly explains that he is playing a game with his uncle Korkut and right now they are only hiding from him. He then instructs his men to give Umut anything he wants to eat. (Though Yilmaz is a bad guy in the show, I feel Yilmaz is still a nice human. It is only Asli who is creating so many problems between the two men. If anyone is bad on the show, then it is only Asli who is an extremely selfish woman.)

Barefoot, Emine walks the streets aimlessly looking for Umut till she reaches Gonul’s house. The door is answered by Tahsin who is shocked to see Emine wail for her son. Gonul rushes to be by Emine’s side who requests her to help find her son who has been abducted by Yilmaz. Tolga warns Gonul to not interfere in Korkut and Yilmaz’s personal problem but Gonul doesn’t seem to care. She promises Emine to find Umut for her and asks Asiye to take Emine inside.


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A Love Story Episode 35Ceylan receives a call from Asiye who asks her to return home as Emine is there sobbing uncontrollably. As Ceylan leaves, she finds Korkut sitting outside his house looking restless. She walks up to him and he tells her that he failed to find Umut. She tells him that Yilmaz is only after his wife and that he won’t stop till he has his wife back. She asks him to send Asli back to her husband Yilmaz but he refuses to return Asli. Ceylan looks furious at his reluctance over reuniting his ex-girlfriend with her husband. She then tells him that Emine is with Gonul and taunts him that he can go back to his ex- girlfriend Asli since she is more important to him than his family.

Tolga dissuades Gonul from butting in Korkut’s affairs and advises to let the police take care of things. After thinking deeply, Gonul says she knows someone who can help her in this matter and leaves without explaining a word. Tolga looks bewildered but Tahsin has some idea of who Gonul is talking about.


A Love Story Episode 35In the living room, Gonul sees Emine mournfully sing a lullaby holding a pillow like a little child in her arms. Gonul gently pulls Emine close and runs her hand over her head, trying to console her. Next morning, Gonul asks Asiye to look after Emine who is still sleeping as she has to meet someone.

Korkut calls Ceylan asking about Emine and she snaps at him for calling so late for his sister and thinking about Asli over everybody else.


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A Love Story Episode 35Korkut meets Asli and tells her about Yilmaz kidnapping his nephew. He then asks for Yilmaz’s contact number and she suggests they contact the police so they can catch hold of Yilmaz. Snatching the phone from Asli’s hand, Korkut yells that they cannot contact the police and that he will handle the matter himself.

Korkut calls Yilmaz and tells him that he is willing to hand over Asli in exchange for his nephew. Yilmaz gives him an address to a place where they can meet each other. Korkut then explains to Asli that he has no option left than to send her back to Yilmaz for his nephew’s sake. Asli says that he need not apologise and that she will always love him and will save their child from all harm. (Oh Asli! You emotional blackmailer. You very well know which button to press to make Korkut emotional. Damn you black magic woman!)

Ceylan tries to convince Emine to eat something when she receives a call from Eda informing her about Korkut’s arrival at his old home in her colony where she suspects he has housed Asli.


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A Love Story Episode 35As expected, Gonul reaches out to Memduh for help as he looks pleasantly surprised to see Gonul in his house. He agrees to help find Emine’s son and invites her in. Gonul notices a picture of Memduh with a young boy and he regretfully states that he has been punished for his bad behaviour with her as he lost his son. Gonul says that no parent in the world deserves to lose a child, not even him.

Memduh is sure that despite all these years Gonul still harbours feeling for him as she never married another man. She counters that it isn’t his love but the pain inflicted by him that turned her into a living corpse because of which she could never love again.


A Love Story Episode 35Ceylan reaches Korkut’s house where he is hiding Asli and chides him for caring only about one woman and not his family. She regrets fighting with her father and family for Korkut’s sake when he only cares about his ex-girlfriend. Korkut snaps back reminding her of how he left her with Tolga to help him recuperate while he looked on without objecting. He reminds her that he had proposed to her but she asked to delay their marriage plans and then threw his ring at him asking him to go back to his ex-girlfriend. Asli hears them fight and intervenes saying that Korkut isn’t what she thinks he is and that he is actually sending her back to Yilmaz. But Korkut asks her to keep out of their fight as there is no use talking to Ceylan who is convinced that Korkut is a bad guy.

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