A Love Story: Episode 4

Show Title: A Love Story

Country: Turkey

Channel: Zee Zindagi

Timings: Monday to Saturday 8 pm


A Love Story                      

Written Update: Episode 4

A Love Story Episode 4

Tolga resolutely tells Ceylan that he will move on and forget Eda completely by destroying everything that reminds him of her. Unconvinced with his statement Ceylan asks whom is he trying to fool and he quickly replies that he won’t give up yet and will keep trying.


A Love Story Episode 4

Korkut asks Umut to leave his hotel room with his mother and Umut reminds him that Emine and Korkut are siblings but Korkut looks unperturbed. Umut tells him it is too late for them to leave and it will be difficult to find a bus. Korkut offers him money to hail a cab but he refuses his help and leaves with his mother.


A Love Story Episode 4

Tolga and Ceylan are outside Eda’s house when they see her arrive with her new boyfriend. Tolga gets out the car and launches himself on Eda’s boyfriend. Ceylan tries to break them up and ends up getting hit in the eye by Eda’s boyfriend. Tolga head butt’s Eda’s boyfriend before running to Ceylan’s aid. He then takes her to his car and then both leave.


A Love Story Episode 4

Korkut is on his bed thinking about the line inscribed on the rings when he suffers from an excruciating headache.  

Tolga scolds Ceylan for interfering in his fight and getting hurt. She says she is fine but he doesn’t believe her. She is worried about her father asking questions about the bruise on her eye and he suggests they go to his house and wait till her father goes to bed.


A Love Story Episode 4

Korkut calls Arsala but refrains from speaking anything. She understands that it is Korkut on the other end of the line and asks him how he is and if he found his mother. When she gets no reply, she tells him to never return to Germany as Yilmaz hasn’t forgiven him as yet. Just then, Yilmaz walks in and Arsala nervously chucks the phone without disconnecting it. She lies to Yilmaz of talking to a bank representative. He feels turned on by her new nightgown and they start making out right there as Korkut hears it all. (Oh no…this is the worst thing to happen to a jilted lover. I pity Orkut ooops I mean Korkut 😉 )


A Love Story Episode 4

At Tolga’s home, Gonul is waiting for Tolga and looks displeased on seeing Ceylan with him. Ceylan senses Gonul disapproval of her and leaves for her home. Gonul pulls Tolga up for taking a girl to his room so late at night and Tolga nonchalantly replies that Ceylan and he are close friends since childhood. Gonul asks him to maintain distance from Ceylan as she isn’t his friend but an employee Tolga justifies that they have grown up together and that they are good friends. He then comments that her thinking has grown old just like her and she sulks on being reminded of her age. He kisses her lovingly saying she that doesn’t look like a mother but an elder sister to him and the statement makes her happy.   


A Love Story Episode 4

Ceylan quietly enters her house and walks to her room when her father asks about the sunglasses she is wearing inside the house. She says it’s the latest fashion. He mocks the supposed fashion trend and goes to bed when her mother and brother catch hold of her and demand she take off her sunglasses. Seeing the bruise on her eye her mother guesses she must have got into a fight to protect Tolga. Exasperated, she hopes to pay back Gonul’s debt so that they can get rid of Togul’s family.

Ceylan goes up to her room and her younger sister address her as ‘sweety’ (The note reads tatlı şey which when translated becomes ‘sweet thing’.) and she understands that she has gone through her personal stuff and read the stranger’s note. Ceylan quickly grabs the note from her and asks her to leave her room. Ceylan then looks at the note again and recalls the time she was asleep next to the man and remembers reading the note for the first time as he left her with her belongings and money.  


Korkut visits the orphanage he was adopted from and the caretaker at the orphanage shows him his photo from infancy and tells him that he has twin sister, Emine and that both of them had the chain around their neck when they were brought to the orphanage. He tells Korkut that he was adopted by a family who took him to Germany but his sister was left behind. He then tells him about Emine’s accident that affected her brain. He also tells him about Hakki, the orphanage’s security guard, who adopted Emine as nobody was willing to adopt a special child. Korkut then asks for Hakki’s address.


Ceylan’s sister shoot’s her while she is snoring in her sleep. She blackmails Ceylan of showing the video to Tolga and Ceylan asks her what she wants in exchange for the video. Her sister demands her pink blouse and after much resistance Ceylan finally gives in and has her video deleted.

Ceylan and Asiye are discussing a face pack when her father Tahsin asks Asiye to prepare something for the journalists who have come to meet Gonul. Tahsin puts her foot down and refuses to work on her holiday. Tahsin is in a fix and Ceylan bails him out by offering to prepare refreshments for the journalists.

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At a local market, Korkut sells fritters while Emine sleeps behind him. A man stops buy to buy some fritters from him when the lady selling pancakes lures the man with her fresh and cheap pancakes. Umut screams at her for robbing his customers but she pays no heed to the little boy’s accusations.

Korkut walks up to Umut and buys all his fritters. The lady tries to attract Korkut to her pancakes and offers to sell him all her pancakes for cheap. He pulls out a bunch of notes and as he flashes every single note before her, he asks her if she has been deliberately stealing Umut’s clients and she admits to her unethical practice saying that in the market only cunning people survive and that innocent people like Umut do not last long. Korkut screams at her for being cunning with a kid and flips her table dropping all her food items to the ground. He warns her of consequences if she ever tries to unfairly poach Umut’s customers.


At a magazine interview, Gonul gushes over her son Tolga. She says that his success has not gone to his head and that despite earning lots of money and fans Tolga is still the same. Tolga credits his mom for bringing him up so well and thanks her for everything. He then says that he wishes to be born as her son in every birth. Tolga’s statement makes her emotional and she walks off the interview trying to conceal her tears.

Umut berates Korkut for ruining the old lady’s food and asks him if he is a punk to do such stuff and Korkut sheepishly admits to being one and sarcastically asks him if he wondered how he could afford to stay in the expensive hotel that he is currently staying in.


Emine tries on high-heeled shoes at a nearby stall and stumbles to the ground as she twists her ankle. Unable to walk, Korkut offers to carry her, frightened of him she pushes him away but he calms her down and gives her a piggy-back ride till their house. (Piggy-back 😀 I thought it was a very Korean thing to give piggyback rides but it’s prevalent in Turkey too. Or maybe since the show is an adaptation of a Korean drama, they must have lifted the piggy back ride from there.)

On the way to Emine’s home, he inquires about Umut’s family and Umut tells him that though he doesn’t go to school, he knows to read and write and also knows multiplication and tables. Korkut asks him whom he learnt this from and he says his father taught him all this but he is no longer with them.

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At home, Umut introduces Korkut to his grandfather Hakki. He excitedly informs Hakki about Emine’s lost brother. Korkut turns to leave but Hakki offers him a drink and he decides to stay back.

Over drinks, Korkut asks him if he knows his mother and Hakki tells him that their mother is the famous Turkish singer, Gonul Karanli. He adds that over time Gonul has earned a lot of fame and wealth.

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