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A Love Story Episode 40Ceylan runs back and begs Korkut to stay but he walks away without looking back even once. Meanwhile, Gonul checks the handicam and finds it completely empty, without any video. Umut says that he must have deleted the video by mistake. Emine is worried that the camera contained Korkut’s video and he might get angry but Umut says that he will talk to Korkut and she need not worry about it.


A Love Story Episode 40As Korkut drives back, he tells himself that he cannot go back to Ceylan as she should not see him in this condition as he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Bawling in pain, Ceylan drops to her knees and vows to forget Korkut and never cry for him again.

15 days later…

In a voiceover, we hear Korkut say that no matter where Ceylan goes, he will always follow her. Simultaneously, we see Ceylan serve drinks at a restaurant as Korkut observes her from afar.


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A Love Story Episode 40A few seconds later, we see Tolga approach Ceylan and tell her that he feels the restaurant people have been loading her with too much work and that he can talk to his father for her. She declines his offer and asks him to take a seat with Memduh as she will return to them to take their order. Korkut sees all this happening as a flicker of pain flashes on his (totally mesmerising) eyes. Tolga tells Memduh that he finds it a little odd to address him as father and Memduh smiles saying it will take time but he will certainly get used to it and they then settle by a table.

Ceylan brings them their drinks and Memduh invites her for dinner later that evening. Ceylan wants to refuse the invitation but Memduh says he never takes a ‘no’ for an answer and he then leaves saying he has some business to attend. Ceylan scowls at Tolga who sheepishly rises from his seat and holding her hand admits that he wants to always be around her. Ceylan states that she has no feelings for him and that he should stop his hijinks. He laughs and orders her to get another drink for him and she scoffs off to fetch his drink. Korkut sees this and sighs in dismay before leaving.


A Love Story Episode 40Gonul’s detective inquires about Korkut’s background and Gonul says that she only knows that he has come from Germany and lives here with his family. The man tells her about his history of petty thefts in Germany and asks her to be cautious when dealing with him. Gonul justifies that Korkut has led a tough life and that it is understandable that he resorted to petty crimes in Germany and vouches for him as he saved Tolga’s life a few times. The man counters that Korkut coming from Germany and working for her may not be a mere coincidence and says that he will look deeper into his background.

Angry, Gonul calls Korkut to meet her right away. He reminds her that he does not work for her anymore and will not take orders from her. She screams at him for breaking her trust and commands that he sees her right now. But he refuses saying that he is busy. She is adamant that he meet her or she will reach his house in that instance. He finally gives in and agrees to meet her.


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A Love Story Episode 40When Emine and Umut reach home they find their household stuff placed on a cart outside their house. Emine lifts the radio and takes it inside to see Asli selling off her stuff to a scrap dealer. Asli tells her that the house is full of unwanted scrap and that selling them off will get them some money. Emine scolds Asli for touching her things and orders the scrap dealer to leave at once. Asli tells her that she should get rid of the old stuff and that she will buy her new things but Emine refuses to let go of her personal stuff. Annoyed, Asli screams at her for being unreasonable and states that it is no wonder her husband abandoned her as even he could live with a crazy woman like her. Emine is hurt by Asli’s remark but she only mumbles that Asli is a bad person as she goes to her room and bawls her eyes out. She mournfully reminiscences her wedding day when her husband cursed his father for forcibly marrying him off to a ‘lunatic’ like Emine. She recalls how he forced himself on her on their first night that left her completely broken and shattered.


A Love Story Episode 40Gonul shows Korkut the video and asks him if he knows the person in the footage. Korkut denies knowing anything and Gonul says that she is aware of his criminal record in Germany and that he can have money if he wants but he has to reveal about the person in the video. Korkut says that he is not a blackmailer and that he does not know anything about the person in the video. She asks him to swear by her and he smartly swears that he is not a ‘blackmailer’. She slumps on her chair in despair and tells him that the person in the video is her son. She begs him to help her with any little information he has and he shakes his head saying that he knows nothing about the person. As he walks away she asks him if he would ever try to look for his real mother had he any inkling of her existence and he answers in affirmative. She says she too was doing just that. She then apologises to him for hurting him unintentionally.


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A Love Story Episode 40Eda visits the resort where Ceylan is working and asks her how she has been coping with the new job. Ceylan tells her to stop dilly-dallying and get straight to the point which is Korkut and how she is coping after the breakup. Though Eda is curious she shows as if she is uninterested. Just then, Ceylan spots someone hiding behind the trees and identifies him as Korkut. Eda too looks out but when she does not see anybody she teases Ceylan for still dreaming about Korkut. She leaves to book her room as Ceylan continues to eye the bushes to look for anyone.

Korkut who was hiding behind the trees breathes a sigh of relief. He turns to leave when he bumps into Najeeb who tells him that Memduh has called for him. Meanwhile, Ceylan follows her boss’s orders and hurries to deliver a drink to Memduh.


A Love Story Episode 40On the way, Ceylan bumps into Korkut and reprimands him for stalking her. He clarifies that he isn’t stalking her and is there for a meeting but she does not believe him. She tells him that he is irritating her and his face breaks into a wide grin as he notices his ring dangling from the chain around Ceylan’s neck. Ceylan brushes it off and asks him to leave but he repeats that he is there for a meeting. Najeeb intervenes and says that Memduh does not like to wait for people and Korkut walks with Najeeb gesturing to Ceylan that he is there for a meeting with Memduh.


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A Love Story Episode 40Memduh tells Korkut that this is the first and last time he has stepped into his resort and that he doesn’t want him anywhere close to Ceylan again. Korkut is surprised by Memduh’s interest in Ceylan’s life and Memduh tells him that he is willing to do anything for his son. When Korkut asks him about his son, he is stunned to hear Memduh say that Tolga is his son. Too shocked to speak, Korkut leaves without another word. Najeeb informs Memduh of Gonul’s meeting with a private detective. Memduh wonders what business she has with a detective and approves Najeeb’s suggestion of having the detective kidnapped.

Korkut calls Hakki Baba to ask him about his biological dad but then dismisses the thought saying that he probably is thinking too much.


A Love Story Episode 40Emine jumps with joy when she sees Gonul outside her house. Umut, however, looks annoyed and wants to leave to play with his friends. Gonul asks him to stay back to see the gift she brought for him but he rudely rejects her gift. Gonul doesn’t seem to mind his rudeness as she shows him the tablet she bought for him. Umut does not look impressed by the gift either and leaves to play and this time Gonul notices his cold attitude towards her.

Gonul complaints about the temporary cook she hired in Asiye’s absence and Emine offers to cook for her till Asiye returns from her vacation. Gonul is more than happy to have Emine cook for her but adds a condition that she will eat her food only if Emine accepts money for her work. Emine refuses any payment but Gonul insists. Gonul then asks Emine if Korkut has a friend who is of the same age as him and she says she does not know of any such friend of his.


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A Love Story Episode 40Asli’s brother Sinan tells her that Yilmaz has passed away and that she is now the sole owner of all his property. Sinan tells her that he will be coming to Turkey to fetch her and that it is up to her if she wants to stay back in Turkey or come to Germany and claim Yilmaz’s property. Asli feels delighted to hear of Yilmaz’s demise and tells him that she will get back to him after thinking about it.

After Asli hangs up we see that Yilmaz is standing right next to Sinan. Yilmaz asks him if Asli was happy to hear of his death and Sinan shakes his head saying that he couldn’t make out from her voice. He then asks Yilmaz why would Asli be happy over his death and Yilmaz says that there are certain things that Sinan won’t understand. Yilmaz looks content now that Memduh will hear of his demise and call off his search for him.


A Love Story Episode 40Memduh’s men bring Gonul’s detective to Memduh but he flatly refuses to divulge anything despite being held at gunpoint. Memduh tries to threaten him but the detective simply reminds him of how he can lose his son as he dials Gonul’s number and hands the phone to him. Memduh then asks his men to lower his gun and the detective apologises to Gonul for accidentally calling her.

Korkut sits at a table observing Ceylan who is busy with her work. Just then, Tolga appears before her and notices Korkut at the restaurant. He joins Korkut at the table who teases him that he can sit anywhere since it is his father’s hotel. Korkut mocks that he is always hiding behind his parent. First, it was Gonul and now its Memduh. Tolga feels infuriated by the comment but only says that he can never have Ceylan as she is over him.


A Love Story Episode 40Later in the evening, Ceylan is alone by the beach when she rolls her eyes at Korkut’s arrival. He asks her if she had been thinking about him and she says that she was waiting for Tolga. He tells her that he won’t be coming as he beat him up for good and must now be on his way to a hospital. Ceylan rises panicking for him but he pulls her back down saying that he was just kidding. However, he adds that the way she has been getting close to Tolga to make him jealous, it is certain that he will someday bash him up. She counters that she is with Tolga only because she likes spending time with him and not to make him jealous. Holding the ring around Ceylan’s neck, he points out that she cannot fall for Tolga as she is still in love with him. Exasperated, she tells him that she has the ring around her neck is only there to remind her of him and the pain he inflicted on her. The ring reminds her of all the nights she cried alone and she will keep the ring till she doesn’t fully forget him. She says she can do anything to forget Korkut. He questions if she will fall in love with Tolga to get over him and she firmly says she will do that and that he need not challenge her to it.

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