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A Love Story Episode 42Sinan drops Asli at Korkut’s home and asks for forgiveness for betraying her. She forgives him as he rescued her by informing the police on time. He regretfully claims that he did not know that Yilmaz would go back on his words. He then tells her to get her stuff and return to Germany where they will be safe but she declines him saying that she will stay with Korkut as she loves him a lot. He relents and tells her that she can return to Germany whenever she wants and she happily walks towards Korkut’s house.


A Love Story Episode 42When Ceylan reaches the place Eda had asked her to meet, she is surprised to see the lighting and romantic dinner table set behind Tolga who stands alone to welcome her. She asks for Eda and he tells her that she would not be coming. Sensing what is in store for her, Ceylan tries to escape by giving an excuse but Tolga knows she just trying to avoid him and he pleads her to stay back as the day is special for him and she reluctantly joins him at the dinner table.


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A Love Story Episode 42Tolga says that he was short on time which is why he could only arrange for this much of a setting. Ceylan tells him that he need not have arranged for anything at all as it is only a dinner and she will go back to her room as soon as she can. Tolga starts to tell her that though they have had dinners together in the past, this is the first time she joins him as, but before he can complete his sentence Ceylan interjects asking if someone is hiding behind the bushes. Tolga assures her that they are all alone. She then asks him to continue what he was saying and this time he pulls out a ring from his pocket.

Korkut looks despondently at the ring Ceylan threw at him and rises to return her bag which she left behind in his room. Her phone falls out from her back and he goes to give it back to her. From a hotel staff member, he learns that Ceylan is with Tolga who has arranged for a special dinner for the two of them.


A Love Story Episode 42Ceylan sits nervously as Tolga advances towards her with the ring box in his head. He then goes down on his knees and asks her to marry him. But before she can answer him, Korkut appears from nowhere and pulls Tolga up but is unable to hit him as Ceylan stands between them, screaming at Korkut. She then turns to Tolga and says yes to his proposal. Korkut begs her to change her decision saying that he loves her but she refuses to listen to him.


A Love Story Episode 42Ceylan asks Korkut to leave them alone as it is a special day for Tolga and her. Korkut says she will regret her decision and leaves as Ceylan sits back looking absolutely dejected. Tolga is once again down on his knees as he slips the ring into Ceylan’s finger promising to always keep her happy as Ceylan sheds a tear. Unable to take it anymore she apologises to Tolga saying she can’t do this anymore and runs away.

Furious, Korkut settles by the beach where he is joined by Eda. Eda tells him that she understands him and despite trying to forget him, she still feels for him and has learnt the true meaning of love from him. Korkut blurts out Ceylan’s name and she says she wished Ceylan was as understanding as her. Korkut says that he told Ceylan he is dying but she did not believe him.


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A Love Story Episode 42Korkut mournfully states that he was alone when he was born and will also die a lonely death. Eda consoles him that she will be with him and not leave him alone. She then moves closer to him as she kisses him while he looks at her in surprise. At that very moment, Ceylan comes rushing to Korkut but halts in her tracks when she witnesses the kiss. Korkut gets up and leaves without a word as Eda only looks at him bewildered by his reaction. Ceylan turns to leave but returns to slap Eda for kissing Korkut despite being her best friend.


A Love Story Episode 42Korkut is in for another surprise when he sees Gonul waiting for him in his room. Gonul asks him to sit in front of her and demands to know his reality. She asks him who he is and he laughs that she came all the way to the hotel to know who he is. She then tells him that Emine told her of the kind of money he has. She questions him about the source of the money and the reason why he worked for her despite having that kind of money. He honestly answers that he robbed the money from Yilmaz to teach him a lesson for stealing his girlfriend. She asks him if he can do anything for money and he says he didn’t do anything wrong to her and that he is now a reformed man. He says he worked for her because he wanted to earn money for his family by working like an honest man. She says that Umut knows about her and he dismisses her claim reminding her how she has misunderstood Emine one time.


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A Love Story Episode 42He admits to resorting to robbery when he had to fend for himself. He ruefully justifies that homeless children like him do not have a mother to take good care of them so stealing becomes the only option to survive. He tells her how he started with robbing food when he was hungry and then it went on and on as it isn’t an easy life for an orphan. She sympathises with him but for now, has only her child on her mind so she asks him if he has any idea about the person who sent the CD and he repeats that he does not know anything. He then says that she received the CD long back, then why is she looking for the person now? She says back then she was not aware, but then stops short of completing her sentence as she sobs hard while Korkut looks on.


A Love Story Episode 42Najeeb informs Memduh that Gonul is in Korkut’s room and Memduh rushes to see her. Korkut tries to console Gonul and asks her what weighs on her mind so much. She starts to tell him how she lost her child many years ago but she is rudely interrupted by Memduh who comes knocking on the door. He forces Korkut to leave the room as he has a word with Gonul.  

Memduh notices the tears in Gonul’s eyes and asks her what made her cry. She brushes him off and starts to leave when he tells her that he knows she is here for Tolga and that Korkut is not letting Ceylan and Tolga be together. Gonul quickly turns to tells him that she was indeed there for Tolga and that she has spoken to Korkut and he has agreed to stay away from Ceylan. Memduh looks at Gonul suspiciously as he notices the change in her tone and how she is trying to convince him of her motive to meet Korkut.


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A Love Story Episode 42Korkut sneaks into the staff’s changing room to return Ceylan her phone. She scornfully reminds him of how he has been fooling around with women and that she saw him kiss Eda. In his defence, he states that he did not know that Eda would kiss him and that it happened too fast for him to react. He adds that he left from there immediately but Ceylan is too angry with him to listen to anything more. He begs her to not marry Tolga as she will regret her decision later. He tells her that she shouldn’t marry Tolga to get back at him and that she will hate herself for the hasty decision. Ceylan says that she has reached the decision after thinking a lot about it and that Tolga is the only person she can trust. To prove her point, she calls Tolga and tells him to start their wedding arrangements as soon as possible. Angry, Korkut snatches Ceylan’s phone and drags her with him. (Ugh!! Dude! Stop doing that. She is a human, not a toy or a cattle that you keep pulling her around.)


A Love Story Episode 42Tolga feels restless over the delay in Tahsin and Asiye’s arrival. Gonul explains that whatever he is doing is wrong and that marrying Ceylan will ruin three lives. But he is adamant saying that he loves her. Gonul rebuffs him that this is not ‘love’ and that he only wants to beat Korkut. She reminds him of how Korkut had asked Ceylan’s hand in marriage a few weeks ago and she had even agreed to it but now she suddenly wants to marry Tolga which means she is doing this only out of rage. Tolga tells Gonul that she can help him out with the arrangements if she wants to or else he will have to ask his father for help.


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A Love Story Episode 42Korkut and Ceylan are in the middle of the sea in a boat and she tells him that he should have bought something to eat before kidnapping her. He replies that once she agrees to call off her marriage to Tolga, he will take the boat ashore and they can have something to eat. She says that he is crazy to have kidnapped her as kidnapping her will not help because at some point he will have to take her back. He says that he is madly in love with her. She states that he is not just mad but also shameless as she saw him kiss Eda which is no big deal for him. He asks her to get over that incident and she says she can’t. He justifies that he was feeling low and she was only trying to comfort him. He repeats that he had no inkling of the kiss and that he left the place the very next moment.


A Love Story Episode 42Ceylan says that though Eda kissed him, he too did not stop her. Frustrated, Korkut grabs Ceylan by her neck and forcibly kisses her. She pushes him away and threatens to swim her way to the shore. He says it is not so easy to swim ashore and she says she might push him then and he retreats mumbling about how hunger has made her crazy.

When Tahsin and Asiye arrive home, they first go to meet Gonul and ask for Ceylan. Tolga tells them that Ceylan is fine and working at a hotel. Tolga then asks Gonul to tell them why they were called early from their vacation and Gonul tells them that Ceylan and Tolga have suddenly decided to get married. The news makes Asiye nauseous and she asks Tahsin to take her home.


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A Love Story Episode 42Korkut gets Ceylan a bun to eat but she throws it away. He asks her to not be so difficult and she says he will never understand her because they can never get back to being what they were. He tells her that he has brought her with him because he feels that she will not be happy with Tolga and he does not want her to ruin her life because of her stubbornness.


A Love Story Episode 42Ceylan tells Korkut that Tolga must be worried and by now he and his father’s men must be looking for her. Korkut sarcastically thanks her for the information and throws her phone into the sea so as to rule out any possibility of being tracked through her phone. She then kicks him hard for messing with her.

Emine brings food for Gonul and Asiye is grateful for it as she was anyway too tired to cook. She invites Emine inside when Tahsin walks over to them and tries to talk to Emine who shudders looking at him. Asiye asks her to get inside the house and then requests Tahsin to stay away from her. He says he won’t bother her as he has a problem with Korkut and not Emine.  


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A Love Story Episode 42Najeeb receives information on Ceylan according to which Korkut and she were having a conversation last night after which he dragged her and forced her to sit in his car and then drove off. He says Ceylan could have got out of the car if she wanted to but she stayed put which means that she wasn’t totally unwilling to leave with him. Annoyed with Ceylan’s behaviour, Memduh asks Najeeb to take him to Gonul’s house.

Emine brings Gonul a cup of coffee and Gonul asks her to sit beside her and have a chat. She asks Emine if Umut is still angry with her and she replies that Umut said he forgot about the incident long back. Relieved, Gonul then asks her about her childhood and Emine says she grew up in an orphanage and was later adopted by Hakki Baba. She says she was married off to a man who deserted her and she had to return to Hakki Baba. Gonul asks her if she grew up in the same orphanage as Korkut and Emine responds with an affirmative answer saying that her orphanage was in Yakacık. Gonul says she often visited that orphanage and took a lot of gifts for the kids. Emine leaves to check something in the kitchen and Gonul quickly calls her detective and tells him to inquire about Korkut in Yakacık’s orphanage.


A Love Story Episode 42Ceylan tells Korkut that she thinks he is a weirdo and that she is glad to have gotten rid of him. He says she has still not got rid of him. He then teases that the boat is a little too big and had it been any smaller she would have no chance of running away from him. Ceylan snaps at him for mocking her.


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A Love Story Episode 42Umut is out with his friends playing football when he abruptly leaves the game fearing Emine might scold him for being out for so long. As he leaves, a limping man i.e. Emine’s husband approaches the children and asks for a woman named Emine. The kids at first do not understand who he is looking for but then quickly direct him to Umut’s house when he tells them that he is looking for a ‘mad’ Emine.

Asli is on the veranda reading a magazine when a man brings her a parcel from Yilmaz. The parcel contains a pair of shoes for a kid. Asli returns the bag to the man and asks him to tell Yilmaz that she doesn’t want to keep any connection with him. The man refuses to take the bag back and gets into an argument with Asli.  Emine’s husband intervenes but the man pushes him aside and asks him to not interfere as he leaves scowling at him. Asli thanks him for helping her and he asks for Emine saying that he is her husband and Asli looks at him with derision.

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