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A Love Story Episode 43Tolga tries to reach Ceylan but her number comes unavailable. Desperate, he tries to reach Korkut, but his phone too is out of reach. Frustrated, Tolga goes to Emine who is cooking in the kitchen. He pesters Emine for information on Korkut and she seems flustered by his sudden enquiry. When she fails to give away any substantial information, he scares her by saying that she must get in touch with Korkut as he might be in some kind of trouble. She frets over the likelihood of Korkut being in trouble but Gonul arrives in time and assures her that she had a word with Korkut who is fine and is on a vacation. However, Emine still feels restless and insists on going home and Gonul permits her to return home.


A Love Story Episode 43Gonul berates Tolga for badgering Emine when Memduh arrives and informs them that the CCTV footage showed that Ceylan left with Korkut last night. Tolga is sure that Korkut must have forcibly taken her away but Memduh does not confirm it. Asiye feels unsettled hearing the news and she leaves to rest at home. Gonul tries to convince Tolga to not make such a hasty decision and ruin their lives and Memduh supports her. Tolga feels annoyed at their joint opposition and leaves in a huff.

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A Love Story Episode 43Korkut brings Ceylan a glass of water which she chucks to the floor. She then picks a shard of glass and threatens to slit her throat if he doesn’t take her back home. Scared, Korkut agrees to sail back and requests her to not act impulsively.

Asiye tells Tahsin the news Memduh shared and he crumples to the floor crying at his helplessness. He sobs that his daughter is ruining her life after a useless chap and he is unable to stop her. Asiye tries to console him as he sheds a tear in regret.


A Love Story Episode 43Emine’s husband tells Asli that he had joined the army after leaving Emine. In a war, he suffered a leg injury after being shot and was in the hospital and spent time roaming aimlessly. He says he suffered because of his bad behaviour towards Emine and Asli rolls her eyes disinterested in his boring tale. Just then, Emine arrives at her house and stops in her tracks when she hears a familiar voice. She peeks through the window and shudders when she sees her husband.


A Love Story Episode 43The sight of her husband brings back unpleasant memories and in a flashback we see, Emine overhear her husband bargain with a man who is willing to buy Emine’s baby. Emine’s husband cribs about the money offered and the man says that that is all he has. He tells Emine’s husband to not act smart as he too is using him to get rid of the child that his mad wife will not be able to look after. Emine’s husband then settles for the amount and curses that the man’s wife will never be able to conceive. After the man leaves, Emine screams that she will not give her child to anyone and her husband slaps her for acting stubborn. She chances upon a knife and brandishing at him she barks at him to leave the house. He leaves cursing her a lonely death in that very house. The memory makes her quiver and when Umut returns from his game, she shushes him and takes him away from the house.


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A Love Story Episode 43Korkut is riding the boat back to shore when he suffers a nosebleed and passes out. At first, Ceylan thinks he is acting to delay them but when he does not seem to move she reaches closer to him and sees that he has really passed out. As she climbs up the boat, Korkut (miraculously) regains consciousness and acts as if nothing happened. She says they should visit a hospital as soon as they reach the shores and he says there is no need for it as he was out in the sun the whole day which is why he must have collapsed. To lighten the atmosphere he says perhaps her rude behaviour got to him and she settles on the bench rolling her eyes.


A Love Story Episode 43As Korkut and Ceylan reach her house, Korkut makes Ceylan promise that she will not marry Tolga. Ceylan reluctantly agrees to his demand. He tells her that he is moving far away from her so she can live her life happily and shall never return back to her. She says a hasty goodbye and exits his car.


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A Love Story Episode 43Tolga happily greets Ceylan back home and says that he was sure of her return as she always keeps her promise. Ceylan starts to say something when Tahsin emerges from their house and screams at her. Tolga tries to intervene but Tahsin yells at him to keep out of his family matters. Tolga quietly leaves and Tahsin lambastes Ceylan. He orders her to quit her stupidity and marry Tolga without another word and she nods her head in compliance. 


A Love Story Episode 43Emine and Umut finally return home hoping for Korkut to have arrived by now. But as they near their house, Emine’s husband approaches her and requests to speak with her. Emine recoils in fear and asks him to stay away from her. He begs to talk to Umut but she screams at him to leave at once. Just then, Korkut arrives and punches him hard that makes him fall to the ground. The man then says he is Emine’s husband and is there only to meet Umut and Emine but seeing Emine shiver out of fear he orders the man to leave and never return. He then holds Emine and assures her that the man will never return as she cries in his arms.


A Love Story Episode 43Tolga meets Ceylan and tells her that Gonul has refused to help with the wedding preparations so now it is all upon them to go on with it. She says she wishes a simple wedding and he suggests they have an engagement party by the pool. She doesn’t seem much excited about the engagement so he suggests they hold a dinner party in the evening where they can decide with their families and she reluctantly agrees to it.


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A Love Story Episode 43Asli joins Korkut at the verandah and tells him that she intends to take a house on rent with the money he gave her and he nods his head in approval. She then requests him to live with her as Ceylan is now out of his life and he only glares back at her. She tells him that she and her child need him while Umut and Emine don’t need him as they have always managed without him. Enraged, he rises from his seat and tells her that considering his limited life span, he can offer her nothing but his name to her child and leaves looking tired of all the drama in his life.


A Love Story Episode 43Emine’s husband approaches Korkut who scoffs at him and orders him to leave. He begs him to hear him out once and promises to never return again. Exasperated, Korkut agrees to listen to what he has to say.

Gonul meets the detective who tells her that along with Korkut and Emine another girl was left at the orphanage whose name is Ceynat. Gonul is surprised that the orphan was a girl when all this while she thought she had a son. He tells her that the girl has been adopted but he hasn’t been able to get any more details of the adoptive family. She requests the detective to find Ceynat and tells him that he can have as much money as he wants in return.


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A Love Story Episode 43Emine’s husband admits that he behaved badly with Emine and deserves her hatred. He says he has learnt his lesson and wants to meet his family once. He pleads to meet them and Korkut seems to consider his request. But as soon as Korkut leaves, the man’s face breaks into a sinister grin as he glances over at Emine’s house.


A Love Story Episode 43Tolga’s manager is surprised to hear of Tolga’s engagement to Ceylan. She tells him that she has seen them together for years but never felt that they belonged together. He says that he was stupid to not have realised his feelings for her sooner. She asks him if he wants to publish the news of his engagement and he says he wants his fans to know of the new development in his life. She tells him that Ceylan might not appreciate that kind of media attention and he asks her to do as he has asked and hangs up. He then muses that he has shut every door for Ceylan and now she cannot escape him.

Ceylan is with Asiye in the pantry when Gonul calls her aside to have a word with her. She tries to explain the consequences of a hasty decision but Ceylan does not budge. Asiye tells her that she too has been trying to talk her out of it but… Gonul says that they can only teach their kids to walk but if their kids want to leave their hand and run away they can’t really do much as it is their life and they have to decide what they want to do with it.


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A Love Story Episode 43Korkut comes home looking for Emine when Asli shows him the news of Tolga’s engagement to Ceylan on the tablet. Stunned, Korkut rushes out of the house that very instant. Ceylan sits alone in her room pondering over the implications of the engagement but does not waver from her decision.


A Love Story Episode 43Korkut pounds hard on Ceylan’s door and Asiye runs to open the door but Tolga stops her from doing so. She fears he might end up breaking the door but Tolga calmly asks her to leave as he assures to handle the matter. After Asiye leaves, Tolga taunts Korkut for returning to create a scene and from the other side of the door, Korkut threatens to not spare him.

Asiye runs to Ceylan and begs her to do something before Tahsin’s arrival. Ceylan rushes to the door and hears Korkut screaming. Tolga grabs her hand to keep her from opening the door but she tells him that she has to speak with him and frees herself to open the door. She pushes Korkut away from the door and asks him what he wants. He tells her that he read the news of her engagement to Tolga in the news and she confirms it to be true.


A Love Story Episode 43Korkut reminds her of the promise she made to him and she says that she lied to him just the way he has been lying to her and that she will be marrying Tolga. She then turns and returns home only to hug Asiye and shed a tear.


A Love Story Episode 43Gonul once again tries to talk to Tolga to change his decision but he seems adamant. She warns that Korkut won’t let this matter die easily and he says he does not feel threatened by Korkut.

Gonul calls Korkut and apologetically claims to not have known things would get this far. Furious, Korkut tells her that he is willing to give her information on her child for which she will have to come the seaside.

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