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A Love Story Episode 44Gonul comes rushing to the place Korkut asked her to come. Korkut says he knows about her child but before he can say anything further she interjects that she knows that Ceynat, who grew up with him in the orphanage, is her daughter. Korkut is shocked to hear of this new revelation and she explains that she had hired a detective who told her that Ceynat is her daughter. She asks him to confirm the information but he changes his mind and starts walking away from her. She runs up to him and he tells her that he will reveal the identity of her child only if she cancels Tolga’s engagement to Ceylan. She pleads with him that it is not possible for her to do so as Ceylan and Tolga pay no heed to her warnings. But Korkut is adamant as he leaves her in the lurch.

At the engagement party, the atmosphere is tense and gloomy. Tolga is the only person who looks excited while Ceylan and her parents cannot help looking disinterested.

Meanwhile, Gonul wonders how she can call off the engagement. Desperate, she calls Memduh and requests him to do something to cancel the engagement but he refuses to do anything that will spoil his relationship with his son.      


A Love Story Episode 44Gonul then calls Ceylan aside with her as Tolga looks suspicious of her intentions. Gonul tells him that she just wants to have a word with her ‘future’ daughter-in-law. She tells Ceylan to be a smart girl and call off the engagement. Ceylan says she can’t do that and is unable to meet Gonul’s eye when she asks her the reason why she cannot cancel the wedding. Gonul tells her to accept Korkut’s love and not marry Tolga just to exact revenge on Korkut. Gonul’s pep talk is interrupted by Asiye who informs Gonul of Memduh’s arrival.


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A Love Story Episode 44Emine tries to console Korkut who looks melancholy as he reads the news of Tolga’s engagement to Ceylan. She tells him to go get Ceylan as she misses her a lot. Korkut tells her that Ceylan won’t come with him as she does not listen to him anymore. He adds that she need not worry as Gonul will do something about it. Emine is sceptical of Gonul’s help as she feels that Gonul will not do anything to displease her son but Korkut is certain that Gonul will do something if she wants to know about her child.

Just before the commencement of the engagement ceremony, Gonul leaves her seat to attend a call much to Tolga’s annoyance. From the other end of the line, Korkut enquiries if Gonul has done the work she was asked to do and she explains that she tried her best but the two of them just wouldn’t listen. He then tells her that she can then forget about her child and abruptly hangs up on her. When she returns to the engagement dinner, Tolga requests her to slip on their engagement rings and she screams at him for expecting too much from her.


A Love Story Episode 44Everyone present is shocked by her sudden outburst. Tahsin rises to say something but Asiye stops him from speaking anything. Gonul flares up and points out that no one is happy with the engagement but everyone is silent about it. She then storms out of the poolside and so does Tahsin. Asiye follows him shortly leaving only Memduh, Tolga and Ceylan back at the engagement party. Memduh then volunteers to slip the rings in the couple’s fingers and completes the engagement ceremony by cutting the ribbon attached to the two rings. He then blesses the couple and wishes them happiness in life. Tolga then thanks Memduh for being by his side.

Gonul calls Korkut and tells him that she tried her best to have the engagement cancelled but couldn’t do so. She says that Tolga and Ceylan are only engaged and not married and assures him that she will ensure that they never get married to each other. Korkut rudely states that it is too late now and that she anyway does not care about her child or else she would not have abandoned her child in infancy. He then hangs up on her leaving her even more distressed than before.


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A Love Story Episode 44Korkut asks Umut to leave him alone but the little kid does not want to leave his uncle in such an angry mood. He tells him that he too is angry with Gonul like him but Emine seems to like her and feels that Gonul is a nice lady. Korkut pulls Umut close to him asks him to never forget the fact that Gonul is responsible for Emine’s poor mental condition and that she is a very bad woman.

In her room, Gonul looks at her engagement ring before taking it off and chucking it on her bed.


A Love Story Episode 44Korkut receives a call from Tolga who taunts him that he was right all along as Ceylan did eventually end up with him. Korkut retorts that he only pities him as she does not really love him. Tolga sneers that Korkut is like a bad dream that Ceylan has already forgotten. Korkut admits that he has indeed lost Ceylan but warns Tolga of losing his life and Tolga sniggers that Korkut’s lame threats can never have any effect on him. Tolga then says that Korkut cannot even hold a candle to him and Korkut says that he need not be overconfident as someday he will destroy him and take away all that he has today. Disturbed, Tolga asks him what he plans to do and then challenges him to try his best to destroy him.


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A Love Story Episode 44At Korkut’s house, Gonul waits patiently for his arrival. Surprised to have a celebrity in the house, Asli asks Umut how they know Gonul and he boasts of knowing all celebrities. Asli understands that Umut will not reveal him anything so she stuffs more food in his plate. She asks him what brings Gonul to their house. Annoyed by her questions, he says he has no idea about Gonul’s purpose of visit and then leaves to finish his food in his room.


A Love Story Episode 44Tolga joins Ceylan by the pool and gifts her a new cellphone. He asks her about the wedding arrangements and she says they should wait for some more time. He tells her that he can’t stand being away from her and that he wants to marry her soon as he loves her a lot. The moment he professes his love to her, she rises and leaves on the pretext of helping her mother with some work as he gazes at her like a lost puppy. (In which universe does a famous singer, who is the son of a popular singer, fight with his driver for the love of his stylist who is also the daughter of his driver? I mean c’mon!!! Isn’t this love triangle getting tooooooooooooo farfetched? Tolga and Korkut are even exchanging threats for Ceylan. Ceylan treats Tolga like shit and he still wants to marry her only to prove a point to his ex-driver. Yeah right!!)


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A Love Story Episode 44Ceylan activates her cell phone and sees a message from Eda who requests to meet her as she has something important to tell her. Meanwhile, after a long, stressful wait, Korkut finally arrives and is unhappy to see Gonul at his house.


A Love Story Episode 44Gonul tells him that he is correct in being angry with her for abandoning her child. She then explains that she did not abandon her child and that her mother lied to her about her daughter being stillborn. The revelation stuns Korkut as he stares at her while she begs him to tell her about her child. She tells him that she has been crying by her daughter’s grave for years and that she now wants to meet her and hug her tightly. Korkut is moved to tears seeing Gonul’s longing for her child. She pleads to be taken to her daughter right away but he says he can’t do that as he cannot break her trust.


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A Love Story Episode 44Gonul says she will understand her daughter’s wrath but she just wants to meet her once. Korkut says that her child has had a tough life whereby she would cry alone hoping for her mother to console her, she would spend festivals alone wishing to have her mother with her. The hardships she has faced living on the streets makes it difficult for her to want to meet her mother. Gonul repeats that she had no inkling of her existence and sincerely begs him to take her to meet her as they both cry in pain.


A Love Story Episode 44Ceylan tries to reach Eda but her phone is unavailable. Asiye then sees that Ceylan is not wearing her engagement and scolds her for taking it off. She then forces her to wear her engagement ring and Ceylan complies reluctantly. She then orders Ceylan to help her around with the housework.

Tolga brings Gonul home and she asks him to talk to her daughter as soon as possible. She tells him that she will give him whatever he asks for in return for his favour. Just then, Ceylan steps out of the house to throw garbage where she sees Gonul and Korkut. Gonul quickly gets in her house and Ceylan throws the garbage and starts to get in when Korkut grabs her arms and teases her for working like a maid despite being engaged to Tolga. Looking at her expensive wedding ring he states that money does not buy love and she sternly says that she was never after money and that it was he who goes around kissing random girls. She says that she thought him to be a nice guy but he turned out to be the worst person and he sneers that he will soon show her the worst of himself. She scoffs at him and slams the door in his face as she returns to her house.


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A Love Story Episode 44Korkut calls Tahsin and asks him to meet but Tahsin rudely brushes him off saying that he has nothing more to discuss with him. Korkut then tells him that Gonul has been looking for her biological child and that she feels Korkut is the only person who can lead her to her first born. Tahsin is shaken by the news and Korkut the commands him to meet him at the same place they last met.

When Tahsin arrives at the meeting spot, Korkut asks him if Memduh is his biological father and Tahsin denies it and evades his question. Enraged, Korkut asks if Gonul was involved with multiple men because of which she herself doesn’t know who is the father of her child. Tahsin snarls at him and grabbing Korkut by the collar he pins him down.


A Love Story Episode 44In a moment of rage, Tahsin reveals that Memduh was the only man in Gonul’s life and it was he who left her. He says that Gonul’s mother sent her twins to the orphanage after which Gonul was devastated and had to bring Tolga in her life to save herself.

Startled and agitated, Korkut now asks if Tolga is adopted, but Tahsin refuses to answer him. Korkut, however, has his answer and tells that Tahsin has just handed him his trump card and Korkut leaves in his car leaving alone as Tahsin gasps in horror as he realises what a big blunder he has committed.


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A Love Story Episode 44Umut requests Emine to let him play with his friends in the neighbourhood but she fears that his father might harm him so she does not permit him to be out of her sight. After much pleading she finally relents and he leaves happily. The moment he leaves, Emine’s ex-husband forcibly enters the house and she hides behind a tiny opening in the wall. He tells her that he has been punished for his misdeeds against her as he is now crippled for life but she quakes in fear and screams at him to leave her alone. She then hurls a stone at him which injures his head. However, he does not mind it and offers her necklaces that she likes wearing and leaves it by the stairs before he leaves. The moment he is out of her house, we see an evil grin cross his face as he walks normally without limping. (Oh freak!! This man is such a rascal.)


A Love Story Episode 44Korkut feels tensed when he sees Emine look at a pair of a necklace longingly in their veranda. She tells him that Umut’s father has visited and that he is remorseful of troubling her. She shows him the bead necklace and happily tells him that he still remembers her liking for bead necklaces. Korkut then holds his sister close to him and tells her that their father too will visit them soon and she feels excited at the mere prospect of meeting their father. He tells her to only wish for it aloud and she says she wishes her father meet them soon. Taking her hand in his, he assures her that her wish will soon be fulfilled. He then rises and tells her that he is off to bring their father to her.


A Love Story Episode 44On his way out, Korkut bumps into Asli who tells him that she was off to meet her lawyer to finalise her divorce from Yilmaz. She tells him that he will have to adopt her child for it to have his name. He tells her she can give her baby his name only if it is his and she vehemently repeats that the child is his so he permits her to register his name in the hospital records as the child’s father. 

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