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A Love Story Episode 45

Memduh grieves the demise of his son at the graveyard when Korkut walks up to him and says that he son must mostly be resting in peace as he had a good dad with him. Memduh says that Korkut will never understand the pain of losing a child and states that he relieved to have his son Tolga with him. Korkut remarks that Memduh has no option but to settle for Tolga which is why he blindly believed him to be his son without any inquiry. Memduh asks Korkut to speak clearly and Korkut asks him if he is sure that he is Tolga’s father. Enraged, Memduh slaps Korkut and commands him to leave or else he might kill him. Korkut tells him that he is a good man which is why he is there to make him aware of the truth. He then strides off saying that Memduh can thank him later and Memduh stands frozen in his place pondering over Korkut’s words.


A Love Story Episode 45Gonul tells the detective that Korkut knows her daughter and is willing to help meet her. The detective is sceptical and advises Gonul to ask Korkut for some sign or indication that he really knows her daughter. Taking his advice, she calls Korkut and tells him that though she trusts Korkut, she wants to be sure that Ceynat is her daughter. Korkut tells her that she need not worry as he will prove it to her.


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A Love Story Episode 45Asli makes stuffed capsicum and Umut wants to taste it but she refuses to let him have it before Korkut. Just then, Korkut walks in and Umut tells him that Asli will allow him to have stuffed capsicum only after Korkut has tasted it. Umut then says that Ceylan too had made stuffed capsicum and that today that will know who makes it better, Ceylan or Asli. Ceylan’s name brings back memories of the time spent with Ceylan and Korkut refuses to eat saying he is not hungry. Asli feels annoyed and returns to her room refusing to eat anything. Emine feels bad for Asli and asks Korkut to at least have a bite. He remembers the time Ceylan made awful stuffed capsicum and he ate it without complaining. He then angrily stuffs the food in his mouth till he almost chokes on it. Emine asks him to eat slowly and he screams at her to hand him her chain. She says she cannot give it to him as it is the only thing from her mother. He tells her that he will return it to her and snatches it from her before stomping out of the house.


A Love Story Episode 45Ceylan brings Asiye and Tahsin some tea and water and Asiye asks Ceylan to sit with them and discuss her marriage preparations and jewellery shopping. Ceylan tells her she does not want anything and returns to her room. Tahsin tells her she need not worry about Ceylan as he will take care of everything. She says that she is worried about the whole wedding thing as after the marriage what will Gonul introduce her as her maid or her son’s mother-in-law. He scolds her to not feel ashamed of her work as long as she is working to earn money. Just then, Tahsin receives a call from Memduh who asks to meet him urgently and Tahsin agrees to meet him at the place of his choosing.


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A Love Story Episode 45Gonul calls for Ceylan and apologises for her behaviour at her engagement party. She then gifts Ceylan a necklace as her engagement gift. Ceylan refuses to accept such an expensive gift and Gonul insists she put it on her as Ceylan has already done a lot for her son. The doorbell buzzes and Ceylan rushes to open the door only to find Korkut standing on the other side. Tolga fumes on seeing Korkut at the threshold and Gonul invites him in as he is there to meet her. Tolga is angry to see Korkut in his house Korkut tells him that he need not be angry as it is all over from his side too and that he wishes them happiness in life. Gonul asks Tolga to leave them alone as she has something to discuss with Korkut so Tolga takes Ceylan and leaves.


A Love Story Episode 45Gonul anxiously asks Korkut if he brought anything as a sign from her daughter and he angrily tells her that she does not seem to want to really find her daughter as she wants proof. She justifies that she trusts him but is feeling confused because of the CD. He decides to end the confusion and confesses to being the one in the video footage. He tells Gonul that he was helping his friend to unmask Gonul by bringing out the truth. Gonul slaps him hard and expresses her disgust for him. She says she will never forgive him for what he did and calls him a heartless person. He tells her that orphans do not have a heart and then hands her Emine’s chain that holds the ring that she had made for Memduh and her.


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A Love Story Episode 45In Tolga’s room, Tolga tries to talk to Ceylan but she is lost in her thoughts. He feels disappointed by her disinterested behaviour and asks her to give up on Korkut. She says she is trying her best to get over him but he screams that her best is not enough and that she should try harder. She snaps that if he feels this isn’t enough then he should call off their engagement and she leaves in a huff. (Tolga my dear, aur kitna insult karwake logay?? Open your eyes. The lady is not interested in you and will never be. Stop wasting your energy trying to compete with your ex-driver. Move on…please!!)

Gonul begs Korkut to take her to her daughter as she will only catch a glimpse of her discreetly but he refuses to help. She asks him why her daughter despises her despite knowing that she didn’t really abandon her. He replies that her daughter may now know the truth why she was abandoned but her horrid childhood does not let her forgive her mother. Gonul asks him if he would have felt the same for his mother who left him and he says he too would never forgive his mother. Gonul says he may not forgive his mother but she knows that her daughter will surely forgive her. She says that he may or may not help her but she will certainly find her daughter. Korkut takes back the ring and wishes her luck in her search for her daughter. (Korkut!! What the hell is your problem? Now that you know that Gonul never intended to leave you and Emine then why don’t you let the poor woman know the truth and be free from the guilt? I thought you came all the way to Turkey to meet your mother and hug her tightly then why all this drama? Stupid man!!)


A Love Story Episode 45As Korkut steps out of the house he calls Hakki Baba and asks about a girl name Ceynat who was left at the orphanage the same day as Emine and him. He tells him that Gonul too is looking for the girl and that they have to reach her before Gonul and requests Hakki Baba to use his contacts to get in touch with the girl.

Korkut then sees Ceylan waiting by her car. She tells him to stop stalking her and not visit the house again. He clarifies that he was there for her and that he is over her but she refuses to believe him. He then praises the necklace around her neck and she says that she knows he is saying so just to hurt her and firmly states that she too is now over him.


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A Love Story Episode 45Ceylan repeats that she has finally moved on and that he is troubling her. He then grabs by her face and forcibly kisses her. She struggles initially but then relents. Korkut then secretly clicks a photo of the two kissing and then frees her from the kiss. Ceylan stands transfixed and he teases to look at herself especially after claiming that she has forgotten him. Angry, Ceylan hurls a few punches at him but he dodges her and says that she could hit him only because he allowed her to do so and that she no longer has the right to hit him. She pushes him away and rushes inside the house only take off the necklace and bawl helplessly.  (Korkut you a****** why the heck do you have to do such a thing? Ugh!!)


A Love Story Episode 45On his way back, Korkut sends the picture to Tolga and muses that ‘this is what a bad man does’. (Oh ok, he promised to show her his bad side and this is how he does it. Yuck! I really hate such men.) Tolga is upset on seeing the image and he leaves hurriedly to meet Ceylan. He spots Ceylan fondling with the necklace Gonul gave her and decides to confront her later.


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A Love Story Episode 45Tahsin reaches the place designated for his meeting with Memduh and Memduh asks him if Tolga is really his son. Tahsin replies affirmatively with firm conviction. Memduh then tells him that Korkut was confident that Tolga is not his son and Tahsin derides him for believing a nobody. Memsuh pressurises him to speak the truth but Tahsin remains firm on his answer.


A Love Story Episode 45When Korkut arrives at his house, he is surprised to find Tolga waiting for him. Tolga sneers that he knows what Korkut is up to but he will still not leave Ceylan. Korkut taunts him that he lacks the courage to face the truth that Ceylan actually loves Korkut and not Tolga. Furious, Tolga punches him hard that leaves Korkut bleeding from the lip. Tolga says that when Korkut proposed to Ceylan for marriage, he had given up on her but now it is too late. He tells Korkut to do whatever he can but he won’t get anything and Korkut says that only time will tell what he gets and what not. (Good Lord!! Korkut received a good beating from his father, mother and his brother. I think it was his day to get beat up by his family. hehe)


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A Love Story Episode 45Gonul snaps at Tahsin when he asks what she is looking for. She criticises him for not telling her the truth about her daughter and he says that he too was not aware of it and that her mother had told him that she gave birth to a son. Exasperated, Gonul derides her mother for lying shamelessly to her. Tahsin nervously asks her if Korkut has been telling her all this false news and she screams that she believes Korkut as he showed her the ring that belonged to her. She says that one ring was with Tahsin and the other ring her mother must have left with her daughter. Tahsin feels a little uneasy and he leaves the room.

Umut is out playing football with his friends when his father approaches him and asks to join them for a game. Umut’s friend teases that a limping man cannot play football and Umut scolds his friends for making fun of a person. Umut’s father feels happy that Umut sided him before his friends and he tries to talk to Umut. Emine sees Umut with his father and she freaks out. She pulls Umut to herself and screams at her husband to leave at once. Scared, he goes away and Umut asks what happened to his leg. She says he wasn’t like this before and probably her curses made him like that.


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A Love Story Episode 45Korkut receives a call from Tahsin who asks him why he lied to Gonul about her daughter. Korkut replies that he is only doing a favour on him by concealing the truth from Gonul. He says that Gonul will never know about her actual kids and Tahsin sighs that Korkut is doing the same mistake he did several years ago and that truth can never be hidden. Korkut says that he knows Tahsin is not upset about him going to Gonul but the fact that he approached Memduh. He explains that he spoke to Memduh about it only because he didn’t want his father to live in the dark and wanted to be nice to his father for once.


A Love Story Episode 45Tolga hands Ceylan forms to some of the best private colleges in Istanbul saying that he knows she wanted to complete her education but was unable to do so. She says that the fees to the colleges are high which she can’t afford and he says that she need not worry about the fees as he is her fiancée and that he will take care of it for her. She refuses to take his help saying that she will not be able to return his love or his money and he blames Korkut for it. He shows her the image Korkut sent him and tells her that Korkut is only using her to show off his love. Stunned, Ceylan looks at the photo in disbelief.


A Love Story Episode 45Ceylan reaches Korkut’s house where he teases her for coming late as he expected Tolga to show her the picture sooner. She chastises him for pulling off a cheap stunt. He hands her a pocket knife and holding it to his neck, asks her to get done with it once and for all. He says she killed him the day she got engaged to Tolga it is better if she kills him now as they can all then live in peace. She frees her hand saying that she has no intentions of killing him but curses to suffer the way she suffered when she saw him kiss Eda and when she learnt about his child with Asli.

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