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A Love Story Episode 47Memduh brings Tolga to his regular barber for a haircut saying that his father too would have his hair cut from the same barber. The barber cuts Tolga’s hair as he falls asleep on the chair. The barber then exchanges a look with Memduh and carefully hands the towel containing Tolga’s hair to Najeeb so they can use it to conduct a DNA test on him.

Ceynat is stunned to learn that the famous singer Gonul Karanli is her mother but she wipes her tears and asks Korkut to leave her house before someone sees them together. He says that it is not her real house and that she must return to her real mother. She refuses to go with him saying that there is no point in returning to the mother who left her in infancy. He then explains that he too is an orphan and living without a mother is not that easy. He says he still wishes his mother to find him unlike her whose mother has not only found her but is also willing to meet her. Fearing someone might see them, she asks him to leave but he does not budge. She says he can tell Gonul that she dies and insist he leave right away.


A Love Story Episode 47At the apparel store, Ceynat’s adoptive mom finds out that the dress was paid for by a man named Rizat whose credit card was used to make the purchase. Ceynat’s adoptive mother fumes in anger on hearing the man’s name and storms out of the store.

When she returns home she accuses Ceynat of trying to steal her husband by seducing him and making him buy her clothes. She beats Ceynat black and blue as she pushes her out of the house ordering her to disappear from her life. Ceynat begs to not be thrown out as she has no one to go to but her mother does not listen to her as she hurls her clothes at her and screams to leave her house. She thrashes Ceynat some more when the neighbours come running to her rescue as they take her mother inside the house.


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A Love Story Episode 47Battered and bruised, Ceynat leaves the house and is confronted by Korkut. She snubs him and walks on.

Distraught, Ceynat tries to end her life by standing in front of a moving train. However, Korkut reaches there on time and pulls her out of harm’s way. She screams at him for saving her while she has no wish to live. He says he saved her only because he wants her to give a shot at a better life.


A Love Story Episode 47Ceynat questions him if he has been able to forgive his mom for abandoning him and he replies that he hasn’t but he then counter questions her if she will be able to live on the streets. He asks her if she can kill someone to save her own life and he surmises that she can’t and will end up killing herself after living a poor life. She mulls over his advice and then follows him as he takes her to meet Gonul.


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A Love Story Episode 47Ceylan receives a mail from Eda where she confesses to having loved Korkut. She says that she kissed Korkut because she was jealous of Ceylan but nothing else happened between them as Korkut only loves Ceylan. Ceylan sighs in despair as she wonders what she can do to change her situation.

Korkut brings Ceynat to a restaurant but she refuses to eat anything. She asks him the reason why he is helping her and he replies that she should not be concerned with that. She asks him who he is and he tells her that in case anyone asks her about him then she should say that he is a good friend of hers. When she asks him the reason behind it, he replies that he has some old scores to settle with Gonul which is why he is doing all this.


A Love Story Episode 47On their way, Ceynat feels sick as she throws up by the side of the road. Korkut takes her to eat something and this time she obliges. They sit by the seaside where she tells him that she does not want to meet her real mother as she feels that meeting her mother might be painful for her. Korkut says they can sit there for some more time in case she isn’t prepared but she admonishes him for being after her unnecessarily. She says he need not worry about her as she won’t try to commit suicide again and he says that she can’t do it again as he will never let her try it again. His response brings a wry smile to her face.

Ceynat screams at Korkut to leave her alone but he says he can’t leave her till he has her meet her mother. She tries to run away but he manages to catch hold of her but has to let her go when she starts screaming for help. She screams till two women accost Korkut and berate him for troubling a young girl in broad daylight. He explains the situation to him unaware that Ceynat has run away from the spot.


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A Love Story Episode 47As Ceynat runs, she looks behind to check if Korkut is chasing her but ends up accidentally bumping into him. He chastises her for trying to fool him and tries to drag her with him but she insists on being left alone. Exasperated, he gives up and gets in his car when she finally relents and joins him.

She admits that he is right that she cannot live on the streets. She says that she has been asking him to leave her alone but the moment he left her alone, she realised that she has no one to go to and cannot return to her old home. She dolefully states that things cannot get any worse and agrees to be taken to meet her real mother.


A Love Story Episode 47Umut enjoys the chocolate his father bought him when Emine catches him trying to hide the chocolates. Assuming that he stole it from a shop, she asks him to pay the shopkeeper and also apologise for stealing. He tells her that he did not steal anything and that his father bought it for him. She tries to dissuade him from meeting his father again but Umut barks that he loves his father and will continue meeting him. Emine feels unsettled by Umut’s rude behaviour and she returns to her room bawling her eyes out fearing that her husband will sell off her child.


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A Love Story Episode 47When Korkut reaches Gonul’s house, he first gives Emine’s chain to Ceynat and tells her that her mother had given it to her when she has left her at the orphanage. Gonul is by the pool when she sees Korkut walk towards her with a young girl in tow. She realises that the girl is her first child and she embraces Ceynat the moment she sees her up close. Ceynat however, looks indifferently at Gonul as Korkut looks over them.


A Love Story Episode 47Excited to finally have met her daughter, Gonul prepares a room for Ceynat to live in. Korkut and Ceynat observe Gonul and Tolga’s portrait and Korkut says that they are her family from now. She says that she had thought that the day she meets her mother she will hug her and will recognize her in a heartbeat but hugging Gonul did not make her feel anything. She laments that Gonul has such a huge house but still could not make some place for a little girl. She says that giving her the whole world will make no difference to her. Korkut then justifies that Gonul was not aware of her existence and had assumed her to be dead. Ceynat then says that she cannot stay there anymore and leaves abruptly.


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A Love Story Episode 47Korkut chases after Ceynat and finds her perching on the wall right outside the house. He patiently approaches her and tells her that she feels she can run away from here but she has nowhere else to go. She tells him that he has to help her find her job so she need not be dependent on anyone. Korkut says he can’t help her as he himself is looking out for work as he is not even a Turkish resident. Dejected she sits in his car but does not return to the house.


A Love Story Episode 47As they start to leave, Gonul comes running out and makes Korkut stop the car. She pulls Ceynat out of the car and scolds Korkut for forcibly taking Ceynat away from her. Ceynat says that everything is happening too soon and that she is not prepared for it. Gonul begs her to forget the past and live with her. She says that if Ceynat doesn’t like her she will never come out of her room but Ceynat should stay with her as she wants to improve her mistake. Seeing Gonul’s earnest request, Ceynat relents and agrees to stay with her. Elated, Gonul pulls her in a hug as Ceynat looks back at Korkut. As she goes in with Gonul, she asks Korkut if he will meet her again the next day and he nods his head.


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A Love Story Episode 47As he starts to leave, Ceylan calls out to him. He stops by his car and she tells him that Eda told her about the kiss and that it wasn’t his fault. With the misunderstanding being cleared, Korkut smiles sheepishly as he asks her what she wants to do now. Seeing her go mum over his questions he lovingly cups her face and says that he knows that she wants him to get her out of the deep trouble that she has got herself into. She says she doesn’t know what to say to her dad and he pulls her with him as he seeks her father.


A Love Story Episode 47When they see Tahsin, Korkut urges Ceylan to tell him what’s on her mind but Ceylan goes dead silent before her father who glares at them. Korkut then tells Tahsin that he should now let them be together and call off the engagement with Tolga as they love each other. Tahsin asks to hear the same thing from Ceylan. Terrified of Tahsin’s ill temper, Ceylan backtracks and tells Korkut that they cannot be together. Tahsin sneers that Korkut can now buzz off but Korkut retorts that he brought Ceynat to Gonul and that nobody can touch him again.

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