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A Love Story Episode 48Ceynat plays with the piano when she is startled to see Tolga in the room. Tolga assumes she is the new house help but she clarifies that she isn’t a maid. Just then, Gonul arrives and tells him that Ceynat is his sister. Tolga looks stunned and Ceynat quickly runs to her room to avoid any more humiliating confrontation.

Umut looks grumpy at dinner and Asli tells Emine that Umut is right in wanting to meet his father. Emine says that she fears that his father might harm him. The doorbell buzzes and Asli opens the door to Yilmaz’s minion who brings her money from Yilmaz for their child. Korkut sees her take the money and berates her for accepting money from Yilmaz. She says that it’s for the child and he screams that she has always been hungry for money and will continue to be so.


A Love Story Episode 48Enraged, he stalks off and she follows him trying to explain herself. However, as she tries to talk to him he shoves her hand hard which makes her lose her balance and she tumbles down a flight of stairs. Korkut runs to her as she writhes in pain fearing any injury to her unborn child.


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A Love Story Episode 48Tolga throws a fit as he does not believe Ceynat to be Gonul’s daughter. He argues that Korkut cannot be trusted and Gonul explains that she has faith in Korkut and that he should behave well with him since he is Ceynat’s best friend and she does not want to anger Ceynat. Tolga asks her to have a DNA test to check if Ceynat is really her daughter and she tries to shush him but he only screams louder about converting their house into an orphanage. Furious, Tolga tells Gonul that he will leave the house after his marriage and will not tolerate any such drama and storms off the room.


A Love Story Episode 48When Emine arrives at the hospital she sees Korkut cry alone by a tree. He wails that he is a bad person and has only harmed others. She hugs him tightly and consoles him as he wishes for Asli’s baby to be fine and alive.

Ceynat stands by the balcony when Tahsin taunts her that her lie will not live long and that she should think of what she will do once the truth is revealed. Bewildered, Ceynat asks him what lie he is referring to. Flustered, he says that Korkut is not trustworthy and leaves without explaining himself.


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A Love Story Episode 48Gonul suggests Ceynat they go shopping but Ceynat declines her saying that she knows that rich people buy orphans clothes to make them happy. She says that Gonul is ashamed to introduce her to her friends which is why she wants to buy her some good clothes. Gonul denies her claim but Ceynat says that her money cannot buy back her childhood and surely not her love as it is not that cheap.

Ceynat locks herself in her room and recalls a time in her childhood at the orphanage where a lady brought Ceynat her daughter’s ragged old clothes and then asked her to wear it in front of her. The lady then handed her a coin and forced Ceynat to pray for her. Ceynat then ran crying to the dustbin where she took off the clothes, stomped it, and dumped it. The unpleasant memory brings tears to her eyes in the present day as she now sits in her supposed mother’s house.


A Love Story Episode 48As Korkut and Emine approach Asli’s ward they hear her scream at the doctor. They then see her being held down by the nurses and the doctor as she begs the doctor to bring back her child. When she looks at Korkut she screams at him for killing her child. He stands transfixed unable to accept the news and she blames him for the death of her child only to get rid of her from his life. Emine tries to explain that Korkut actually loved the baby and even left Ceylan for it. But even under sedation, Asli calls Korkut a murderer who killed her child.


A Love Story Episode 48Devastated, Korkut too believes that he killed the child. (Of course, he killed the child. We all saw him push Asli’s body-double down those stairs.) Emine tries to console him and he says that he wanted to punish Asli for lying to him and ruining his life but he never wanted the baby to bear the brunt. He bawls that he can never forgive himself for killing an innocent being.

Korkut’s phones buzzes and Gonul’s resident landline number flashes. Emine tells him that it could be Ceylan and that talking to her will make him feel better. He answers the call and its Ceynat who sounds sad. He feels concerned for her and she asks to meet him right away. Korkut himself is in pain but agrees to meet her after asking Emine to be by Asli’s side.


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A Love Story Episode 48Umut feels elated on receiving a pair of sports shoes from his father. His father then requests him to convince Emine to forgive him so they can all live together like a happy family. Umut assures him to do as said and leaves happily.

When Korkut arrives to meet Ceynat, Tolga takes him to his room and shows him CD that was anonymously sent to him. Korkut admits to having sent it. Tolga says that from the video it can be deduced that the person was not just trying to help someone but was only seeking vengeance. Korkut questions what revenge would he want from Gonul and Tolga states that it isn’t Gonul he was targeting. He says that the CD ruined Tolga’s life as he lost his voice and Korkut points out that he did not ask him to drink and drive. Tolga says that Korkut was always jealous of him as he knew Ceylan would eventually pick him. He states that he knows how much Korkut wants to harm him but he can’t really do much about it. Korkut glares at Tolga who asks him to leave.

When Korkut meets Ceynat she tells him that she is hungry and requests him to take her to have some bun.


A Love Story Episode 48Ceynat tells Korkut that Gonul tries really hard to be nice to her but she always ends up being rude to Gonul. She cries that she has seen only the bad side of the world and cannot trust anyone because of which she inevitably hurts Gonul. She realises that Korkut is silent and then sees him crying. He tells her that he is an unlucky chap and that she should never trust him and stay away from him. She opposes that he saved her life and that she trusts him a lot. He abruptly starts to leave and scoffs at her to stay away from him if she wants to be happy.


A Love Story Episode 48Gonul is worried that Ceynat left home without a word and Tolga fumes that she is fretting over a girl she hardly knows. She tells him he need not feel jealous of his sister and he chides her for calling Ceynat his sister. He asks what she plans to tell Memduh and she angrily states that she will reveal about Ceynat when the time is right. She says she wants Ceynat to first get settled in her house and if she feels fine she will tell Memduh about her. Tolga then asks if she plans to inform him on leisure only because Ceynat and he do not share the same father and Gonul snaps at him for crossing his limit.

Following his father’s instructions, Umut asks Emine when she will forgive his father and with sheer contempt in her eyes, she says she will never forgive his father. Umut feels dejected by her response and goes to his room.

On a bench, Ceynat sits alone gazing at the chain Korkut gave her. She then takes it off and leaves it on the bench before leaving the place.


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A Love Story Episode 48In his room, Umut admires the shoes his father gifted him when Emine sees the expensive shoes in his hands. She asks him where he got it from and he truthfully answers that it was gifted to him by his father. Emine quickly gets a pair of scissors and tries to destroy the shoes but Umut snatches it back from her and screams that he is fed up of her and wants to live with his father. He threatens to leave the house and she recoils fearing her might really run away from her. She then leaves him alone as she pleads him to not leave her.


A Love Story Episode 48Korkut is with Asli in the hospital when he receives a call from Gonul who asks him about Ceynat. Korkut tells her that Ceynat is not with him and that she may or may not return home and that it is better to leave her alone. Gonul panics and requests him to bring Ceynat home.

Ceynat returns to her old home where her foster father looks glad to have her back. He tells her that he will buy her a new house where he will come to meet her three times a week. She spits on his face and screams that she had thought of him as a father but he only wants to take advantage of her. She tries to walk away but he grabs her wrist and promises to leave his wife for her. She cries for help and just then Korkut jumps on the man and packs a few punches on him before leaving him on Ceynat’s pleas. Korkut then grabs Ceynat’s wrist and takes her with him.


A Love Story Episode 48Korkut tells her that Gonul called him in a panic-stricken state and is worried for her. He tells her to stop resisting and accept Gonul’s love as she truly loves her. He then hands her the necklace she left on the bench and tells her to keep it safe as it belongs to her mother.

Gonul lovingly embraces Ceynat as she is relieved to see her. Korkut then asks to have a word with Gonul privately. When alone, Gonul thanks Korkut profusely and he asks her for a favour. He makes her promise to take good care of Ceynat and Emine in case anything tragic ever befalls him. She says Ceynat is her daughter and Emine is like a daughter to her and willingly accepts to take good care of them in his absence.


A Love Story Episode 48Gonul suspects something amiss but Korkut only holds her hand and apologises to her. She asks him the reason behind his apology but he walks out without explaining anything to her.

Next, we see Korkut sit in front of a camcorder and record a video in which he tells her the reason why he apologised to her. He says that he intended to ruin her life because of which he always gave her a lot of trouble. He admits to being her son and says that she will learn of this truth only after his death. He reminds her of the promise she made to him and requests her to love Ceynat like she would love him and also love Emine as she is her real daughter. He then ends the video after addressing her as ‘mother’ and saying that he loves her a lot and begs for forgiveness.

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