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A Love Story Episode 49Korkut calls Emine in the veranda to have a word with her and she asks him for her chain. She tells him that from the time she has given him her ring, things are only getting worse for her. He assures her to get her chain back soon and then hands her an envelope and tells her to keep it safe with her. He tells her that in case anything bad happens to him, she should give the envelope to Gonul. Emine doesn’t appreciate Korkut talking of his death and refuses to take the envelope from him. He pacifies her saying that he is absolutely fine and convinces her to keep the envelope safe with her.

Yilmaz’s minion brings Asli flowers and tells her that Yilmaz is still not aware of her miscarriage. She tells him to inform him and stop worrying about her as she has lost his child. She tells him that they were going to have a son but…she stops midway as Korkut enters the ward. The man then leaves Korkut and Asli alone. Korkut admits to his mistake and promises to take good care of her from now on. He tells her that he will leave for Germany and spend his last days with her. She asks him about Ceylan and he says that his story with Ceylan is over and that she will be the only woman in his life.


A Love Story Episode 49Umut tells his father that Emine lost her temper when he spoke of him. His father suggests Umut leave with him so that Emine is compelled to follow them and then they can stay together like a family. Umut is in two minds but his father says that it is the only way Emine can be convinced. Meanwhile, Umut’s neighbour notices him with a suspicious looking man and she quickly informs Emine about Umut talking to a stranger and they both rush to the spot. As Emine reaches the spot she sees Umut and his father drive off in a cab. She runs after the cab but it is too late for her to stop the cab and she crumples to the floor crying for her son.


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A Love Story Episode 49Korkut returns home with Asli and is surprised to see the door open with Emine nowhere around the house. Korkut leaves to book their tickets for Germany. After he leaves, Asli calls Ceylan and requests to meet her. Ceylan flatly refuses to see her but Asli only says that she knows Ceylan will most certainly meet her.

Umut’s father brings him back to Emine and she heaves a sigh of relief on seeing her son. Her husband starts to leave when she asks him to wait. A sinister grin crosses his face as he turns to Emine.


A Love Story Episode 49Korkut returns with their tickets and tells Asli that they will be leaving tonight. Just then, Ceylan arrives and sees the tickets in Korkut’s hand. When she asks him about it, he tells her that he is leaving for Germany so she looks at Asli and asks if she called her to show off that she won as she has Korkut leaving with her. Asli wryly states that she called her to apologise as she has got her punishment by losing her child. She then confesses to Korkut that the child wasn’t his and that she lied only to ensure that her son has a good father. Korkut looks at her in disbelief as Ceylan feels relieved to hear the truth. She says she doesn’t want to separate them and takes the ticket from Korkut and leaves with her luggage.


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A Love Story Episode 49Unable to conceal his excitement, Korkut moves closer to Ceylan with a wide smile on his face and tells her that he had told her that he was innocent but she would just not believe him as she is a duffer. Ceylan feigns annoyance and says that he is a duffer and not she. She says it’s too late anyway as she is engaged to Tolga and her father despises Korkut. She tells asks him to take care of himself and starts to leave only to stop in her tracks and run back into his arms. Korkut holds her tightly as he feels happy to have her back in his life. (OmO!! I just loved the way she went back to him and hugged him tightly. I can see this scene on auto repeat for over a thousand times.)


A Love Story Episode 49Korkut lovingly runs his hand through Ceylan’s hair and says that he missed a lot and she too admits to having missed him tremendously. He tells her that he cannot live without her and pleads to never leave him alone and then plants a peck on her forehead. They both hold each other in an embrace oblivious to Gonul’s detective secretly capturing their lovey-dovey images. The detective receives a call from Tolga who enquires about Korkut and he lies that Korkut is with his sister and family. Tolga then requests him to not mention this to Gonul and the detective assures him that Gonul will not learn about this.


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A Love Story Episode 49Korkut is worried of how they will convince her family and she agrees to be fretting about the same thing. She then says that this time she will propose to him as the last time she screwed up when he proposed to her. She then rises and takes his hand in her and asks him if he is willing to spend his life with her. He says ‘No’ to her as she is still someone else’s fiancée. She says she will go home and talk to Tolga and her father right away.


A Love Story Episode 49Korkut asks Ceylan to sit close to him and reminds her of how they tried talking to her father and failed miserably. She is upset that she is not as strong as him and he consoles her saying that she is perfect the way she is. He then tells her that they will continue trying to convince her family and will not marry till they have their permission.


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A Love Story Episode 49Gonul brings new clothes and a phone for Ceynat who tells her that she need not spend too much money on her as she only wants her love. Ceynat tells her that her adoptive parents gave her everything but love which is why she still craves for love and was annoyed with Gonul because of that. She says that she does not know how it feels to love and care for someone and then requests Gonul to not be angry with her. Gonul hugs her and tells her that she can never be angry with Ceynat and then happily combs Ceynat’s hair.

Emine returns home with Umut and her husband Ahmet. She sends Umut inside and Ahmet tells her that she should now be fine with him as they will be living together. She screams that she won’t live with him as Korkut won’t approve of it. He hands her their marriage certificate (actually it’s a brown booklet and I am assuming it to be an official document showing their marital status) and tells her that Korkut should have no objection to him. She screams that he is only Umut’s father and not her husband. Angry, he leaves the house. He receives a call from a money lender who pesters him for money and Ahmet whines that Emine is not only lunatic but also very stubborn and that she won’t give in easily. Emine comes running after Ahmet and notices that he isn’t limping anymore and he brushes off her claim saying that her eyesight is not that good. She then returns the marriage documents to him and turns back to go to her house.


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A Love Story Episode 49Tolga runs to talk to Ceylan when she returns. She tells him that she had gone to her college to discuss her transfer and he offers to accompany her the next time she visits the university. However, Ceylan snaps at him for bothering her unnecessarily and then stalks off. (Itna insult ke baad bhi yeh Tolga ko zara bhi akkal nahi aati. Have some self-respect dude!!)

At dinner, Umut praises Emine’s food and says that it is a good day as Korkut got Ceylan back and Emine got his father back. Korkut asks Umut to go back to his room and read a book which the little boy does without any questions. Once alone, Korkut asks Emine if she is fine with having Ahmet back in her life and she says that Umut loves his father a lot and that she is willing to do anything for his sake. She says that Ahmet seems to have changed and that she will bear anything to see her son happy. Korkut admires Emine’s big heart and the two siblings hold each other’s hand trying to comfort one another.


A Love Story Episode 49Next morning, while preparing breakfast, Ceylan asks Ceynat how she knows Korkut and she says that Korkut saved her life. Ceylan asks her to elaborate but is interrupted by Asiye who says that the daughter of the house and the would-be daughter-in-law of the house should not be doing housework and she makes them leave the kitchen. Tolga then invites Ceynat to his room to have a word with her.


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A Love Story Episode 49Tolga brings Ceynat to his room and asks her about Korkut and she replies that Korkut is a good man. He then shows her the CD Korkut sent him and tells her that Gonul fell ill after watching the CD and he himself almost died in an accident and is still on medication to have his voice back. He asks her if she still feels that Korkut is a good man and she sticks to her answer. Annoyed, Tolga grabs her arms and shakes her to reveal the truth about her plan with Korkut and she quivers saying that she has no plan and wants nothing from them. Gonul reaches in the nick of time and reprimands Tolga for harassing Ceynat. She asks him to leave and he is shocked to see her side Ceynat over him.


A Love Story Episode 49When Ceylan meets Korkut, he shows her the trailer he rented for them to escape from their city so no one sees them together. They are still unaware of the fact that they are being photographed by Gonul’s detective who is actually hired by Tolga to keep an eye on Korkut. He asks her to check out their new place where they have their kitchen, living room and bedroom all on the same floor. He then asks her to join him by the driver’s seat as he drives her to an unknown location.


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A Love Story Episode 49Korkut brings Ceylan to a lake side where she screams that ‘Ceylan is a duffer’ and she copies him by screaming ‘Korkut is a duffer’ as their voices echo she complains that he first called her beautiful and now a duffer and he justifies that its suits her. So, she suggests she officially change her name to duffer and he suggests she change it to ‘Korkut Ali’s beautiful duffer’. They then stand holding each other in an embrace.

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