A Love Story: Episode 5

Show Title: A Love Story

Country: Turkey

Channel: Zee Zindagi

Timings: Monday to Saturday 8 pm


A Love Story                      

Written Update: Episode 5

A Love Story Episode 5

Gonul scolds Tolga for smoking secretly and he quashes her accusation saying that she has been seeing smoke everywhere because of her cataract problem. She doesn’t find his remark amusing and checks the kitchen for cigarettes but finds none. She then rushes to Tolga with his inhaler when she sees him gasping for breath.

Korkut asks Hakki if he is sure about Gonul being his mother and Hakki tells him that her driver had left Korkut and Emine with him. He says that the driver would visit them occasionally. Korkut asks the reason why Gonul abandoned them despite being so rich and Hakki tells him that rich people have no regards for other people and that they only care for wealth and fame. Heart-broken, Korkut rises, determined to meet his mother.


A Love Story Episode 5

Korkut meets the news reporter in the hotel and asks her for Gonul’s address. She refuses to divulge anything but he holds her hand and barks that he won’t let her go unless she reveals the address.

Ceylan reprimands her brother Selim for stealing Tolga’s perfume and other personal items. Asiye punishes him for robbing and Selim explains that Tolga is not a regular person and that he belongs to his fans. He says that personal stuff of celebrities have great demand in the market and Tolga’s personal items can fetch them lots of money and the amount can increase a manifold if Tolga happens to die. The prospect of becoming rich tempts Asiye and Ceylan asks her younger sister to call the police since the mother-son duo seem to be plotting to kill someone soon.


A Love Story Episode 5

Tahsin looks thoughtfully at Gonul and she asks him if something is wrong with her necklace. He says she looks absolutely beautiful and she counters that even necklaces worth 1 or 2 lakhs have lost their charm and he mumbles that his family can easily live for months with that much money. He repeats that she is looking beautiful when she asks him if he said anything.

Eda arrives at Tolga’s house with her hand full of bags. She apologises to Ceylan and asks her to accept her gifts but Ceylan accepts neither her gifts nor her apology.


A Love Story Episode 5

Korkut is waiting outside Gonul’s house and asks his cab driver to follow her the moment he sees her car. He follows her to a distance but loses her at a traffic signal. He asks the cab driver to continue following but he refuses to jump the signal.

Eda apologises to Tolga who tells her to quit playing games with him. He tells her not to repeat whatever happened in Germany and she asks the consequence of doing so and he says that if he ever sees her with another man he will tie her with a chain and she teasingly asks him if he truly intends to do so and he laughs at her excitement.


A Love Story Episode 5

The doorbell to Tolga’s house buzzes and Ceylan runs to the main gate to see who it is. Without opening the door she asks for the visitor and a man replies that he is there to pee. She says that this isn’t a public toilet and he can pee somewhere else. He says that he can’t hold it any longer and will pee at the gate. She opens the gate and is stunned to see a man pee on the wall.

When the man turns to face her Ceylan is taken aback to see Korkut in front of her. She asks him if he remembers meeting her in Germany. Korkut’s eyes are glued to Gonul’s house and he absentmindedly says he doesn’t remember her. He then asks her if it was her house and she replies that the house belongs to Gonul and her family is the housekeeping staff. Assuming Korkut has followed her till Turkey she clarifies that she is in love with another man and is sorry to break his heart.


A Love Story Episode 5

Korkut mumbles that Ceylan’s boss i.e. Gonul is well to do. Ceylan scolds him for peeing on the wall and he tells her that is the way stray dogs mark their territory. He then tells her that he will return again the next day. On his way out, he sees Gonul and Tolga’s image on the cover of a magazine and he tears it in anger.


A Love Story Episode 5

Ceylan is cleaning the wall as she recalls whatever happened between Korkut and her in Germany and runs after Korkut.

Gonul hands over her phone to Tahsin before stepping into a building saying that she would not be able to take calls. Just then, her phone buzzes and a lady tells Tahsin that she is a television producer and that she needs to talk Gonul about the man who came on her show and Tahsin cuts the line saying that Gonul is not interested in such matters.

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A Love Story Episode 5

Frustrated, Korkut pins Hakki to a tree and screams at him for lying about his mother. Hakki says he wasn’t lying. Korkut asks him if she was really his mother then why didn’t he take Emine to her for treatment and he says that he did go to her but her driver shooed him away saying that Gonul does not want to have anything to do with them. Just then, Umut comes running to Hakki and tells him that Emine has been arrested by the police.

Ceylan is on the streets looking for Korkut when she receives a call from Tolga asking her to bring something for him.


A Love Story Episode 5

Tolga is cooking in the kitchen and Eda expresses her amazement at his expertise in varied activities. He says that he is a great singer, cook and a lover. He tells her that he knows of her love for him and that he is ready to wait for her. She asks him if he really can’t live without her and he asks if she still isn’t convinced of his love. He says that she has troubled him a lot but he still can’t stop thinking about her. He goes on that he has never felt this way before, she feels like oxygen to him and that he cannot live without her. He then pulls her in an embrace and she tells him that she can’t live being tied to a person. He says that he too couldn’t live tied down before but then he met her and everything changed. (Aiyyyo… He said that so sweetly I almost fell for him. Why do such men exist only in dramas? Why can’t they be real??!!??)


A Love Story Episode 5

At the police station, a lady is yelling at Emine for robbing her dress. The policeman tries to pacify the lady asking her to consider Emine’s mental condition but the lady doesn’t budge and asks him to file a complaint against Emine and she starts hitting her. The police stops her from hitting Emine but she just doesn’t listen. Umut and Korkut have been witnessing this scene and Umut asks Korkut to do something about it. As Korkut advances to help Emine his eyes dart towards the TV screen that is showing Gonul and Tolga’s interview and he stops in his tracks.

When Ceylan reaches Tolga’s home she looks displeased to see Eda with Tolga. Tolga senses the cold vibes and leaves them together to sort out their differences. Eda tells Ceylan that she knows how much Ceylan cares for Tolga but since he has forgiven her she too should forgive her. She explains that she doesn’t believe in relationships probably because she never received love from her parents who only gave her abundant money but never the attention she wanted. She pleads Ceylan to never leave her as she is the only family she has and that she cannot live without Ceylan. Ceylan’s heart finally melts and they make up with a hug.

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A man approaches Gonul to hear his daughter’s song. Tahsin tries to shoo them away but Gonul insists on listening to the girl. After the girl finishes her song she gives her some money and tells her father that the girl has a sweet voice and is very pretty. The girl tells her that she aspires to become a famous singer just like her and asks Gonul if she will help her. Gonul agrees to help her and asks Tahsin to give them her number. She advises the girl to first complete her education and then come and see her again.

The lady continues to hit Emine when Umut comes running to his mother’s aid. Korkut hands her some money and asks her to take back the case. The lady happily accepts the money and screams that Emine should be locked inside a room.


A Love Story Episode 5

Later, Korkut visits the lady’s shop and watches her lock and leave for the day. As soon as she leaves he walks to her shop with a log of wood in his hand and smashes the glass door of the shop. (Geez…this guy is super vindictive.)

Tolga, Ceylan, and Eda are having breakfast in a hotel when Ceylan spots paparazzi following them. She is worried that Tolga and Eda will be snapped by them so she walks up to them and blocks them from clicking Tolga and Eda together as they quickly exit the hotel and run inside their car, leaving Ceylan behind. To stop the reporters from following Eda and Tolga, Ceylan throws herself in front of their car and cries of being hurt. The reporters catch her charade and tell their driver to ride on as she is only pretending to be hurt.


A Love Story Episode 5

Ceylan is surprised to see Korkut stand outside Gonul’s house and assuming him to be there for her she tells him that she loves someone else but he doesn’t reply. She then invites him to her house to have some pastry made by her mother. The word ‘mother’ shakes him and he follows her inside.

Once inside the premises, Korkut walks straight into Gonul’s house despite Ceylan trying hard to divert him to her house. Inside Gonul’s house, Korkut looks pained to see Gonul’s happy photos with Tolga. Ceylan begs him to leave but he looks too lost to hear her. Tears roll down his eyes as he sees Gonul’s portrait with Tolga on the wall. Just then, Gonul walks out of her room looking out for Tolga.

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