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A Love Story Episode 50Korkut and Ceylan are happy to be together and Korkut leans in for a kiss when her phone starts buzzing. Korkut asks Ceylan to answer Tolga’s call as he will call incessantly and disturb them but she refuses saying that she wants to pay attention only to him. He teases her for suddenly becoming brave and then pulls her into a tight hug.

Tolga goes to his father, Memduh with his luggage and asks to stay with him. He refrains from mentioning Ceynat to him and only says that he had a fight with Gonul after which she asked him to leave the house. Tolga asks for Memduh’s permission to stay in his house and Memduh is more than happy to have him at home. However, he does look a little suspicious about Tolga’s reason for leaving his house.


A Love Story Episode 50By the lake, Ceylan wishes to freeze time and relax with Korkut forever but he says he does not want to die of hunger and asks her to cook something. She cribs that men always relax while women are expected to work around the house. He joins her to help with the cooking when he receives a call from Ceynat who tells him that Tolga was asked to leave the house by Gonul. She is worried that Tolga will now hate her and never accept her. Korkut asks her to not fret too much as leaving the house in anger is nothing new for Tolga. Seeing her worry unnecessarily he promises to meet her soon.


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A Love Story Episode 50Ceylan asks Korkut why he never told her about Ceynat but he evades her question. She tells him that they should not keep secrets from each other as it leads to suspicion and fights. He does not answer her question but kisses her hand promising to never cheat on her, and never leave her again. She then accidentally drops some egg yolk on herself and he lends her his t-shirt which she changes into quickly. She then asks his opinion of how she looks in his t-shirt and he sweetly gushes at how lovely she looks in his clothes.


A Love Story Episode 50Ahmet visits Emine and gifts her a brooch saying that his mother wanted his wife to have it. Seeing the delicate brooch Emine brings her wooden box, in which she safely keeps her important items, and asks him to place it in that so she does not break it accidentally. Ahmet gladly obliges and starts to leave when she calls after him and thanks him for it. A sinister grin marks his face as he leaves feeling content at having won Emine’s confidence.


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A Love Story Episode 50After food, Ceylan orders Korkut to clean the table and he whines that she is making him do all the work while she relaxes. She reminds him of how she cleaned the restaurant the whole night when he created a mess at the restaurant and had even fallen ill because of it. He says he is aware of it and she realises that it was indeed he who took care of her when she had fallen unconscious in the hotel and not Tolga. She asks him why he never told her the truth and he states that people who are truly in love do not like to make a show of it. Overcome by emotions, she cups his face and tells him that she loves him before pulling him in for a kiss. Korkut jokes that this time her phone didn’t buzz the way it always does whenever they try to kiss. He leans in for another kiss when her phones buzzes. This times she answers her phones and agrees to meet Tolga. Annoyed, Korkut says that he had planned a surprise for her in the evening and now Tolga ruined his plan. She looks morose hearing about his failed plan and he lovingly pulls her close and consoles her saying that they can come there some other time. He offers to leave her home as he also has to meet Ceynat.


A Love Story Episode 50Gonul’s detective discreetly clicks Ceylan and Korkut together when Tolga calls him and enquires about Korkut. The detective lies that Korkut is alone and Ceylan is nowhere around him.

Gonul laments to Tahsin that though she has her daughter Ceynat back in her life, she has lost her son Tolga. Each time she thinks she is happy in life she ends up losing something. She admits that had she accepted Tahsin’s proposal many years ago, today she would have been poor but a very happy woman. Tahsin then takes her hand and assures her that he will never leave her side. He advises her to enjoy her time with her daughter and promises to bring Tolga back to her. She then places her hand over his and thanks him for always being there for her.


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A Love Story Episode 50Emine takes Umut to the barber for a hair cut unaware that Ahmet is keeping an eye on them. As soon as they leave, Ahmet breaks into their house and robs the brooch he had gifted Emine.

Asiye brings Ceynat some food to eat and she asks Ceynat to step out of the house and meet her friends. She says that she has only one friend that is Korkut. Asiye asks her to meet Emine but she says that she does not know any Emine. Asiye is astounded to know that Korkut is Ceynat’s best friend but she does not know of his sister. She then orders Ceynat to spill the beans and speak the truth behind Korkut and her plan but she is interrupted by the doorbell.


A Love Story Episode 50Luckily for Ceynat, it is Korkut who arrives at the door. He rushes to meet Ceynat and she pulls him inside her room the moment she sees him at her door. She asks him why he lied about them being friends but he does not have a straight answer. She tells him that Tolga showed her a CD in which he was speaking some stuff and she asks him why he sent the CD to Tolga. He tells her that these matters are none of her business and she pulls a knife from under her pillow and wields it at him. He manages to seize the knife from her as she starts to sob. She begs him to tell the truth and not hurt her like others. He embraces her and assures that she will only be happy in life and just then Gonul opens the door to Ceynat’s room and sees Korkut and Ceynat in each other’s arm. Unhappy by the sight, Gonul calls Korkut out to have a word with him.


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A Love Story Episode 50Gonul takes Korkut outside and scolds him for being too close to Ceynat. She tells him that her son Tolga is already entangled in his love triangle with Ceylan and that she doesn’t want Ceynat to get too involved with him. She asks him to back off but he opposes that Ceynat is his friend and that he will be there whenever she asks to see him.

Tahsin clearly tells Tolga to stop acting childish and return to Gonul or else he will call off his marriage to Ceylan. Tolga relents and agrees to move back with Gonul for Ceylan’s sake. However, they are interrupted by Memduh who asks Tolga to leave him alone with Tahsin. Memduh sneers that even after so many years, Tahsin still refuses to leave Gonul and that it was because of him that Memduh could not marry Gonul. Tahsin looks surprised by Memduh’s accusation.


A Love Story Episode 50Memduh states that Gonul could not marry him because she was in love with Tahsin. Tahsin loses his cool and grabs Memduh by his collar and screams that Gonul always loved Memduh and that he is now trying to cover up for his ill behaviour by blaming Tahsin for his break-up. Memduh then screams that if that was the case then why did she never cut Tahsin off from her life when she turned her back on everyone else. Tahsin is too shaken by Memduh’s claims and he leaves his house without another word.

Gonul sees her detective back at her house and she assumes that he is there for some pending fee. He however, tells her that he isn’t there for the money but to show her some pictures he clicked as Tolga asked him to spy on Korkut. Gonul is disturbed to see Ceylan and Korkut’s cosy pictures and she requests the detective to not hand the pictures to Tolga as she knows he will be shattered to learn about Ceylan cheating on him.


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A Love Story Episode 50Gonul brings the images to Korkut’s house where she berates him for trying to steal Tolga’s fiancée. She tells him to stay away from her kids as he is clearly trying to ruin their lives. Korkut opposes that it was he who brought Ceynat to her and that it is Tolga who is trying to steal the woman he loves. Left with no answer, Gonul storms out in anger.


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A Love Story Episode 50Asiye excitedly twirls before Tahsin to show off her new dress but he looks lost in his thoughts. When she finally manages to have his attention, he screams at her for spending money on clothes and makeup. Teary eyed, she says that since they will soon become Gonul’s relatives she thought it would be better if she dressed well and he reprimands her for trying to match up with Gonul and taunts that she will never be able to achieve Gonul’s stature. Heartbroken, Asiye leaves the room sobbing as Tahsin is left to ponder over Memduh’s claim. (This Tahsin is so heartless. Poor Asiye always tries to impress him but he is still hung over the one he can never have. Sick man!)

Ceynat meets Korkut against Gonul’s wishes and whines to him about Gonul interfering in her life. He explains that Gonul is her mother and it is normal for her to be protective of her. He tells her to return home and apologise to Gonul as she is the mother Ceynat has been crying for since childhood. Ceynat reluctantly follows his advice and leaves his car and apologises to Gonul for her bad behaviour. Gonul readily accepts her apology as she hugs her tightly and takes her back home.


A Love Story Episode 50As Korkut turns to leave, Ceylan runs to him and asks him to stay back. He says he has to go as it is not a good idea to be seen together outside. She quickly plants a peck on his cheek and he then pulls her for a hug. She tells him that she will try to meet him later and plants a few more pecks before leaving him. However, the moment she steps into the house, she bumps into Tolga who wants to leave but she blocks his way trying to speak to him so he does not see Korkut outside his house. He tells her Gonul is looking for her as she has something to show her and she then turns to meet Gonul.


A Love Story Episode 50Gonul introduces Ceylan to her dress designer and Ceylan hesitatingly says that there is no haste for her wedding. Gonul then asks Asiye to bring some refreshments for the designers as she speaks with Ceylan. Once alone, Gonul chastises Ceylan for having an affair for Korkut behind Tolga’s back. She reminds her that she had warned her of her decision but she did not listen to her then and now she will have to fulfil her promise and marry Tolga. Ceylan tries to speak something but Gonul stalks off not paying any heed to her.

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