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A Love Story Episode 57Tahsin tells Asiye that Ece and Salem will soon return home from their vacation and that he does not want them to know about their tiff. He tells her that she can have a divorce if that is what she wants. Asiye, however, sneers that she will neither take a divorce from him nor will she ever talk to him. Taking a divorce would set him free to go to Gonul and live as he wishes. She says that as long as she is alive she will never let him live in peace and then leaves the room in a huff trying to conceal her tears.

Asli informs Memduh that Ceynat will not have dinner with him so he invites Asli to give him company and she gladly joins him for the meal. He asks her about Yilmaz and she reveals that Yilmaz threatened to never spare her. Memduh assures her that she need not worry about Yilmaz as he will protect her from him and she feels relieved to know that Memduh has her back. He compliments Asli on her smile and says that it is the reason why Yilmaz does not wish to leave her.


A Love Story Episode 57Just then, Gonul arrives and sees Memduh having a good time with Asli. She is surprised to see Asli in Memduh’s house and asks him the reason why she is with him but he refuses to answer her. She then asks for Ceynat and he tells her that Ceynat is not interested in meeting her. She then tells him that she is willing to accept his proposal. He says that he knows she is willing to marry him only to have Ceynat back in her life and not because she loves him. He states that he has changed his mind and he does not want to marry her as she cheated him by lying about Tolga’s birth and by deliberately keeping Ceynat away from him. He says that it is too late to mend fences and that he now knows her too well. Dejected, Gonul leaves his house as Asli discreetly observes her exit.

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A Love Story Episode 57Next morning, Korkut wakes up in the trailer and sees Ceylan sleeping out on a chair. He advances towards her and tries to play with her hair when his phone buzzes. He moves away to answer the call and Ceylan wakes up. Ceynat calls to meet him urgently and he asks to meet him at the same place they had bun the last time.

Ceylan wakes up and Korkut tells her that he is leaving to visit someone. She says she knows he is going to meet Ceynat. She moves closer to him and holding his face in her hands, she tells him that she left her family for him and begs him to hold her and love her back. Seeing his cold demeanour she justifies herself that she never cheated on him and that she has to let Tolga have his way so that Korkut could be released from the prison. Tearfully she says that she hates herself for what happened and that he has no idea what she is going through. She then pleads him to forget all that happened and start life afresh but he leaves without a straight answer to her question.


A Love Story Episode 57Ahmet boastfully narrates Emines hallucinations to his girlfriend and tells her that she will soon be declared lunatic and will be sent to a mental hospital after which the house will become his.

Emine visits a drug store and asks for rat poison. The store person gives her the poison and tells her to be cautious with it as it is potent enough to kill a human. He instructs her to keep the poison away from eatables and at a height, in case she has little children at home. She understands his instructions and leaves with the poison.

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A Love Story Episode 57Korkut brings Ceynat a bun when he meets her. She then tells him that Asli works at Memduh’s house and that she knows of their bluff. She says she is worried that Asli might divulge the truth to Memduh. Korkut feels furious to know that Asli is back in town. Ceynat then asks him why they need to lie about their friendship and why he sent the CD to Gonul. He then confesses that he sent the CD to harm Tolga. He admits that he is a bad man, unlike Ceynat who is naïve and pure. She smiles and tells him that it is a good thing as they complete each other. She then suggests they both start living the life they never got to live and then leads him to some place.

Meanwhile, Ceylan calls Tolga and asks to meet him.


A Love Story Episode 57Tolga bumps into Tahsin and informs him of Ceylan’s return. He tells him that they should not allow her to run away again this time and asks if he has any plan to stop her. Exasperated, Tahsin tells him that he tried everything to stop her including locking her up in the house but nothing worked. Tolga asks Tahsin to lock her up in his house for a few days so that he can buy time to prove that Korkut is not a good man. Tahsin nods his head in agreement.

Ceynat’s idea of fun is ringing random doorbells and running away. She does try her luck once but Korkut does not support her in her prank and they get caught. He tells her that such pranks are funny only to small kids and she says it does not matter as long as they have fun. Her response elicits a smile on his face and she then takes him to have something to eat. (Jeez….this guy looks so freaking handsome when he smiles. My heart starts pacing each time he grins on the show. Sorry, Ji Chang Wook my love, you have some serious competition here.)

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A Love Story Episode 57Next, Ceynat climbs up an apple tree and Korkut nervously looks around fearing being caught. She tells him that she has kept him to guard her against anyone who spots them. He asks her for an apple and she says the person who does not climb the tree does not get an apple. He then extends his hand and plucks an apple from the tree as she looks fondly at him.

Ceynat tells Korkut that as a kid she used to steal apples from a lady’s tree who used to live in her neighbourhood. He suggests they go to that lady’s house again and she regretfully says that they can’t go there as a new building has come up in place of the house. He then receives a call from Ceylan which he disconnects without answering and she asks him why he is doing so. He snaps at her for talking too much and she looks at him bewildered. He starts walking away saying that he wishes to meet her father to thank him for releasing him from the prison and she runs ahead challenging him to a race.


A Love Story Episode 57Ceylan slaps Tolga the moment he opens the door for her. She berates him for cheating her and tells him that no matter what he does she will never leave Korkut for him. Tahsin arrives and orders Ceylan to stay right there. She, however, starts to walk away when Tahsin grabs her arm and drags her inside the house. He takes her to a store room and Ceylan tells him that locking her up is of no use as Korkut will eventually come looking for her. But nothing deters Tahsin from his plan as he takes away Ceylan’s phone and leaves her in the store room screaming after him.

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A Love Story Episode 57Emine slices some cottage cheese and sprinkles the rat poison over it to trap the rats in her house. As she sprinkles the rat poison, some of it falls on the bunch of grapes kept on the table below but Emine does not notice it as she leaves to scatter the rat poison in the house.

Ceynat returns home with Korkut where he sees Asli. He looks away from Asli and she asks why he is being so rude to her. He asks her why she didn’t return to Germany and she says that she had found a job there and wanted to start her life afresh so she stayed back.


A Love Story Episode 57Memduh arrives and Korkut quickly thanks him for helping him get out of prison. Memduh takes him aside and tells him that he need not thank him as he was the one who told him the truth behind Tolga’s birth. He then offers Korkut to work with him as his driver and Korkut readily accepts the job. Memduh calls Najeeb and tells him about Korkut’s new job with him. After Korkut leaves, Najeeb expresses his doubt over Korkut being able to do the work diligently and Memduh says that they can get rid of him when Ceynat grows bored of him. He then instructs Najeeb to keep an eye on Ceynat and keep him updated about her whereabouts.

It’s Korkut’s turn to call Ceylan but her phone is unreachable so he gives up without sensing anything amiss.

Umut returns homes and looks for Emine who is sleeping in her room. He muses that he is very hungry and advances to the kitchen.

Korkut returns to his empty trailer. He chances upon Ceylan’s t-shirt and tries to inhale her scent till he grows annoyed and chucks away the t-shirt in anger. He then leaves the trailer and heads out in his car.

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A Love Story Episode 57Tahsin tells Tolga that it won’t be possible to hide Ceylan from Asiye and Tolga refrains him from freeing Ceylan. He tells Tahsin that he is going to tell her how Korkut and Ceynat fooled them and that he knows that Ceynat is not Memduh’s daughter. He says that if they manage to prove it then Korkut will be exposed and Ceynat will despise him. Tahsin says that Gonul will be hurt in the process and Tolga says that they cannot help it as getting rid of Korkut will come at a cost. Tahsin then says that they can keep her hidden only for a few days as Korkut will definitely come looking for her. Tolga replies that nothing is well between Ceynat and Korkut and if Ceynat does not contact him for days, Korkut will assume that she dumped him.


A Love Story Episode 57Korkut returns home and sees Umut sleeping on the couch. He turns him to talk to him but is stunned to see him foaming at his mouth. He tries to revive him but Umut does not respond. Korkut goes looking for Emine and we see a plate of grapes lying on the table. He wakes up Emine and tells her that they will have to take Umut to the hospital and she panics.

The doctor tells Korkut that Umut has consumed poison. Korkut asks Emine what she fed him during the day and she starts quaking in fear unable to recall what Umut must have eaten. Korkut urges her to remember what she gave him and she struggles to recollect anything. Then she says that she had bought rat poison to kill rats in the house. She then frantically asks the doctor if her son will recover and the Korkut takes her aside to calm her down as she bawls helplessly.

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A Love Story Episode 57Ceylan hides a wooden slab behind her when she hears someone unlock the door. Tolga brings her food and urges her to throw away the slab. She complies with him and then pleads him to give a thought to how crazy things have been happening and how all this is wrong and should not happen. Tolga calmly replies that this should not have happened and she should not have fallen for Korkut and should not have gone against her parents. His response alerts Ceylan as she stares at him in disbelief. He then tells her that he will soon expose Korkut and she urges him to reveal it to her so she also knows how bad Korkut is. He tells her that Korkut lied about Ceynat and Ceylan refuses to believe him. He asks her what she will do if he is right about Korkut lying and she replies that she will leave Korkut if Tolga is right in his accusation.


A Love Story Episode 57Ceylan then asks him for water and he hands her a bottle. She has some water and tells him that if he lets her go she will keep Korkut away from his house and then Tolga can collect evidence against Korkut. He sniggers at her lame idea and turns his back to leave when she hits him with the wooden slab. He drops to the floor but catches hold of her leg and she stumbles to the ground. He hovers over her and screams at her as she covers her face in fear. She then manages to slip out and away from Tolga and grabs the wooden slab once again to deter him from advancing towards her.

Ceylan warns him to stay away from her. Pained by her reaction, he ruefully states that he can never hurt her and she screams that a low life like him is capable of anything. He rises and leaves as she runs after him screaming to be let out of the room.

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