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A Love Story Episode 60Ceynat looks displeased on seeing Korkut and Asli standing too close to each other. But seeing Korkut’s foul mood she guesses that Asli must have said something to anger him. She then asks him why he avoided her calls last night and that she was worried for him. He snaps that he is not a little kid for her to feel worried for him. She calmly responds with an OK and she asks if he can drop her some place but he rudely refuses saying that he has some place to be and stalks off the living room.  

Korkut is surprised to see Tolga enter Memduh’s lawn. He asks him what brings him there and Tolga states that it is none of his business as he is in his father’s house. Korkut sniggers that Tolga is delusional to call Memduh his father despite learning the truth and that Memduh does not really consider him his son. Tolga is not affected by Korkut’s comments and he starts to walk towards the house to meet Ceynat but Korkut blocks his way to stop him.


A Love Story Episode 60Ceynat arrives and asks Tolga what he wants from her. He first apologises for his behaviour towards her and admits that Gonul was unaware of the DNA test and that he did it without her knowledge. He explains that siblings often fight with each other but at the end of the day, they are still family. Korkut finds Tolga’s explanation amusing as he scoffs at him. Tolga then requests Ceynat to forgive him and return back home. Ceynat says that she will think about it and Tolga strides off under Korkut’s glare.

Yilmaz is taken to the hospital for a check-up following a stomach ache. After he is discharged, one of his men, dressed as a ward boy helps him with the wheelchair. As they leave the hospital, they see some men quarrelling outside the hospital and the policemen accompanying Yilmaz intervene while Yilmaz seizes the opportunity to make an escape. The police chase after him but he manages to flee in a car.


A Love Story Episode 60

In the mental hospital, Emine scrubs her hand vigorously mumbling that she has to clean herself to be able to hold her son again. She uses a toilet scrub to clean her hands and the creepy ward boy notices her and calls for help when he is unable to contain her.

Ahmet’s girlfriend complains that she does not like going to work every day and he tells her that it is just a matter of few days and that after he sells Emine’s house she will never have to do any work. She kisses him goodbye as Umut witnesses his father’s dissipation with fear and scorn in his eyes. She then moves towards Umut but he screams at her to keep away from him. Ahmet twists Umut’s ears and asks him to be polite to his girlfriend as she is his new mother. The lady asks Ahmet to be good to his son and Umut runs to his room screaming that Ahmet is a bad man.


A Love Story Episode 60Ceylan looks for a house on rent in the newspaper and Asiye tells her that she need not look for anything as she has changed her mind. She derides that they should not suffer for Tahsin’s ill doings and that she does not want Salem and Ece to live in a tiny house.

At the mental hospital, the doctor informs Ahmet that Emine is suffering from an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder under which she might harm herself as she believes that she has done something wrong. He tells Ahmet that they will have to give her electric shocks to help her with the condition and they need his permission to do so. Ahmet readily agrees to it and the doctor warns him that the electric shocks might have certain side-effects under which she might end up temporarily losing her memory or might fail to recognize certain people in her life. Ahmet tries hard to conceal his excitement over the prospect of Emine losing her memory and the quickly signs the papers permitting electric shocks.


A Love Story Episode 60Ceynat wants Korkut to drive her to someplace but seeing his reluctance she starts to set out on her own. He asks her where she intends to go and she tells him that she wishes to visit her adoptive parents who took care of her all these years and does not want to forget them only because she found her real family. Korkut walks closer to her and holding her arms he wishes for her to be just as considerate and sweet as she is and never change for anything.

Yilmaz looks pleased to see his enemies in one place as he sees Korkut drive away with Ceynat. He then calls up someone and the man scolds him for calling him despite being ordered to lie low. Yilmaz tells him that he isn’t Yilmaz as that man has died and that he is now Onur Solmaz. Yilmaz then tells the man to peek out of his house as he is waiting right there. We then see Najeeb express his fear of being caught by Memduh and Yilmaz brushes off his concern and asks him to meet up. Najeeb hangs up after assuring to meet him the next day. (Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? Najeeb is a traitor?? Sheesh!! I didn’t see that coming at all.)


A Love Story Episode 60Emine is in her room when the hospital staff arrive and take her away in a wheelchair as she screams for help.

Ceynat meets her adoptive mother who invites her and Korkut in. Korkut hesitates and she assures that her husband is not at home and that he is not aware of anything. The lady wails in despair blaming her husband for everything that happened. She tells Ceynat that she wishes to free herself from the monster of a husband she has. Ceynat consoles her saying that she will help her with everything provided she leaves her husband and the lady nods her head in agreement.


A Love Story Episode 60Meanwhile, Emine receives electric shocks at the hospital. Emine is then brought back to her room where she lies unconscious following the shock treatment. The lecherous ward boy who had been eyeing Emine for a while takes advantage of her condition and sexually abuses her. (WHY???!?!?!! Why do bad things happen to good people?? I hate it when such stuff is shown on TV. This is also rampant in Indian TV serials which makes me hate it. In Indian TV serials too the good protagonist suffers endlessly while the evil people get away with anything. I know such things do occur in real life but I don’t want to see it in dramas. That’s why I like Korean dramas. They are way beyond these matters and offer what I seek from them i.e. pure entertainment. Korean drama hi accha hain.)

Korkut arrives at the hospital with Ceynat. He loses his temper on learning that Emine is unconscious in her room following the shock treatment. He creates ruckus demanding to meet his sister.


A Love Story Episode 60When Korkut reaches Emine’s ward he sees the ward boy leave her room. He demands to check on Emine and the ward boy opens the door for Korkut to catch a glimpse of his sister sleeping peacefully in the room.

Ceylan asks Asiye to have lunch and Asiye instead urges Ceylan to eat. Ceylan refuses to eat saying that she feels feverish. Asiye thinks of the worst and beats her chest wailing that Ceylan has gotten pregnant. Ceylan calms her down and assures her that it is not the case and Asiye finally breathes a sigh of relief. Ceylan then promises to do as Asiye pleases and never act out of her words. Asiye then wraps her arms around her daughter happy to have her back like before.


A Love Story Episode 60When Emine gains consciousness she recoils seeing Korkut and screams at him to back off. He tries to convince her that he is her brother and she fiercely denies having a brother. Her screams alert the medical staff lady who asks Korkut to leave the room seeing Emine shudder in fear. Korkut asks the doctor what happened to Emine and the doctor answers that he had warned him of the side-effects and says that there is nothing to worry as she will gradually regain her memory after six months. Korkut asks who gave them the permission to do the shock treatment and he replies that Emine’s husband signed the papers permitting them to go ahead with it.


A Love Story Episode 60Korkut returns home and sees Ahmet leisurely watching TV. He asks for Umut and Ahmet tells him that he has gone to the shop to fetch himself a chocolate. Korkut then pounces on Ahmet and hurls punches at him for allowing the hospital to put Emine through shock treatment. Ahmet says that he only complied with the doctor hoping to have her cure soon. Korkut punches him till Ceynat intervenes fearing he might kill Ahmet. Ahmet then slips from Korkut’s grasp and quickly runs out of Korkut’s reach.

In Asiye’s absence, Ceylan prepares dinner for Tolga and Gonul. Gonul tells her that her problem is only with Tahsin and that Asiye and she should not leave the house as she does not mind having them around. Ceylan says that they will continue working for her but they have gone through a lot and that she should not expect things to be normal like before.


A Love Story Episode 60Tolga meets Asiye and she tells him that she was only faked her condition and that her plan worked as Ceylan promised to do as she says. Tolga tells her that he will once again ask her for marriage and tells Asiye to persuade her to accept his proposal. Asiye confidently replies that Ceylan will surely say yes to him.

Ahmet returns home and is lying on the couch with a bruised face. Korkut wakes him up saying that they have to leave to meet Emine.

Korkut, Ahmet and Umut leave in his car as Tahsin secretly observes them from a distance.


A Love Story Episode 60Asiye continues with her façade of feeling unwell and Ceylan offers to call a doctor. Asiye dissuades her from calling a doctor and cribs about the work left to do. Ceylan says that Gonul is aware of her condition and will not expect her to do any work and Asiye suddenly gets charged up complaining about Gonul not even bothering to pay her a visit. She then gets back to acting unwell and says that Tolga is the only person who took the trouble to check on her. Ceylan changes the topic and urges her to have some food as she leaves to resume her work. The moment Ceylan leaves, Asiye tiptoes to the dining table to devour the food Ceylan prepared for her.  

Najeeb meets Yilmaz at the docks and tells him that he is tired of saving him time and again. Yilmaz tells him that he has saved him only twice. First from Memduh and then from the police. He tells him that he has not forgotten his favour and that he will help him fulfil his ambition at ruling the city after Memduh. Najeeb then hands Yilmaz a CD and asks him to send it to Gonul as it contains evidence that will destroy Memduh completely.


A Love Story Episode 60Ceynat’s adoptive father forces his wife to meet Ceynat and ask her for money. The lady then visits Ceynat who is having lunch with Memduh. The lady then wails that after her husband visited her and beat her up before throwing her out of the house. Memduh tells her that she need not worry about anything as he will help her find accommodation. Her plan works and she thanks him for the favour.

Umut runs to Emine when he sees her at the hospital but she is reluctant to hug him as she does not remember who he is. Korkut tells him that Emine has lost her memories and Umut feels disheartened that she has no recollection of who he is. Emine’s assaulter is also present in the room and he consoles Umut that it is only a matter of time and that she will soon regain her lost memory.



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