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Emine flinches when Umut addresses her as ‘mom’ but feels overjoyed on seeing Ahmet. She remembers being Ahmet’s wife but not Umut’s mother. Surprised to see Ahmet, she asks him if he is still angry with her. He sweetly tells her that he is not angry with her anymore and that he is there to take her home. The pervert ward boy opposes saying that Emine will have to stay in the hospital for some more time but Korkut grabs him by the back of his neck and pushes him out of the room.


A Love Story Episode 61Once Emine has packed her stuff and is out of her room, Korkut takes Ahmet aside and tells him to buzz off and never return. Ahmet then tells Emine that he has some place to be and will be leaving while Korkut and Umut will drop her home. As soon as Emine leaves with Korkut, Ahmet curses her for always screwing up his life and then leaves as Tahsin looks after them.

Yilmaz calls Gonul and asks to meet her without revealing who he is. She is reluctant to meet a stranger and he says that he has evidence against Memduh that will help her get her daughter Ceynat back to her.

A Love Story Episode 61As Korkut drives Emine and Umut home, Emine fails to recognize the road to their house and she screams at Korkut for trying to kidnap her. Her screams compel Korkut to halt the car and Emine runs out of the car. Korkut chases after her but is accidentally hit by a car. He tries to go on after Emine till he blacks out and collapses on the side of the road. Tahsin finds him and takes him to the hospital.

Gonul meets Yilmaz who shows her a video clip of Memduh mercilessly beating a man black and blue. Gonul feels disturbed by just a few seconds of the video and Yilmaz tells her that the video is full of Memduh’s illegal activities. He tells her that they can blackmail him with the video so she can have her daughter back and if he does not relent then they can use it as evidence against Memduh in the court of law to prove that he is unsuitable to father a young girl.

A Love Story Episode 61Ceylan is mopping the floor when Tolga approaches her and expresses his concern for Asiye. He then once again proposes to marry her. But before she can turn him down for the gazillionth time he says that they need not be like a normal couple. He suggests that they can get married just to keep Asiye happy and when Ceylan feels like she can walk out on him. This way Asiye will be happy to know that her daughter is happily married. Ceylan does not reply and seems to ponder over his suggestion.

At the hospital, Korkut is on drips in a room while the doctor tells Tahsin that Korkut needs to see a neurosurgeon. He tells Tahsin that Korkut has a bullet stuck in his skull that needs to be operated or else he would not live long. Tahsin is stunned to hear about Korkut’s limited life span and leaves to check Korkut’s reports.

A Love Story Episode 61Korkut wakes up in the room and immediately calls out to Emine. He realises that he has been brought to a hospital and staggers his way out. On his way, he begs God to lend him some more time so he can find his sister. He promises to die the day God wants him to but spare him just this once so he can help his sister.

He finds Umut still in his car on the highway. Umut cries for his mother but feels worried when he notices that Korkut looks sick. Korkut assures him that he is absolutely fine and tells him that they should return home as Emine must have reached home by now.

A Love Story Episode 61Ceylan’s silence bothers Tolga and he tells her that she should see his proposal as a favour and she snaps that he should not call it a favour. She scoffs that it would have been a favour if he wouldn’t have shown Korkut their kissing image. Tolga aggressively remarks that Korkut is a man of weak character as he cannot accept Ceylan after seeing her kiss someone else. However, she admonishes him for trying to take advantage of her break-up with Korkut. He then mellows down and admits to having done some mistakes in life and that he only needs a chance to improve himself which he will if she marries him. Ceylan loses her cool and leaves in a huff. (Yeh Tolga ko koi kuch kaam do. He really has no work. All he does is pester Ceylan endlessly. Somebody please give him some work so he can put his time and energy to better use.)

Ceylan chides Asiye for trying to get Tolga married to her. Asiye instead berates her for spending a night with a man before marriage. She tells her that people will soon start taunting her which will become unbearable for her and that if Tahsin gets to know, he will never want to look at her face again. She tells her that she is lucky to have Tolga who is willing to marry her and if she declines him it might jeopardise both her siblings future. Exasperated, Ceylan stalks off the room.

A Love Story Episode 61Tahsin visits Korkut’s house where he sees Emine throw some bags outside the house. She takes him to be a friend of Hakki Baba’s and he is surprised that she does not recognize him. Just then, Umut and Korkut arrive and Emine asks them to leave right away and threatens to scream for help. Korkut calmly tells her that they have been sent by Hakki Baba to look after her. Emine falls for the trick and allows Umut to get inside. Korkut then requests her to not throw away anything as they need to stay with her for some time.

Korkut takes Tahsin aside as he is surprised to know that Emine does not recognize anybody. Korkut tells him to leave them alone. Tahsin however, expresses his concern over Korkut’s condition and advises him to get operated as soon as possible. Korkut dismisses his unsolicited advice saying that operation does not guarantee a long life and that he can die despite undergoing an operation. Tahsin feels guilty of not telling Gonul about Korkut’s true identity. He asks him if he will ever embrace Gonul as his mother and Korkut scoffs that he has lived alone till now, so it won’t really make much of a difference.

A Love Story Episode 61Umut shows Emine their old pictures so she can remember who he is. But she feels frustrated at being unable to remember him and starts screaming at him to stop bothering her by calling her mom. Umut feels scared and her runs out of the house.

He sits crying in the veranda and Korkut consoles him saying that Emine only needs some time to recollect her memories.

A Love Story Episode 61Gonul visits Memduh’s house but he refuses to meet her so she sends him the video that Yilmaz gave her. Seeing the video, Memduh instantly steps out to meet Gonul. Gonul tells him that she has evidence against him and that he must return Ceynat to her or she will take him to court with the evidence. Enraged, Memduh chokes Gonul and scoffs that this is not the first time that he is being blackmailed and that he does not fear her video. Gonul’s eyes constantly dart towards a car parked nearby as she ensures that Yilmaz is recording all that is happening between Memduh and her.

A Love Story Episode 61Memduh tightens his grip when Korkut arrives on time and frees Gonul from him. Memduh admonishes him for interfering in his matters and Korkut points out that he was on the verge of choking Gonul to death. Memduh reminds him of what Gonul did to him and he says that it is a closed matter and that Gonul is, after all, Ceynat’s real mother. Memduh feels alarmed at Ceynat’s name and then leaves them alone.

Korkut requests Gonul to stay away from Memduh as he is a dangerous man capable of doing anything. She tells him that she is only concerned about her daughter and that she does not want Ceynat to live with such an awful man. Korkut then calms her down saying that they will have to find another way of getting Ceynat back to her. Gonul then starts to leave but seeing her stagger, he offers to drop her home.

A Love Story Episode 61In the car, Gonul admits to being guilty of causing a lot of trouble in Korkut’s life and asks him if she can do anything to make it up to him and he says that there is one way. We then see them in her kitchen where she prepares his favourite shwarmas for him while narrating her childhood experiences learning cooking from her mother.

She then asks him about his mother and if he has found her. He says he is not looking for her anymore as he has given up on her. Assuming that he despises his mother she starts to explain how she too used to hate her mother but he states that he does not hate his mother. He says that the situation has changed and if he meets her now she will, Gonul completes the sentence for him that if he meets her she will hug him tightly. She tells him that his mother will surely hold him in an embrace as she herself is a mother and that she knows how a mother feels on meeting her lost child. He tearfully admits that matter between him and his mother has gotten complicated which is why he has given up on her.

A Love Story Episode 61Gonul happily serves Korkut shwarmas and asks him how it tastes to which he replies that anything prepared by a mother tastes good. She then apologises for not keeping her promise of treating him like her own son and he says that the food that she has prepared for him is enough to compensate everything else. She tells him that food is not a compensation and in his mind, he says that this is not just food but food prepared by his mother for him. She asks him to eat as much as he wants and something occurs to him and he rises and leaves abruptly as Gonul wonders what she said that made him leave angrily.



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