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A Love Story Episode 62Korkut leaves the meal abruptly leaving Gonul bewildered wondering what prompted him to leave without eating the shwarmas. In a musical rendition, we see Korkut sob feeling overwhelmed by his mother’s gesture. Meanwhile, Ceylan is by the trailer wailing over her failed relationship. She recalls Korkut telling her that they will live and die together. The idea of dying together makes sense to her and she rushes to the trailer where she switches on the gas and calls Korkut to meet her urgently.


A Love Story Episode 62Asiye devours the shwarmas left in the pantry and is surprised to know that Gonul prepared the dish for Korkut. She loses her cool and chastises Gonul for inviting Korkut for a meal despite knowing what he has done to her family. Gonul snaps that she need not seek Asiye’s permission to invite Korkut to her house. Asiye feels let down and then accuses her of breaking her home. Gonul is shocked the hear Asiye say that Tahsin left her because he is in love with Gonul. Asiye tells her that she too will leave Gonul’s house once she finds a new house for herself and her family and stalks off the pantry. Gonul calls Tahsin immediately and asks to meet him.


A Love Story Episode 62Gonul asks Tahsin if whatever Asiye accused her of is true and he calmly brushes off Asiye’s allegations. Gonul heaves a sigh of relief and Tahsin then talks about Korkut. He admits that he misunderstood Korkut when he should have sympathised with him after knowing that he was raised on the streets. He tells her that Korkut is a good guy and Gonul nonchalantly sighs as she always knew of how nice a person Korkut was.


A Love Story Episode 62Korkut reaches the trailer and sees the chairs and tables strewn around. He rushes to the trailer and quickly turns off the gas when he realises that Ceylan has left the gas on. She asks him to avoid touching anything as she raises her hand showing him the lighter in her hand. She seems to be in a daze when she tells him that since they cannot live together, it is better they die together. Korkut quickly grabs her arms and snatches the lighter before bringing Ceylan out of the trailer.

Ceylan helplessly sobs saying that this love is killing her and he wryly says that love does not kill anybody but accidents, and ailments do. She feels that he is mocking her and she asks him if he does not feel any pain after their break-up and he says that he did but not anymore. He tells her that this is not his first heartbreak and that Asli too had left him before but his life went on. Ceylan fumes hearing that he feels nothing after their breakup whereas she was on the verge of killing herself. She lambastes him for taking advantage of her before leaving in a huff.


A Love Story Episode 62Emine perks up when she sees Ahmet arrive. Umut however, looks displeased and orders Ahmet to leave right away. Ahmet scoffs that he has no interest in visiting them but he is there because Korkut asked him to do so.

Next, we see that Ceylan strolling absent mindedly on the street oblivious to Korkut who is trailing her to ensure that she walks home safely. He almost runs to her when he sees a car speeding in her direction but the car passes her and Ceylan continues to walk home despondently.    

Asiye reprimands Ceylan for going AWOL and Ceylan snaps that she should now get accustomed to it as this is how it is going to be from now on. She says that since anything she does embarrasses Asiye so now she does not really care about anyone and will live the way she wants to.


A Love Story Episode 62As Ahmet leaves the house in the morning, he bumps into Korkut and tells him that Emine was happy to have him but might not be very pleased to see Korkut. Annoyed, Korkut grabs him by his chin and pins him to the wall. He reminds him that he has not forgotten the fact that Emine is suffering because of him. He warns him of causing any trouble to Umut and orders him to do just as Emine wants him to. Scared, Ahmet agrees to follow his orders but when Korkut leaves he resolves to teach Emine and Korkut a good lesson.

Tahsin calls Korkut to meet him at their usual place. When Korkut arrives, Tahsin admits to having wronged him and requests him to allow him to reveal his secret to Gonul. Alarmed, Korkut dissuades Tahsin from doing so as it might ruin several lives. Tahsin asks him why he is sacrificing his love for his mother for someone else’s sake and he replies that he will be dead in a few days and he does not want Gonul to bear the pain of losing her son.


A Love Story Episode 62Tolga’s manager Moko sees him watch his kissing video with Ceylan on his phone and tells him that she was excited about his marriage as it could be used for his publicity. He tells her that things between Ceylan and him are nothing like she assumes it to be. He then complains about the slow progress of his new album. She hesitatingly tells him that writers are sceptical of giving their songs to a singer who has been MIA for a long time. She tells him that they do not want to waste their songs on him. Furious, Tolga criticizes Moko for being unable to find good songs for him and stalks off forgetting his cell phone behind. She quickly opens his phone and seeing the MMS decides to show him how she works.

Ceylan ties her hair up and applies makeup as she is ready to leave for someplace. Asiye asks her where she plans to go and Ceylan teasingly states that she does not need to ask her permission to leave the house. Asiye tells her that she cannot continue behaving the way she did last night and Ceylan tells her that from now on she will never seek her permission for anything and that she will only tell her that she is going.


A Love Story Episode 62Asli feels awkward as she pours some tea for Memduh unaware that Najeeb is glaring at her. As she leaves, Memduh invites Najeeb to join him for tea and asks him about the traitor in their house and Najeeb answers that he doubts Asli could be the snitch. Memduh looks at him incredulously and Najeeb explains that Asli might have reunited with her husband Yilmaz and must have plotted against him. Memduh is unable to believe Najeeb’s claim and asks him to get him evidence against her and he confidently rises saying that he will surely prove that Asli’s loyalty lies with Yilmaz.

Korkut arrives at Memduh’s house where he hands him the car keys saying that Memduh may not want him working for him after what happened the previous day. Memduh tells him that Korkut need not quit his job as he totally understands him and would have done the same thing had he been in his place. He justifies that Gonul was trying to blackmail him to get her daughter away from him which is why he lost his temper and self-control. He tells him that he can let go of his money and property but not his daughter. Korkut feels relieved to see Memduh’s attachment to Ceynat and tells him that he is a good father.


A Love Story Episode 62Korkut meets Ceynat and requests her to befriend Ceylan. He tells her that Ceylan is in a very bad state and he wants her to talk to her so she feels better. Ceynat says that he too is in a bad condition but he says that Ceylan is in more need of a friend than him. She asks him why he broke up with her when he still loves her and he says that they had to separate someday, at least this way she will feel less hurt.


A Love Story Episode 62Ahmet visits Emine in Korkut’s absence and persuades her to sell her house so they can shift to a smaller town and live happily. Emine agrees to his idea but Umut fiercely opposes asking Emine to not trust Ahmet. Emine silences Umut saying that he is not her son and that she only has a husband. She then agrees to do as Ahmet asks her to and decides to sell the house for him.

At a job interview, Ceylan waits with some candidates when she notices them giggle looking at their phone and then at her. But before she can ask them about it, she is called in the interview room. The interviewer is viewing the news of Ceylan and Tolga’s kissing images. She rejects Ceylan without even interviewing her. When Ceylan asks her the reason for her rejection the lady tells her that she cannot employ someone whose kissing image is viral on the net as her company has some reputation to live up to. Humiliated, Ceylan leaves the office with tears stinging her eyes.


A Love Story Episode 62Gonul calls Ceynat who asks her to never call her again. Gonul apologises to her and tells her that she has decided to help Korkut by finding his mother for him. Ceynat asks her if she really intends to do so and Gonul tells her that she will certainly find Korkut’s mother if Ceynat helps her. Ceynat then agrees to help Gonul find Korkut’s mother.

Umut calls Korkut and tells him about Ahmet’s plan to sell Emine’s house and shift to another place. Korkut feels angry but he calms Umut down and assures him that he will look into the matter.


A Love Story Episode 62Enraged, Korkut pounces on Ahmet the moment he sees him in the house. Emine peels him off her husband and he screams at her for turning a blind eye to his ulterior motives. Emine screams back at Korkut for attacking her husband in her house when she does not even know who he is. She asks him to leave her house and he obeys her but only after warning Ahmet of dire consequences.


A Love Story Episode 62Tolga apologises to Ceynat explaining that he had nothing to do with the images that were leaked on the internet. She nonchalantly asks him to cool down as she does not think it is a big deal. Tolga feels something is wrong with her and she says that she does not feel anything off late as that is the best way to live.


A Love Story Episode 62In Asli’s absence, Najeeb quietly sneaks into her room and leaves a phone in her drawer. As he starts to leave he bumps into a vase but quickly puts it back into its place. Asli almost sees him when she realises she has left her phone and turns back to retrieve it giving Najeeb an opportunity to slip out of her room without being noticed.

Asiye feels overjoyed when she sees Ece and Selim arrive home. They tell her that Tahsin got them home and are surprised to know that Asiye knows nothing about it. When she sees Tahsin in the doorway she sneers that Tahsin no longer lives him them and asks him to leave which he promptly does. Selim wonders why Asiye and Tahsin had a fight and Ece surmises that probably because of Ceylan whose kissing picture with Tolga has gone viral on the net. Asiye demands to know what picture Ece is talking about and Ceylan coolly fills her in on the viral image. Asiye loses her cool but Ceylan looks extra calm and unaffected by the whole thing.



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