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A Love Story Episode 63Memduh reads about Tolga and Ceylan’s private images leaked online and Najeeb suggests he speak to Tolga about it as people know Tolga is his son. Memduh says that he refrains from saying anything to Tolga as he plans to use him against Gonul someday which is why he is maintaining good relation with him. He then asks Najeeb about his evidence against Asli and Najeeb seeks his permission to check Asli’s room which Memduh readily agrees to.

Gonul meets her detective and asks him if they can track Korkut’s mother through Emine. The detective is curious to know the reason behind Gonul’s interest in Korkut’s mother and she replies that she is indebted to Korkut for several reasons and that she now wishes to return his favour.


A Love Story Episode 63Ceynat asks Korkut if Tolga was the reason behind his and Ceylan’s breakup and Korkut disses her for being inquisitive. He tells her to stick to Ceylan and talk to her as she needs someone to talk to. As he drops her at Ceylan’s house he bumps into Ceylan. They exchange pleasantries and Korkut teases her about losing her mind and having tried to kill both of them. She says that was her mistake and that she has learnt that true love is just a fallacy. Korkut tells Ceynat that he will come to pick her up and Ceylan asks him to stop a little farther away from her house as she does not want to look at his face again.


A Love Story Episode 63Ceynat criticizes Ceylan for being rude to Korkut when she should apologize to him for cheating on him with Tolga. Ceylan calmly tells her that she knows nothing about them so she should keep mum in their matter. Ceynat scornfully states that Ceylan does not deserve Korkut’s love and that it would have been better for him to have fallen for her the way she has fallen for him. Ceylan is surprised to know that Ceynat is in love with Korkut. She wishes her luck with Korkut saying that she could never keep him happy and she hopes Ceynat can do it. She reminds Ceynat of the story she once narrated to her and compares herself to that lady who went crazy in love. She tells her that this is what happened to her after falling in love with Korkut before leaving in a huff.


A Love Story Episode 63Gonul is happy to see Ceynat back in her house. She asks Ceynat if she knows anything about Korkut’s mother and she replies that he never said anything about his mother. Gonul then excitedly asks her if they should go shopping or have a meal together and she declines the offer saying that Memduh has refrained her from meeting Gonul which is why she is afraid of being seen with her.

Ahmet tries to convince his girlfriend that he tried his best to sell Emine’s house but his plan failed because of Korkut who is a very dangerous man. She looks displeased and leaves him saying that she will meet him only when he has money.


A Love Story Episode 63Najeeb has his men search Asli’s room where they find a cell phone containing the video that Gonul used to blackmail Memduh. Asli dodges the men and manages to escape with her bag. The men chase after her but she hides from them and finds herself in front of Yilmaz who extends his hand to help her. She then tells Yilmaz that Najeeb found a phone in her room which did not belong to her and that she was being framed. Yilmaz calms her down saying that she need not worry about anything as she is now with him. He then tells her that Najeeb is trying to frame her to save himself and that he will tackle Najeeb for troubling her.


A Love Story Episode 63Gonul walks Ceynat to the gate where she meets Korkut and asks him about Emine. He woefully states that Emine is now out of the hospital but she does not remember anything. Gonul feels disheartened to hear about Emine’s condition and requests to meet her and Korkut willingly agrees to have Gonul visit them someday.

Ceylan is on her way to an interview when she receives a call from Tahsin asking to meet him urgently.

On the way to Memduh’s house, Ceynat tells Korkut that she is indebted to him and so is Gonul which is why she has hired a detective to help them find his mother. Korkut sighs at the new problem that the two women are creating for him and rudely asks Ceynat to tell Gonul to mind her own business. Ceynat explains that he has helped her a lot and that she wants him to find happiness. He retorts that he has not done her any favour and that he would have helped anybody on the street just the way he helped her as there is no difference between her and a random stranger. Ceynat feels humiliated and she asks him to pull over and steps out of the car as he drives on.


A Love Story Episode 63Ahmet appears out of nowhere and vents his frustration on Emine. He hits her and blames her for ruining his life. Umut comes to Emine’s rescue and Ahmet warns him from divulging anything to Korkut. Umut then comforts a shocked Emine saying that he will never leave her and she hugs him tightly.

Yilmaz calls Najeeb and berates him for laying his hands on Asli. Unfazed, Najeeb says that Asli is a dangerous woman who left him and tried to seduce Memduh. Yilmaz yells at Najeeb for speaking rubbish about Asli and Najeeb reminds him of how he helped him escape prison and how he can put him back into prison. Furious, Yilmaz then tells Najeeb that he will have Memduh look into his matter and Najeeb’s eyes widen in shock as Yilmaz hangs up. (What? Wasn’t this Yilmaz’s plan to get Asli back to him? Then how was he present at the right time to rescue Asli?)


A Love Story Episode 63Ceylan meets Tahsin at a restaurant where she assumes that he has called her because he wants to return home. Her assumptions are quashed when Tahsin confesses to having been guilty of being unreasonable with Korkut. He then asks her if she is still in love with Korkut and she glares at him.

When Emine sees Gonul arrive at her house she jumps with joy. Umut at first feels happy that she finally recognized someone but is left disappointed on learning that Emine only remembers Gonul as the famous singer and not their family friend. Emine feels overjoyed with the gifts Gonul gives her. She then requests Gonul to sing a song for her and Gonul holds her in an embrace. Feeling overwhelmed by her gesture, Emine remembers her mother and reflexively touches the chain around her neck but is stunned to discover that it is now missing. She feels disturbed that she has lost the only trace of her mother and that she will now never be able to find her mother.


A Love Story Episode 63Najeeb sends Memduh’s guards to run an errand and quickly goes to see Memduh. Memduh is on a call with Yilmaz who tells him that his most trusted man Najeeb is the traitor he is looking for. Memduh laughs at Yilmaz’s allegation when Najeeb holds Memduh at gunpoint and orders him to hang up the call. Memduh rises from his chair and stares at Najeeb in disbelief. Najeeb explains that Memduh compelled him to resort to this as he thought Memduh will retire from the business after his son’s demise and hand it all over to Najeeb but that never happened so he is now forced to take matters in his hand. Memduh hangs his head low before brushing off Najeeb’s hand and pinning him to the ground. In their scuffle, a gunshot is fired and Korkut, who has been waiting outside the house, runs inside screaming ‘papa’ for Memduh. He finds Memduh lying on the ground as Najeeb holds a gun in his hand. Najeeb tells him that Yilmaz shot Memduh and ran away. Korkut however, is more concerned about Memduh and he rushes to help him while Najeeb quickly escapes. Memduh looks at Korkut and only repeats Ceynat’s name while Korkut is unable to contain his tears looking at Memduh lie helplessly on the ground. Meduh loses consciousness and Korkut frantically urges him to open his eyes resolving to not let his father die.


A Love Story Episode 63Korkut asks Najeeb to call an ambulance while urging Memduh to open his eyes. Najeeb then aims a shot at Korkut but ends up being shot by Yilmaz from behind. Korkut’s eyes widen in horror when he sees Yilmaz. He runs towards Yilmaz in anger and Yilmaz tells him that Najeeb was about to shoot him and as Korkut turns to look at Najeeb they see him run away. Yilmaz chases after Najeeb who escapes in his car while Korkut tends to Memduh.

Yilmaz returns to Korkut who pounces on him for shooting Najeeb. Yilmaz tells him that Najeeb was the one who shot Memduh and had he not arrived on time, he would have shot Korkut too. The two of them then lift Memduh and take him to the hospital in Yilmaz’s car.


A Love Story Episode 63After admitting Memduh to a hospital, Yilmaz tells Korkut that Najeeb is planning to usurp Memduh’s business which is why he attacked him. He tells him that the police will arrive soon and leaves in his car.

Umut calls Korkut and tells him that Gonul is there and Emine and she have been looking for Emine’s ring. Korkut asks Umut to hand the phone to Gonul and he informs of Memduh’s accident and asks her to share the bad news with Ceynat and stay with her.


A Love Story Episode 63We see Ceylan walking alone looking disconcerted. She then perches against a wall and recalls what Tahsin said to her. In a flashback, we see Tahsin ask her to marry Korkut. Ceylan replies that she cannot do so as they have already broken up. He then urges her to fix things between them before it is too late. Ceylan is almost in tears and we see her walk resolutely to some place.


A Love Story Episode 63Ahmet reaches Emine’s house and demands money from her. She tells him that she has no money left after he snatched away everything from her. Angry, he searches the house and rummages through Emine’s belongings when he chances upon a DVD which he chucks out along with the other scattered items on the floor. Frustrated, he starts physically abusing Emine for money and Umut screams at him to stay away from Emine. He throws Umut on the couch and Emine starts to regain memories of Ahmet abusing her for money. She pushes Ahmet away from Umut and orders him to stay away from her son. He realises that she has regained her memory and he grabs her face demanding money from her.


A Love Story Episode 63Just then, Ceylan sees Ahmet abuse Emine and she pulls him off Emine and orders him to leave right away. He refuses to comply and she threatens to call the cops. He then leaves after telling Emine to keep the money ready as he will return again in the evening. Though Emine remembers Ahmet being an evil man she has not regain all of her memory and she fails to remember Ceylan and assumes her to be a good neighbour of theirs. Umut then tells Ceylan that Emine does not remember anything.

The nurse tells Korkut to call for Memduh’s family members as he is in need of blood. Korkut offers his blood saying that he is his son. After he is done, he hears Gonul and Ceynat enquire about Memduh and the nurse tells them that Ceynat’s brother has given his blood which will help Memduh. Gonul breathes a sigh of relief when she sees Korkut and he says that his blood group coincidentally matched Memduh’s so the nurse assumed him to be Memduh’s son.


A Love Story Episode 63Korkut receives a call from Yilmaz who tells him to guard Memduh as he knows that Najeeb will attack him once again. Korkut asks him why he is meddling with his life and he says that he was only returning a favour. He asks Korkut to have some men guard Memduh at all times and Korkut states that he has no men of his own to do such work. Yilmaz then says that he will have his men guard Memduh.

Korkut did not rest properly after donating his blood because of which he feels dizzy and crumples to the floor. Ceynat and Gonul rush to his aid but he assures them that he is fine and staggers his way out the hospital.



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