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Written Update: Episode 64

A Love Story Episode 64While cleaning the mess Ahmet created in Emine’s room, she finds the DVD and asks Umut about it. Umut knows that the DVD hold’s Korkut’s confession of being Gonul’s son but he does not divulge anything and tells Ceylan that he does not know what the DVD holds. Ceylan then cleans the DVD and places it on the table nearby.

At the hospital, the investigating officer inquires about Korkut who got Memduh to the hospital. Gonul tells the officer that Korkut is Memduh’s driver and that they need not investigate him as he is a trusted worker. Tolga however, interjects that Korkut had a criminal record in Germany and that they need to check on him. Ceynat loses her cool and reprimands Tolga for being after Korkut. He takes her aside and sneers that Korkut is nothing more than a criminal. Ceynat loses her self-control and slaps Tolga. Tolga retaliates but Gonul pulls him away from Ceynat and scolds him for always causing unnecessary trouble for all of them. Angry, she blurts out that Memduh is not his father and that he should leave right away. Gonul is unaware that Tolga knows the truth about Memduh not being his father so she quickly apologises for keeping him in the dark for so long.


A Love Story Episode 64Tolga stalks off in anger and Gonul chases after him. He tells her that he was already aware of the truth but did not expect her to reveal it in such a humiliating way. He tells her that even though Memduh is not really his father, he still looked upon him as a father figure. She begs for forgiveness and Tolga asks who his real father is. Seeing Gonul have no answer to give he strides off as Najeeb looks after him.

Outside the hospital, Najeeb approaches Tolga and tells him that Yilmaz shot Memduh and that Korkut helped him do so. He then instructs Tolga to return to the hospital and keep Korkut and Yilmaz away from Memduh. He then tells him that he needs to talk to Memduh before anybody else does.


A Love Story Episode 64Korkut makes his way home reeling in pain but feels relieved to see Emine prepare fritters with Ceylan. Ceylan, Umut and Emine rush to Korkut when he starts to stumble in the doorway. Ceylan notices the blood on Korkut’s clothes and asks to call a doctor. Korkut declines her suggestion and walks out of the house.

He then rests on the threshold while Ceylan sits beside him asking to allow her to have a look at his shoulder that appears to be bleeding. She urges him to see a doctor but he shuts her up saying that she is annoying him with her questions. She tells him that she won’t bother him with more questions but will also not leave him alone. He asks her why she is there and she tells him that she wants him to know that her father has approved of their relationship and is willing to allow their marriage.


A Love Story Episode 64Korkut taunts her that she always does what others ask her to do and never trusts him. He tells her that he cannot take her wavering attitude anymore and wants an end to it. He admits that he cannot keep her happy and she quickly says that she is not seeking happiness but only his companionship. He turns her down saying that she would not be able to keep her words and will find it difficult to cope later on so it is better she leaves right now or else it will be too late for it. She states that it is late already and that she has decided to stay the night in his house. He shrugs and leaves to sleep in his room saying that she can sleep wherever she wants to.


A Love Story Episode 64Ceylan then follows Korkut to his room and sleeps next to him resting her head on his shoulder despite his protests. To her dismay, he turns his back to her but she holds him from behind and continues to sleep next to him.


A Love Story Episode 64In a dream, Korkut sees Ceylan weeping by a grave. He tries to tell her to return home and not spend too much time in the snow but she appears to not be able to hear him. He then checks for the name on the grave and is stunned to see his name written on it. He then hears Ceylan say that Korkut was always alone when he was alive but she will not let him be alone anymore and she lies over his snow laden coffin as she shivers. Korkut screams for her to leave and live her life but she doesn’t seem to hear. He screams frantically till he wakes up and holds Ceylan in his arms.


A Love Story Episode 64Ceylan consoles him saying that everything is fine. He then comes to his senses and orders Ceylan to leave him alone. He leaves the bed and changes his clothes offering to drop Ceylan at her house. She refuses to leave saying that she will leave only when she wants to.

Tolga’s manager Moko brings him clothes to change while reporters hound him for a byte. He knows that Moko tipped off the reporters and she tells him that he should live in the present as his kissing images got him good publicity. Tolga leaves to change while Moko tackles the news reporters.


A Love Story Episode 64Tolga returns to Memduh’s ward where he sees some unidentified men guard his ward. He calls Najeeb and informs him of the guards stationed outside Memduh’s ward.

Korkut meets Yilmaz at a secluded place where Yilmaz offers him a gun for his safety but Korkut rejects it. They then head towards the garage where Najeeb is supposedly holed up.


A Love Story Episode 64Emine looks at some old pictures of hers and Umut and feels frustrated for not being able to remember anything about him. Ceylan tells her not to stress too much over it as she will slowly regain her memories. But Emine feels unsettled knowing that she cannot remember her own brother and son. Ceylan consoles her that she should not lose hope and that circumstances will certainly improve someday.

Korkut and Yilmaz reach the garage but Najeeb is not there. They then ask the owner of the garage about his whereabouts but the man pretends to not be aware of anything. Yilmaz shoots the man’s leg and threatens to shoot the other leg and the man blurts out that Najeeb left for a hospital after a phone call. Korkut and Yilmaz then quickly head to the hospital.


A Love Story Episode 64In the hospital, we see that Najeeb’s men have tackled Memduh’s guards. Najeeb then advances to Memduh’s room where Tolga refuses to leave Memduh alone so Najeeb unwillingly enters the room with Tolga. However, Najeeb gets rid of Tolga by telling him to stand guard outside so he can stop Yilmaz and Korkut from reaching Memduh and Tolga readily complies with his request. (Idiot Tolga!)

Tolga bumps into Korkut and Yilmaz outside the hospital. Yilmaz says that he cannot be spotted by the police so he leaves to enter the hospital from another route. Korkut asks Tolga if Memduh has someone looking after him and he says that Najeeb is with him. Korkut then pushes Tolga out of his way and rushes to Memduh while Tolga calls the police for help.


A Love Story Episode 64Najeeb is on the verge of suffocating Memduh to death when Korkut breaks open the door and pulls Najeeb away from Memduh as he packs punches across his face. The police enter right then and peel Korkut off Najeeb. Korkut begs the police to arrest Najeeb saying that he tried to kill Memduh, but Tolga intervenes and stops the police from arresting Najeeb. Memduh however, manages to speak and tells the police that Korkut is speaking the truth and that Najeeb was the one who attacked him. The police then promptly arrest Najeeb while Tolga stares at Korkut in disbelief.


A Love Story Episode 64Asiye has a minor argument with Selim and she slaps him hard across his face after he disrespects her. To teach her a lesson, he leaves the house in Gonul’s car.

Meanwhile, Gonul’s detective tells Gonul that there is no news about Korkut’s mother and that Emine was adopted by Hakki Baba who worked as a watchman with the orphanage. He tells her that he will keep an eye on Hakki Baba for more information. Ceynat arrives and tells Gonul that she is ready to leave. Gonul asks Asiye to tell Selim to get the car. When Asiye goes out to call Selim she finds Selim and Gonul’s car missing. Asiye panics and she calls Ceylan to inform her about Selim being missing from the house. Ceylan calms her down and tells her that she will be home soon.


A Love Story Episode 64Ceylan then looks up to see Korkut advance in her direction. He asks Emine where she is going and she cheerfully tells him that she is leaving to sell some fritters at the market. Korkut yells at her for wanting to go to the market and Ceylan reprimands him for raising his voice before Emine. He then scolds Ceylan for not returning to her house and then grabs the basket from her hand and takes Emine inside the house.

Selim ponders over something while sitting in Gonul’s car near the seaside when he is accosted by a woman who tries to lure him out of the car. Selim shows no interest in the woman and she forcibly enters the car. She then urges Selim to starts the car and he looks reluctant. She then tells him that this is a good opportunity that he shouldn’t miss and he gets the message as he pulls down his seatbelt.


A Love Story Episode 64Asiye bawls her eyes out worrying about Selim. Ece tells her to relax as Selim might be back any time now and she says that Gonul asked her to file a complaint with the police but she cannot do so against her own son. Ece quietly exits the room and calls Tahsin asking him to come home and handle the situation that seems to be going out of hand.


A Love Story Episode 64In the city of Adapazari, Gonul’s detective meets Hakki Baba and inquires about Emine’s parents. Hakki Baba denies knowing anything about her biological parents. The detective feels disappointed and leaves after telling him to inform him about any small detail that he finds out.

At dinner, Korkut asks Emine why she intended to return to selling fritters at the market when he had disallowed her from doing so. Emine looks at him nervously but does not speak up before him. Umut accidentally drops his food on his shirt and Korkut quickly makes him takes off the shirt before he burns himself. Korkut notices the bruises on Umut’s body and Umut lies that he acquired the bruises while playing with his friends. Korkut does not buy his story and urges him to speak the truth and Umut finally says that Ahmet beat him up.



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