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A Love Story Episode 65Korkut notices the bruises on Umut’s body and Umut tells him that it was caused because of Ahmet’s beatings. Enraged, Korkut immediately leaves the house looking for Ahmet. He finds Ahmet at a gambling den where he charges at Ahmet and pins him against the wall. The people at the gambling den separate the two scuffling men and restrain Korkut from hitting Ahmet. Ahmet scornfully states that he is fed up with Korkut and his family and that he will now take away everything that belongs to him. He shows him the court’s orders which declares Emine as a lunatic and entrusts her house to Ahmet as her guardian. He tells Korkut that he will sell the house and bring them all on the street. Korkut frees himself from the crowd’s clutches and aggressively stuffs the document in Ahmet’s mouth before leaving in anger. (Personally I am a very non-violent person but I feel that some people look best when they are aggressive and I think actor Seckin Ozdemir is one of them. Seckin looks so HAWT when you see fury burning in his eyes. I adore his ‘angry young man’ look.)


A Love Story Episode 65The strange lady makes Selim drive them to a deserted lane where she is joined by her friends who drag Selim out of the car. They then beat him up before fleeing away with the car.

Gonul meets Memduh but he insists on meeting Korkut before speaking to anybody else. So she calls Korkut to come to the hospital asap.

Tahsin comes to pick up Selim. Selim begs him to speak something and Tahsin only scolds him to not repeat such a mistake again and Selims swears to never do such a thing again. Tahsin is relieved that his son is safe so he pulls him into a hug. He tells Selim that he is grateful to God that Selim is safe but Selim is worried about Gonul’s car. Tahsin then states that he is more important than the car.


A Love Story Episode 65Korkut arrives at the hospital and heads straight to meet Memduh. Memduh tells him that when he was lying on the ground after being shot, he heard Korkut’s voice that sounded just like his son. He asks him if Korkut called him ‘papa’ and Korkut’s eyes tear up as he tries to conceal his emotions. Korkut then justifies that he did so because he never had the affection of a family and since Memduh has looked after him like a son so he must have unknowingly addressed him as papa. Memduh then tells him that now onwards, Korkut can consider him his father and that he will henceforth address him as ‘son’.


A Love Story Episode 65As Korkut starts to leave, Memduh asks Korkut to bring Asli to him as he wants to meet her. Korkut tells him that he need not worry about Asli as she can take care of herself. Memduh then hesitatingly confesses to having feelings for her and asks Korkut to find her for him. Korkut stares at Memduh in disbelief and flatly rejects his demand before stalking out of the room.

Selim returns home and Asiye rushes to check on his wounds. Tahsin says that Selim is absolutely fine and needs no medical assistance and Ceylan takes Selim to his room to rest. Asiye then asks Tahsin to find the car and he tells her that it would be a difficult task and that they will have to sell their house to pay off the money to Gonul.

Meanwhile, Hakki Baba arrives homes and is shocked to know that Emine has lost her memory and Korkut calls him in to explain everything to him.


A Love Story Episode 65At the breakfast table, Tolga insists on registering a police complaint about locating their robbed car. Gonul however, is not in favour of filing a complaint. Tolga says that they cannot just take Selim’s word and believe that it was stolen whereas it is likely that he could have kept it for himself. Asiye barges into the living room from the kitchen and states that he need not worry as they will not run away without paying off the car’s price to them. Gonul then leaves the breakfast table saying that she is having a headache. Her phones buzzes which is answered by Ceynat. Detective Kemal tells Ceynat that Hakki Baba has returned to Istanbul. Happy to hear of Hakki’s arrival, Ceynat decides to meet Hakki Baba alone as Gonul does not seem to be keeping well.


A Love Story Episode 65When Asli visits Memduh in the hospital his face lights up on seeing her and he assumes that Korkut sent her to meet him. She, however, clarifies that she did not even meet Korkut and that she has come there on her own accord. She then makes a haste to leave saying that she had to lie to Yilmaz to come there. Smiling reassuringly, he places his hand over hers and promises to protect her from Yilmaz if she decides to stay back with him. Asli smiles back and nods her head in agreement. (Woah! Asli is the female version of Korkut. Girls on the show all like Korkut and men on the show like Asli. Everyone likes Asli. I don’t like her though. She spells misfortune.)

Hakki Baba urges Korkut to confess the truth to Gonul so she can look after Emine as Korkut has a few days left on his hands. Korkut says he cannot reveal the truth now as he has wronged Gonul on several occasions and that it is better she discovers the truth after his death. Hakki Baba asks him how he plans to do that and he says that he has given Emine a CD that holds his confession which Gonul will see after his demise. Korkut then receives a frantic call from Yilmaz asking for Asli who has been out of reach for a while.


A Love Story Episode 65Ahmet is surprised to see Hakki Baba at Emine’s house but Hakki feels furious at seeing Ahmet. They get into an argument and Ahmet accidentally stabs Hakki in the gut. Scared, Ahmet flees the place dropping the knife right there.

Korkut drags Asli out of Memduh’s ward and orders her to leave Memduh and return home right away. She asks him why is he bothered about her. When he fails to answer her, she asks him if he still harbours feelings for her and that staying with Memduh makes him jealous.


A Love Story Episode 65Korkut is one his way home when he recalls Asli asking him the reason why he is objecting her stay with Memduh. He tries to explain the reason behind his protest, but words fail him. He then receives a call from Ceynat who cries that Hakki Baba has been stabbed and begs him to come home soon.

Ceynat is in Korkut’s house terrified at the sight of Hakki Baba bleeding to death. Hakki recognizes her from the orphanage and tells her that Korkut and Emine are Gonul’s twins. She tells him that he must be mistaken as Korkut told her that she is Gonul’s daughter. He tells her that Korkut lied to her and repeats that Korkut and Emine are Gonul’s real kids before breathing his last breath.


A Love Story Episode 65Emine and Umut notice the ambulance and rush towards their house when they see it pull over outside their house. Emine runs inside and wails when she sees Hakki Baba bleeding on the couch. Korkut arrives shortly after and is stunned to see Hakki Baba lying lifelessly. The paramedics inform him that Hakki Baba has passed away due to excessive bleeding. Emine then bawls helplessly as Korkut tries to console her.

Korkut then asks Ceynat who did this to Hakki Baba and she leaves without answering him. He runs after her and asks her if she saw anybody there and she says that Hakki Baba was alone when she arrived. He then asks her if Hakki Baba said anything to her and she recalls him telling her the truth about Korkut and Emine being Gonul’s biological children but she refrains from mentioning it and says that Hakki Baba was unable to speak during his last moments. As she starts to leave, Korkut tells her that he is glad that Hakki Baba spent his last moments with her.


A Love Story Episode 65Emine cries inconsolably when the paramedics take away Hakki Baba’s body and Korkut urges her to stay strong for Umut’s sake as she has to look after him. She grieves that with Hakki Baba gone she has no one to take care of her and Korkut consoles her that they will support each other. But she is too dazed to hear him and she starts running after the ambulance crying for Hakki Baba.

Detective Kemal informs Gonul that he had informed Ceynat about Hakki’s arrival in Istanbul and Gonul is surprised that Ceynat did not mention anything to her. Just then, Ceynat arrives sobbing and tells Gonul that Hakki Baba is dead and that she was the one who discovered him first and he spent his last moments holding her hand.


A Love Story Episode 65Gonul then visits Emine’s house where she sees Emine and Korkut outside the house. Emine refuses to get inside the house as Hakki Baba’s absence makes her feel insecure and scared. Gonul comforts her saying that she had too lost her father at a young age and that she was devastated by his demise. She says that despite the loss she decided to stay strong as her father always wanted to see her happy and that is what she did.

Umut takes Korkut aside and pleads him to reveal the truth to Emine. He tells him that Emine is crying because she believes that she has no family left after Hakki Baba’s death but if she learns that Gonul is their mother then she will be a little less gloomy.

Korkut advances towards Emine and urges her to get back in the house but she refuses saying that she cannot return to the house again. Gonul then suggests she take Umut and Emine with her so they can stay at her house for a few days. Emine readily agrees and Korkut too does not object.


A Love Story Episode 65Ceynat looks unhappy when she sees Emine and Umut arrive with Gonul. Gonul tells her that Emine is disturbed following Hakki Baba’s demise and was refusing to re-enter her house so she decided to bring her home for a few days.



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