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A Love Story Episode 66The investigator asks Korkut for Ahmet’s alternate number and Korkut says he doesn’t have it with him. He tells Korkut that Ahmet hasn’t returned home as yet and that his involvement in the murder is likely as the neighbours complained of his bad behaviour and he also holds a criminal record. Korkut then realises that it is possible for Ahmet to have something to do with the murder and he resolves to not spare him for it.

Emine asks Asiye to bring her a holy book so she can offer prays for Hakki Baba’s soul to rest in peace. Asiye leaves to fetch the book and Umut consoles Emine that she still has him and Korkut as her family. She says that she is glad to have him but she is unable to remember him. She says she never had a mother and now she does not even have a father. Umut asks her if she will be happy to meet her mother and she perks up saying that if she meets her mother she will sleep in her lap. Umut tells her that her mother is near her and she loves her a lot. Emine then asks him about her mother but he hesitates to divulge the truth to her.


A Love Story Episode 66Just then, Ceylan rushes to be by Emine’s side. He pulls Emine in a hug and tries to console her but Emine cries inconsolably cursing her empty life and Ceylan tells her that she has them and Korkut. She then asks Umut for Korkut and he tells her that he is at home.

Ceylan calls Korkut and offers condolences for his loss. She then offers to visit him and he instead requests her to look after Emine and Umut assuring to meet her soon.


A Love Story Episode 66Korkut goes to the gambling den where he forcibly makes a man blurt out about Ahmet’s whereabouts and the man tells him that Ahmet is trying to flee the city with his girlfriend. The moment Ahmet sees Korkut’s car approaching he runs for his life till he meets a dead-end and is confronted by Korkut. Korkut punches him before holding him to the car and demands he speaks the truth about Hakki Baba’s murder. Ahmet at first pretends to be unaware of anything but then relents and sneers that he killed the old man with his own hands. Enraged, Korkut punches him harder which sends him crumpling to the ground. Korkut then turns to the by standers and asks them to call the police as he kicks Ahmet in the gut.

After Emine finishes her prayers she notices her chain kept on the table. Ceynat had left the chain there some time ago and Emine, who has been looking for it for days is overjoyed to have finally found it. She wonders how it landed in Gonul’s house but then quickly overcomes that thought as she is hopeful of now being able to find her mother through it.


A Love Story Episode 66Asli returns to Memduh’s house with her arms locked at his elbows as she helps him walk. Yilmaz runs up to them and taunts Asli for hooking up with a man old enough to be her father. Memduh asks his men to get rid of Yilmaz and they start beating him ruthlessly. Asli then requests Memduh to stop his men and Memduh orders his men to cease the beating. He then walks up to Yilmaz and warns from ever returning to the house. Yilmaz tells him that he loves Asli and that it is a shame that she is with him. He spits on Memduh face and tells him that he will keep returning no matter what. Asli intervenes and asks Yilmaz to stop the drama as she does not want to go with him because she does not love him anymore.

A Love Story Episode 66Emine cooks food in the kitchen and its aroma brings Ceynat to her. Ceynat notices her chain around Emine’s neck and insists on having it back but Emine flatly refuses to part ways with her chain saying that it is her mother’s last gift and that the ring will help her find her mother. Ceynat remembers Korkut giving her the ring telling her to be careful with it. She then tries harder to retrieve it from Emine but she protests loudly. The commotion alerts Gonul, Asiye and Ceylan and they come running to the kitchen. Seeing Emine’s condition she takes Ceynat away while Ceylan stays back with Emine.

Korkut recalls his last conversation with Hakki Baba where he requested Korkut to reveal the truth to Gonul so she can look after Emine and Umut in their absence. Korkut then rises resolutely and leaves the house. As he leaves, he gets a call from Ceynat who asks him to come fetch Emine as she might ruin their plan. He tells her not to worry as he is on his way to reveal the truth. Nervous, she asks him what he is up to and he says that she will get to know soon.


A Love Story Episode 66Afraid that Korkut might spill the beans, she rushes to Gonul and lies that Korkut asked her for money and said that if she denied him the amount he will destroy her family. Gonul is stunned to know that Korkut threatened Ceynat but then she feels that may be Ceynat must have misunderstood. She tells Ceynat that she will have a word with Korkut but Ceynat is adamant on keeping Gonul away from Korkut at all costs. She threatens to return to Memduh if she insists on meeting Korkut. Gonul then gives in to her demand and agrees to not talk to Korkut and send Emine back to her house.

Gonul then tells Emine that she has called for the cab to take her home. Emine says that she knows Gonul is angry with her. She then returns Gonul her chain saying that she must have mistaken it to be her own and begs Gonul to not be angry with her. Gonul assures her that she is not angry with her and in fact, she loves her a lot. Emine tells her that she loves her too so she leaves to please Gonul.


A Love Story Episode 66Memduh asks Asli if she still loves Korkut and she feels flustered at his sudden question. He tells her that he is sure she has no feelings for her husband Yilmaz but that is not the case with Korkut. He tells her that if she feels even slightly for Korkut then she cannot live with him. He says that she can take her time and then tell him what she has decided.

Korkut pounds hard on Gonul’s door which is answered by Gonul herself. He asks for Emine and Umut and she tells him that they left with Ceylan. He then asks for Ceynat and she lambasts him for asking money from her daughter. Shocked, he asks her who told her that he asked for money and she says that Ceynat herself told her this. She then forbids him from ever meeting Ceynat or even visiting their house.


A Love Story Episode 66Korkut calls Ceynat and she innocently tells him that she was trying to get money from Gonul to give him but Gonul misunderstood her. He does not catch her lie and says that he never expected any money from her. She says she only tried to help him and he regretfully states that she has only ruined things for him.

Asli tells Memduh that she has decided to live by his side forever. She says that Korkut is her past and that Memduh is now her present. Memduh’s face breaks into a warm smile as he gazes at Asli.


A Love Story Episode 66Korkut asks Emine why they returned back and Umut answers that Gonul asked them to leave saying that she has work to attend. He tells Korkut that he does not like Gonul anymore as she made Emine cry. Emine defends Gonul saying that it was her fault as she thought Ceynat’s chain belonged to her. Ceylan then explains that Emine mistook Ceynat’s chain to be hers and that Ceynat flared up unexpectedly. Korkut gets the idea and refrains from reacting.

Tolga sees Ceynat in her room and tells her that Gonul told her about what happened with Korkut. He tells her that he always knew what kind of a person Korkut was and is happy that they too have seen his real face. He says that they can start afresh and live like a normal family. Ceynat thanks him and requests him to dissuade Gonul from meeting Korkut and Tolga assures her that Korkut will never be able to come close to Gonul again.


A Love Story Episode 66Korkut is lost in his thoughts by the threshold when Ceylan breaks his reverie by bringing him food. He refuses to eat and asks her to leave him alone. She recalls how he once persuaded her to eat food and imitates him. She first threatens to kiss him if he declines the food. He stares blankly at her. She then threatens to spend the night with him if he declines the food and he continues staring back at her. She then threatens to kill herself if he declines the food and he suppresses the grin that tugs at his lips. He then rises and pulls her in for a kiss. After breaking the kiss, he derisively asks her if she is happy with this much or if she wishes for the other two things that she spoke of.

A Love Story Episode 66Korkut tells her that she wants nothing from her and then urges her to return home. Ceylan then lovingly runs her hand over his face and tells him that he still has not understood her. She says that she will stay here no matter what and the more he tries to shove her away from himself the more she will want to stay back. She forcefully hands him the plate and leaves after ordering him to eat up.

Sensing her pain, he checks on her through the window and is disheartened to see her sob silently. Tears flow down his eyes as he is unable to see her in pain.


A Love Story Episode 66Korkut returns with his family and Ceylan home when he sees Yilmaz waiting outside his house. Yilmaz offers his condolences and tells him that there is someone in his house as his house has been sold off. Korkut barges inside and throws out the real estate agent and the new buyer who bought the house from Ahmet.

Yilmaz suggests Korkut seek help from Memduh who is now indebted to him. Korkut refuses to do so and Yilmaz asks him why he has a soft corner for Memduh when he is a deceptive man who is now eyeing his ex-girlfriend. Korkut disses Yilmaz and strides off.


A Love Story Episode 66Tahsin hands Tolga some money and tells him to tell Gonul that he will pay off the remaining amount soon. Tolga asks him to do so himself and Tahsin says that he cannot face Gonul like before. Tolga then reminds him that the day he left, he was on the verge of revealing some truth related to Korkut and Tahsin says that it is all in the past and that he does not wish to dig events from the past anymore.

Korkut reaches Gonul’s house where he meets Asiye who answers the doorbell. The moment she sees him she tells him to tell Ceylan to never return to her home again. He clarifies that Ceylan is at his house for Emine but she refuses to buy his story and says that she knows that they have done stuff before even getting married. Embarrassed, he asks for Gonul and walks in leaving Asiye mumbling to herself.


A Love Story Episode 66Once inside, he sees Gonul plan a holiday with Ceynat. But when she sees him her expression changes and she runs towards him angry that he dared to enter her house despite being told not to. He then asks for money from her and she expresses her disgust at his audacity. She tells him that she trusted him a lot and even made food for him while he stabbed her like this. She says that no one has ever hurt her more than him.


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