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Written Update: Episode 67

A Love Story Episode 67Gonul expresses her disappointment in Korkut who looks unfazed and says that he will return to collect the money. He then asks to speak to Ceynat. Gonul declines his request but Ceynat intervenes and agrees to talk to him in private. Ceynat then scolds Korkut for asking money and he tells her to quit acting innocent as he knows that she now loves her new life and does not want him near fearing he might blurt out the truth to Gonul. He accuses her of being swayed away by money and family and she sobs that it is not true. He says that she need not fear him as he does not want anything from Gonul and will never divulge the truth to her. He wishes her good luck with her new life and stalks off.


A Love Story Episode 67Ceylan persuades Umut to eat some food but he looks reluctant to eat anything. He is worried about Ahmet and asks Ceylan when his father will be released from prison. Ceylan tells him that he will not be released soon since it involves a lot of legal procedure. Just then, Korkut arrives and asks Ceylan to get her bag. He asks Umut to go to his room so he can have a word with Ceylan.

Ceylan tells Korkut that she will not leave even if he asks her to. Korkut firmly asks her to fetch her bag and she rolls her eyes as she leaves to retrieve her bag.


A Love Story Episode 67Tolga gives Gonul the money Tahsin gave him as a compensation for their car. Gonul surmises that Tahsin must have sold his house to collect the money. She refuses to accept it as she knows how hard Asiye and Tahsin worked to build their house. Tolga says that she should not feel guilty accepting the money as they had not asked Selim to go around with their car. Tolga then reminds Gonul that Tahsin was about to reveal something about Korkut which she refused to hear. Asiye overhears this and quietly leaves the house. She says that Tahsin had sided Korkut saying that he is a nice guy when in reality he is just the opposite. She refuses to hear anything more about Korkut and Tolga tells her that they should dig more into Korkut’s history as he feels that there is more to it.

Asiye calls Tahsin and asks to meet her in the evening and he agrees to see her soon.

A Love Story Episode 67Assuming Korkut to be driving her home, Ceylan threatens to jump out of the car and he clarifies that he is not taking her to her house. She tells him that if he abandons her at a deserted location then too he will not be able to get rid of her as she will still come back to him. He tells her that he is aware that he cannot get rid of her so he is just preparing to get accustomed to her. They stop in front of a building and Korkut drags her to the Marriage Registrar’s office. She looks confused and he says he has brought her there so they can finally get married. Befuddled, she asks him why he suddenly changed his mind after rejecting her several times before. He justifies that is how he is, he first hurts her and then makes it up to her.


A Love Story Episode 67Ceylan says that she will marry him only if he says that he wants to marry her because he loves her. Korkut holds her close and says that he hurt her a lot and promises to never hurt her again till he is alive. Ceylan jumps with joy and they happily head towards the registrar’s office.

Asiye meets Tahsin at a park and asks him what truth he knows about Korkut. Tahsin looks reluctant to speak up and Asiye tells him that Ceylan is living in with Korkut. Tahsin is stunned and he leaves instantly.

A Love Story Episode 67Korkut returns home with a big red box and Emine looks excited. She asks him what is in it and he tells her that it is for Ceylan. Ceylan is surprised to know that he has got her a gift. She opens it to find a beautiful wedding gown in it. Tears sting her eyes as she sees her wedding gown. Emine urges her to try it on and they both leave to see how it looks on Ceylan.

Korkut feels restless as he waits for Ceylan to change. Emine asks him to be patient. Ceylan first shows Emine how the dress looks on her and Emine looks very pleased to see Ceylan in her wedding gown.


A Love Story Episode 67Korkut receives a call from Memduh asking him to see him since he is now his ‘right hand’. Korkut tells him that he will not work for him as long as Asli is with him and Memduh says that he must learn to keep his private matters separate from business. Korkut tells him that Asli’s presence makes a difference to him and he cannot work till she is with him and then hangs up abruptly.

Tahsin arrives at Korkut’s house and asks him to see him alone outside his house. The moment Korkut steps out, Tahsin punches him hard across his face and chastises him for touching his daughter. Korkut tells him that he can hit him as much as he wants as he deserves it anyway. Tahsin hits him again and Korkut tells him that Ceylan and he will be marrying each other after two days.

A Love Story Episode 67Shocked, Tahsin crumples to the floor as Korkut holds him. Korkut tells him that he will ensure that no one says anything bad about Ceylan by marrying her. Tahsin asks him what about her life after he dies and Korkut says that before he dies he will push Ceylan away from him so she starts hating him and never wants to see him again. This will make his death less painful for her. Tahsin seems worried and says that it won’t be easy for him and Korkut says that he will not give up as this is the right thing to do. (Geez! Make her hate you so she finds the separation less painful. Whoever thinks like this must be given one tight slap! What rubbish is this? You have limited time in your hand and this is how you spend it? Stupid man!)


2 days later

A Love Story Episode 67Emine and Umut are all decked up for Korkut and Ceylan’s wedding. Korkut looks happy to see his sister looks beautiful in a new dress and Emine tells him that he should see Ceylan who looks like a dream. Just then, Korkut’s looks up to see Ceylan with his mouth agape as she looks stunning in her bridal attire.


A Love Story Episode 67Umut and Emine leave in a cab while Ceylan gets in Korkut’s car. But before they can leave, they see Gonul arrive with Tolga. Tolga’s eyes widen in shock as he sees Ceylan in her wedding dress. Gonul hands over an envelope full of money to Korkut which he promptly accepts as a wedding gift. Gonul scornfully orders him to stay away from her and her family and he assures to do as asked. She says that she hopes he isn’t as bad to Ceylan as he was with them and he leaves without a word. Korkut and Ceylan drive away in front of Tolga who cannot stand the sight and his knees buckle as he clutches his chest in pain. Gonul feels worried seeing him unwell, but he insists she return home as he has someplace to be.   

A Love Story Episode 67Asiye feels happy to see her daughter in her wedding gown. She gushes over her as Korkut moves on to meet Yilmaz who has arrived uninvited. Yilmaz says that he is there to attend his brother’s wedding. He then jokes that Korkut is lucky to be marrying such a beautiful girl despite being on his deathbed. Korkut sneers that it will be better if Yilmaz could keep his mouth shut if he wants to survive. Yilmaz understands that Ceylan is not aware of Korkut’s imminent death and assures to stay mum about it. (Isn’t Yilmaz a runaway criminal? How is he roaming so freely?)

As Korkut and Ceylan head towards the marriage hall, Korkut asks two random strangers to be the witness for their wedding and they agree to it.


A Love Story Episode 67Korkut and Ceylan enter the marriage hall and Ceylan and his family follow them inside. Once on the stage, Korkut feels dizzy. The marriage officer asks Ceylan if she agrees to marry Korkut and she excitedly says ‘yes’. He then asks Korkut if he agrees to look after Ceylan and spend the rest of his life with her and he stares blankly as his vision gets blurry because of the dizzy spell.



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