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A Love Story Episode 71

At the breakfast table, Gonul looks absentmindedly at Tolga and he tells her that she need not worry about him collapsing again. Flustered, she clarifies that she was only seeing that he hasn’t been eating anything and he says that is because he is not hungry. Just then, Ceynat’s phone buzzes and Gonul fumes with rage when she sees Korkut’s name flash on the screen. She answers the call and warns him from ever calling her again. Ceynat walks in and Gonul yells at her for maintaining contact with Korkut despite knowing what he did to Tolga. She then seizes Ceynat’s phone and makes her join Tolga and her for breakfast.


A Love Story Episode 71Korkut is in his trailer trying in vain to call Ceynat. He is surprised to see Memduh arrive in his car. Memduh hands him an envelope full of money saying that is the price for saving his life. He then asks Korkut why he lives in a trailer when he has a wife waiting for him at home. Korkut asks him to mind his own business to which Memduh retorts that Korkut must stick to his wife and not eye other’s wife as the same thing can happen to him. Korkut walks closer to him and growls that Ceylan is his life and if he ever lays a finger on her then he will kill him. Memduh looks amused and says that it is better he remembers what he said as doing so will prove helpful for him.


A Love Story Episode 71Memduh receives a call from Gonul who tells him that she will be out of town with Tolga for his treatment and does not want Ceynat to be alone. She says she wanted to leave her with him but Korkut’s presence dissuades her from sending Ceynat over. Memduh states that his matter with Korkut is completely over and she need not worry about him anymore. He then offers to drop by in some time and Gonul gladly agrees.

A Love Story Episode 71Korkut feels annoyed when he sees Ceylan sitting on the veranda of his house. He screams at her to leave saying that she has to just take a bus home. Ceylan looks at him and says that she can’t leave because she is pregnant. Flabbergasted, Korkut stares at her in disbelief before stalking off as Ceylan lets out a breath of relief.


A Love Story Episode 71Korkut reaches the ocean where he looks up to the sky and asks the Creator why he had to punish his child for his mistakes. He says he cannot leave his family. He asks why He is playing with him and urges him to either let him live or die right away. He pleads to be able to see his child and play with him.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz has been spying over Memduh and he feels happy to see Ceynat arrive with Memduh at his house.

Memduh visits Asli’s room and sees that she hasn’t touched her food yet. He tells her to freshen up and come down for a meal as Ceynat has arrived. Asli perks up at the thought of being allowed to leave her room and promises to freshen up soon to meet Ceynat.

A Love Story Episode 71Lost and confused, Korkut stares at the ocean when a toy bus stops near him. He picks up the toy as tears well up in his eyes. He then buys the toy from its seller and heads home with it.

At the dinner table, Ceynat asks Asli is she feels fine now and she says that she is much better now as she was down with a common cold. Ceynat excitedly tells her that they can now go shopping together and Memduh states that his man will accompany them as he does not want her to meet Korkut. Ceynat says she will not meet Korkut and that he must learn to trust her but he does not budge so she returns to her room in anger.


A Love Story Episode 71Tahsin visits Gonul’s house where Asiye tells him that Selim has not returned home yet. Just then, Selim arrives with a boy on a bike. Asiye reprimands him for staying out late without informing her and he back answers that she never bothered to call him all through his vacation and now is suddenly concerned for him. Tahsin scolds Selim for talking back to his mother and Selim tauntingly asks Tahsin what brings him there out of the blue. Tahsin yells at him to go to his room.

Tahsin then hands some money to Asiye which she refuses to accept. He tells her that he has to take care of her and the family and she says that he need not do so as they have now separated from each other. He firmly insists that nothing has changed for him and that she is still his wife. He then forces the money into her hand and she accepts it. (Of course, he can’t leave her now because Gonul can’t stand him and he can’t marry her because her son is married to his daughter. So, that leaves him with no option but to return to Asiye. Shrewd uncle!!)


A Love Story Episode 71

Korkut places the toy by the bedside and wraps himself over Ceylan who asks why he suddenly wants to warm up to her. He promises to never inflict pain on her or their baby from now onwards. Ceylan smiles before shutting her eyes to sleep.

Next morning, Ceynat secretly sneaks out of the house and is accosted by Yilmaz who has been stationed outside Memduh’s house. He orders her to get Asli out of the house and she refuses saying that her father has refrained her from leaving the house. He orders her to do as said or he will expose her before Memduh. She rolls her eyes at his threat and he clarifies that meeting Memduh personally may not be possible for him but he can call him anytime and reveal the truth to him after which she will be thrown out of the house and will be forced to return to the hell-hole she came from. Ceynat then complies with his wishes and returns to get Asli.

A Love Story Episode 71Ceylan wakes up to see Korkut set breakfast on the table. She is surprised to know that he woke up early to prepare breakfast for them and he tells her that he is doing so to keep their baby healthy. He pulls her in a back hug and she whines that he is only concerned about the baby and not the mother. He teases that if she starts feeling jealous now itself then how is he going to manage later. He then forces her to quickly finish the breakfast as he wants their baby to be healthy enough for him to pull his cheeks.


A Love Story Episode 71Umut overhears him and asks whose cheeks he plans to pull and Korkut answers that his cousin sister or brother. Emine gasps delightedly and congratulates Ceylan. Umut says he wants a brother so he can play with him and Emine says that she wants a niece as baby girls are cute and that they can shop together for her. Seeing their excitement Ceylan looks uncomfortable and Korkut looks worried for her. She says that she just feels nauseous because of excitement. Korkut then leaves after asking Emine to take good care of Ceylan.

Ceynat argues with Memduh to allow Asli out with her for shopping and agrees to take his guard with her. Memduh turns her down initially but eventually gives in.


A Love Story Episode 71Korkut calls Tahsin and asks to meet him to share some good news with him. The moment Ceynat’s car leaves the threshold she asks the driver to retrieve her cellphone that she forgot at home. After he leaves, she asks Asli to step out of the car and run to Yilmaz who is there to rescue her. Asli hesitates as she sees Yilmaz standing by a car. Ceynat compels her to not waste time as the guard will be there soon but Asli looks confused.

A Love Story Episode 71Tahsin arrives Korkut’s trailer and asks him if he called to tell him that he is willing to undergo the surgery so he can live longer with Ceylan. Korkut tells him that he will not be undergoing the surgery. He then informs him of Ceylan’s pregnancy and Tahsin looks stunned by the news. Korkut asks if he is unhappy to hear about his grandchild and Tahsin says that he is more worried about Korkut’s imminent death. Korkut then requests him to take care of his child so he never feels his father’s absence. Tahsin says that he cannot fill in for him and Korkut says that he can be a much better father to his child.


A Love Story Episode 71Korkut begs him to take responsibility for his child so he can die peacefully. He tells him that if he has a son then he will be strong and brave like him and if he has a daughter then she will be loving and caring like Ceylan. Korkut then hands over the envelope of money that Memduh gave him and tells Tahsin to keep it so he can collect money for his grandchild. Tahsin reluctantly accepts the money and says that he is nice man and could be a good father if God grants him a longer life.

A Love Story Episode 71Emine forces Ceylan to eat a lot of food and disallows her from doing anything. She does not even let her fetch water for herself and asks Umut to do so. Ceylan tells her that she need not take so much care of her and Emine says that she has promised Korkut to take good care of her. Ceylan complains to Emine that Korkut is so inconsiderate to arrive late despite knowing her condition. Emine says that she will scold him when he comes home. Just then, Korkut arrives with bags of presents for Umut who jumps with joy.


A Love Story Episode 71Ceylan sulks and leaves to sleep in her room. Korkut asks her if she is angry with him and she says that she is as he failed to keep his promise of returning home soon now that she is pregnant. He brushes his fingers over her cheeks and plays with her hair. She wonders aloud what’s got into him and he says that he is not sure if she looks cute because she is angry or because she is pregnant. His remark elicits a smile and she tells him that he should have retorted so would have a chance to fight with him. He pulls close her close and plants a kiss on her forehead. He then tells Emine and Umut to get dressed up as they have to someplace to be. Ceylan pouts saying that she wanted them to spend some time together and he says that they will do that but after the surprise he has planned for her.


A Love Story Episode 71Selim, Ece and Asiye are seated in a restaurant where they are waiting for Tahsin. They assume that Tahsin has arranged for the dinner to make up with Asiye. Asiye tells her kids that she will not forgive him so easily. Selim quips that she is too old to find another man and must stop acting pricey. Tahsin arrives and apologises for being late. Asiye tells him that he need not have got them to such an expensive restaurant as they still have re-paid Gonul her money. She says he could have spoken to her at home. Tahsin looks confused and says that he has nothing to speak to her as the dinner is Korkut’s treat and that he has invited them for a family dinner. Selim and Ece barely stifle their laugh as Asiye looks disappointed.


A Love Story Episode 71We then see Yilmaz musing that this feeling is so alien-like someone is stabbing him. In a flashback scene, we see that Yilmaz ran to Asli to make her leave with him but she flatly refused to go saying that she does not love him anymore. He refuses to believe her saying that she must not reject him fearing Memduh. She squeals that it is not about Memduh and that she does not want to go with him. Ceynat berates him for forcing Asli to leave when she does not want to be with him. He screams that he will not leave her. He looks at Asli and says that he will not be able to live without her. She counters that it is all fake and that Korkut himself said that no one dies being unloved. Heartbroken, Yilmaz muses that there is nothing left in his life and that he never imagined his life would be this empty.

A Love Story Episode 71Ceylan looks nervous when she sees her family at the restaurant. Korkut tells her that he invited them and that they should not delay anymore as they have been waiting for a long time. As they walk to their table. Asiye tells them that she wanted to invite them over for dinner but Korkut surprised them before. Emine says they should celebrate tonight as the baby will arrive soon. Korkut and Ceylan look shocked as Asiye looks bemused. Umut groans that Emine spoilt the surprise as Korkut and Ceylan wanted to break the big news to her family. Emine apologises for ruining the surprise and Korkut says that she need not feel guilty as they were anyway going to divulge to news to Ceylan’s family. Selim and Ece feel happy to hear about Ceylan’s pregnancy. Asiye too cannot conceal her excitement and she pulls Ceylan into a tight hug.


A Love Story Episode 71They take their seats and Korkut starts by saying that he wishes to start afresh with them as he has decided to live the rest of his life for his wife and their little baby. Ceylan looks uncomfortable and she abruptly leaves the table. Korkut looks worried and Asiye tells him that such things happen and she leaves to follow Ceylan.

Ceylan rushes to the restroom and cries wondering what will happen now. She quickly grabs a tissue when Asiye comes after her. Asiye teases her that she will suffer from mood swings in pregnancy. She says that Korkut looked worried which is fine since he too troubled her a lot. She instructs her that even if she does not feel like eating something she must trouble Korkut to buy stuff for her. Ceylan sobs harder and tells Asiye that she lied about her pregnancy and Asiye goes pale with shock.



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