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Written Update: Episode 72

A Love Story Episode 72Ceylan sobs that she lied about her pregnancy. Stunned, Asiye asks what made her come up with such a lie and she cries that her marriage was falling apart and she had to lie to save it. She confesses to having lied to her about being happy with Korkut after marriage. She tells her that Korkut married her only save her family from disgrace and that Asiye was right about she never being happy in life. Asiye feels disheartened and says that she never meant to curse her and that she has only wished for her happiness. Ceylan asks what she should do now that she is in deep trouble. Asiye advises her to speak the truth to Korkut but Ceylan is scared considering that he looks happy for the first time after their marriage.


A Love Story Episode 72Ceylan says that Korkut has bought toys and stays up all night looking after her. Asiye says that she will not be able to keep up the lie and that someday she will have to reveal the truth. She repeats that speaking the truth is the best thing to do right now and offers to take her to talk to Korkut. Ceylan agrees but stays behind to freshen up.


A Love Story Episode 72Korkut leaps out of his seat when he sees Asiye approach their table. She tells him to relax as Ceylan is fine and will join them soon. But Korkut is restless and he rises again when he sees Ceylan and asks if she needs to be taken to a doctor. She assures him that she is fine and looks at Asiye who waits for her to speak to Korkut. Everyone at the table stares at her waiting for her to speak. Unable to handle the stress, Ceylan passes out and Korkut holds to keep her from falling. He insists on taking her to a hospital and Asiye dissuades him from doing so. Ceylan regains consciousness and insists on being taken home and Asiye supports her. Emine says that dizzy spells are normal during pregnancies and that she too suffered from it when she was expecting her child. Ceylan rises as Korkut helps her stand. Asiye tries to speak with her but she turns away and leaves with Korkut. (OmG! Who will pay the restaurant bill now???)


A Love Story Episode 72A lonely dejected Yilmaz is on the verge of ending his life when he receives a call from Asli. She apologises for behaving badly with him and he berates her for troubling a dying man. She begs him to not act foolish but he rambles about not wanting to live anymore. She senses Memduh’s arrival and hangs up abruptly.


A Love Story Episode 72Asli tells Memduh that she was out of her room waiting for Ceynat and tries to leave when he stops her and asks for the phone in her hand. He redials the last number and looks infuriated at her when he hears Yilmaz’s voice. She explains that she called him only to ask him to divorce her and let her live peacefully. Memduh then grabs her by her hair and pushes her to the sofa. He barks that he is well aware that her divorce is already finalised. He then slaps her hard before telling her that she is mistaken if she believes that her lawyers do not update him with her case details. Asli’s screams alert Ceynat who comes rushing to her rescue. In a fit of rage, Memduh pushes Ceynat who falls to the floor. Memduh then checks on her but she runs to her room and locks herself in.


A Love Story Episode 72Memduh then pounds on her door asking her to talk to him but she refuses to open the door as she cries silently recalling her horrid past. In a flashback scene, we see her in her old house where she quietly takes a phone to a room and tries to contact the police to rescue her from her adoptive parents who treat her badly. But her adoptive mother walks in on her and beats her for reporting them to the police. In the present day, Ceynat shudders at the memory as she switches her phone off.


A Love Story Episode 72Ceylan is laid comfortably on the bed. She tells Korkut that everyone around her is taking too much care of her and he justifies that it is because of the little baby within her. He says she scared the living daylights out of him when she fainted in the restaurant. He kisses her hand and says that he is aware that she is a very independent girl but Umut, he and Emine love to take care of her. They find joy in doing so. She starts to say something but he cuts her off saying that she only needs to take care of herself so she can give birth to their baby safely. She tries to speak but is interrupted by Emine who walks in with a cup of tea for Ceylan.


A Love Story Episode 72When Tahsin drops Asiye and his kids home, he gives her the envelope of money that Korkut gave him to help him look after his child. He tells Asiye to payback Gonul the remaining amount that they owe her. Asiye is surprised that Korkut has that much money with him and Tahsin says that Korkut is a very good man and that he needs to learn something from him. Asiye counters that he must not say such things as he is a good father himself. He asks if she means what she says and she nods her head.


A Love Story Episode 72Their conversation is cut short by Gonul who looks aghast on seeing Tahsin. She berates him for coming to her house after all that happened between them. She curses him for keeping her in the dark for so many years. She asks him to get lost and Asiye hands her the envelope saying that Tahsin was there just to return her money. Tahsin the leaves with his head hanging low. Asiye turns to Gonul and criticizes her for pushing all the blame on Tahsin. She says that Gonul is no saint to blame her husband and leaves in a huff.


A Love Story Episode 72Next morning, Ceylan tells Asiye over the phone that she loves Korkut too much and will never tell him the truth. She says that she will find a way to make the lie a truth and hangs up quickly before Korkut arrives. He kisses her and asks about her health and she assures him that she is totally fine. He then tells her that even though her mother said that dizzy spells are common in pregnancy, they must still have her see a doctor. She sweetly turns him down saying that it is too early for them to see a doctor and he says that he wants to know how his child is doing and cannot wait to feel him. He persuades her to join him to the doctor’s clinic and she relents. (Seckin’s gaze is so mesmerizing I can’t help but wish to drown in his beautiful hazel eyes.)


A Love Story Episode 72Gonul tells Asiye that she will never forgive Tahsin for what he did. Asiye tries to justify but Gonul interrupts her. She says that she anyway has a lot going on in her life and that if she ever again speaks to her like she did last night then she will have to work somewhere else. Asiye looks mortified. Gonul then tells her to pack hers and Tolga’s stuff as they will be away for a while.


A Love Story Episode 72Ceynat meets Asli who feels scared that Memduh might punish her for getting in her room. Ceynat assures her that she need not fear anything as Memduh is not at home. She then tells her that she sympathises with her and will help her escape. Asli tells her that she does not wish to run away from Memduh as he still loves her and is just a little possessive. Ceynat counters that what kind of lover hits a woman and Asli tells her that she need not meddle in her matters and allow her to rest.


A Love Story Episode 72Korkut brings Ceylan to a hospital. She first refuses to have a check-up saying that the hospital us unkempt. Then she refuses to have a male doctor do her check-up. The receptionist tells them that if they wait they will be able to meet the senior doctor and Korkut agrees for it. He apologizes to the receptionist and she points out that Ceylan is too shy as she actually ran away. Korkut runs after her and gets her back up. She tries her best to get out of there but her attempts fail.

Gonul visits Ceynat who begs her to take her home saying that Memduh beats Asli and she cannot see that and wants to be out of there. Gonul asks her to pack her stuff as she talks to Memduh.


A Love Story Episode 72Gonul tells Memduh that she is there to take her daughter back and Memduh firmly says that Ceynat is not stepping out of his house. His minion then grabs Gonul’s arms drags and her out as she screams that she will come back for her daughter.

Yilmaz, who has been waiting outside Memduh’s house as this while witnesses Gonul entry and quick exit and decides to strike when the iron is hot.

He then forcibly enters her car and tells her that he is there to help her. He asks her why she was thrown out of Memduh’s house. She tells him that Ceynat does not want to live with Memduh and he asks her the reason behind it.


A Love Story Episode 72Korkut and Ceylan are in the waiting area when Korkut receives a frantic call from Yilmaz who requests him to meet him soon so they can rescue Asli from Memduh who beats her mercilessly. He tells Yilmaz to be patient and not act recklessly as he will be there soon. Ceylan overhears him and asks him about the call. Korkut evades her question and she urges him to meet the person immediately as it sounds urgent. Korkut snaps that Asli and Yilmaz can wait whereas he cannot as he wants to see his baby. Ceylan picks a fight with him over Asli and leaves the waiting room. He runs after her and assures her that he has nothing to do with Asli anymore. She does not look angry anymore and he laughs that he mood swings are getting worse. He lovingly embraces her and then realises that her fight could be just to avoid the doctor’s appointment. And she smiles sheepishly before saying that they have lost their number in the waiting list anyway so it is better that she return home while he can do his pending work.


A Love Story Episode 72Korkut meets Yilmaz outside the police station where Yilmaz asks him to go in and file a complaint against Memduh. Korkut flatly refuses saying that he’d rather file a complaint against Yilmaz than Memduh. He tells him that Gonul was pushed out of his house and that she has agreed to file a complaint against him. But Korkut still does not budge. Yilmaz wonders why Korkut is protecting Memduh and guesses that it is likely for him to be his real father. Korkut goes mum and Yilmaz says that he knows Memduh is not Ceynat’s father but he can very well be his father.


A Love Story Episode 72Ceylan is outside Korkut’s trailer preparing a meal for him when Asiye calls her and scolds her for faking her pregnancy. Ceylan argues that this is the only way to save her marriage.

Yilmaz teases Korkut for being a master planner and brining Ceynat to Gonul as her lost daughter all to take revenge. Korkut explains that his revenge plan in very much in action as he managed to ruin Tolga’s health which has put him on the deathbed. Yilmaz is not convinced with his story as he is unable to place Memduh in this whole drama. He tells Korkut that Memduh will not think twice before shooting him dead and that he must agree to file a police complaint against him. However, Korkut does not budge.


A Love Story Episode 72Asli cheerfully shows Ceynat her wedding gown and tells her that she has forgiven Memduh and will soon be marrying him. She asks Ceynat to forgive him too but Ceynat does not say anything to her. Instead, she calls Korkut the moment Asli leaves her room and tells him about her marriage plans. Korkut is stunned and she tells him that Memduh beat her black and blue in front of her but she has still agreed to marry him. 


A Love Story Episode 72Yilmaz loses his cool on hearing of Asli wedding to Memduh and he whines about Asli loving everyone except him. He says he feels like killing himself to get rid of the constant stress and tension. Korkuts barks at him for being so self-centred and illogical to believe that anyone who suffers a heartbreak must commit suicide. Angry he leaves Yilmaz’s car in a huff.


A Love Story Episode 72Tolga visits Ceylan and hands her a gift for their baby. She is thrilled to see the same musical toy that she once pleaded to have when she was a young girl but Tolga always refused to part with it. He says Gonul has got it for him from abroad and he used to sleep listening to it every night. He adds that she can have her baby sleep to the music just like him.


A Love Story Episode 72When Korkut arrives he sees Ceylan sitting by a bonfire. He takes her inside the trailer afraid of her catching a cold in the chilly weather. They share a kiss when he accidentally drops the toy that Tolga got for Ceylan. He fumes in anger when he learns that the toy is gifted by Tolga. He berates her for still keeping in touch with Tolga despite being married and now pregnant. Ceylan explains that Tolga is a heart patient and is afraid that he might die before seeing her baby which is why he brought the gift. Korkut protests that Tolga is only faking his ailment and that his mother will do everything she can to save him. He stalks out of the trailer in anger and Ceylan follows trying to pacify him. He then asks her to pack her stuff as he wants to go home because it is too cold there.


A Love Story Episode 72Emine is on her way home from the market when she senses someone following her. She turns back and screams only to be met with darkness. She then stumbles on the steps and remembers being harassed by a man in a food truck. She then recalls Korkut coming to her rescue and she finally remembers that Korkut is her brother and she runs home leaving her shopping bags scattered on the road. After she leaves, we see a man’s feet near her bags which means that she was being stalked by someone.

Emine hugs Korkut the moment she sees him at the door and tells him that she remembers him and how much he loves her. Umut expectantly asks if she remembers him too and she dejectedly says that she will slowly remember him too but it will take time. She tells him that she may not remember him but she knows it for a fact that she loves him tremendously and promises to never leave him alone.



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