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A Love Story

Written Update: Episode 73

Gonul receives a call from Yilmaz and she tells him that she is leaving with Tolga for some foreign country and he tells her that she need not worry about Memduh as he will take care of him. We then see that Memduh is in a graveyard with his minion who arrives with a hoe and a pickaxe and asks him what they are doing there. Yilmaz tells him that he has to exhume Memduh’s son’s skeleton so he can do a DNA test to ascertain if Memduh is Korkut’s biological father. The minion looks sceptical and says that it is a grave sin to exhume a body and Yilmaz says that he need not worry about anything as he is accountable for the sin. They then leave the skeleton outside Korkut’s house so Memduh can hold him responsible for the wretched action.

A Love Story Episode 73Next morning, Ceylan wakes up to see Korkut sitting on the floor next to a cradle. Surprised, she asks when he bought the cradle and he answers that he got it early in the morning. She sits close to him and asks him if he loves her and he admits that he only loves her. She makes him promise to never act like he hates her and never leave her alone. Korkut sighs but promises to never leave her side as he pulls her closer in his arms. (Jeez….Seckin’s eyes are hypnotic. I mean look at him. I would kill to have him look at me the way he looks at Ceylan. I do not mind melting completely under his smouldering gaze. Sorry Ji Chang Wook Oppa I do not mean to cheat on you. 😉 )

A Love Story Episode 73Near an ATM machine, Selim and his friend wait on a bike for any person to withdraw money. Selim’s friend tells him that if a lady withdraws money then they will grab her purse. Selim refuses to be a part of an act of robbery but his friend explains that they will not rob her money but will only pull her bag and startle her. Selim looks hesitant and his friend blames him for being a timid person and not being adventurous enough to pull off such a prank. Selim then gives in and agrees to execute the plan. As the lady steps out of the ATM booth, they drive towards her and Selim pulls her handbag. The lady grips her bag tightly and refuses to leave it even as she gets dragged by the motorcycle over a distance. She eventually loses her grip as Selim and his friend drive on. The lady is then hit by a car which shocks Selim. He rushes to her and takes her to the hospital.

A Love Story Episode 73Memduh and Asli are ready with a priest and witnesses to formalise their wedding. However, before they can start the ceremony a man comes and informs him that his son’s body has been exhumed and stolen from the graveyard. Enraged, Memduh leaves the ceremony at once and Asli asks Ceynat if she knows who is behind this unpardonable act. She takes Ceynat’s cell phone and immediately calls Yilmaz. She chastises him for such a despicable act and he vehemently denies having anything to do with it. But she is more than sure that Yilmaz is involved in the act.

A Love Story Episode 73We then see the hospital boy, who had helped Korkut swap Ceynat’s DNA results, tell Yilmaz that his task is difficult. Yilmaz scolds him for acting pricey and the man succumbs stating that he will require the person’s hair, skin, saliva or blood sample to determine the relation between the two people.

A Love Story Episode 73Asiye freaks out when she sees Selim return home covered in blood. He looks completely shaken when he tells her that he helped a lady reach the hospital. Seeing his distraught condition, she asks him if he caused the accident and he says that he looks unnerved because the lady he helped will never be able to lead a normal life again. He blames himself saying that she is suffering because he did not help her reach the hospital on time. Asiye hugs him tightly consoling him to not feel guilty about it.

A Love Story Episode 73The police have arrived at the graveyard. A policeman asks Memduh if he doubts any person to have done this but Memduh snaps at him for meddling in his matters. He then leaves in a huff after telling the policeman that he does not need the police to find his son.

Yilmaz arrives at Korkut’s house where he sees him assemble the cradle. He asks him what happened to his plan of pushing Ceylan away from himself and Korkut answers that everything has changed and that he has decided to live for his child. Just then, Memduh calls out to Korkut and Yilmaz asks him to be careful of the vile man.

A Love Story Episode 73Korkut steps out and sees Memduh standing with his men. Memduh asks him for his son and Korkut looks confused. Memduh tells him that someone has exhumed and stolen his son’s remains from the graveyard. Korkut looks at Memduh in disbelief. Memduh says that only he or Yilmaz could be behind such a grisly act. Korkut firmly states that he is not involved in it and will never steal the remains of a dead person. Memduh asks for Yilmaz and Korkut denies knowing his whereabouts. Memduh the growls that if he finds out that Korkut is involved in it then he will never forgive him.


A Love Story Episode 73Like Asli, Korkut too is certain that Yilmaz is behind this dastardly act and he berates him for committing such a grave sin. Yilmaz however, continues to deny his involvement. They get into a scuffle and Yilmaz punches Korkut across his face that makes his nose bleed. He then offers his kerchief to clean the blood and Korkut snarls at him to leave at once.

We then see Ceylan and Emine at the local market being observed by a man (whose face we don’t see) from a distance.

A Love Story Episode 73Gonul and Tolga rush back home as his condition worsens. She asks Asiye to call the doctor but he refrains her from doing so. He then asks Gonul for a favour to reveal his father’s name before he dies.

Yilmaz hands over the kerchief with Korkut’s blood, to the hospital boy so he can conduct the DNA test to determine Korkut’s relation with Memduh.


A Love Story Episode 73At the dinner table, Umut asks everyone to record a message for the baby to see when he grows up. Korkut looks embarrassed but then looks into the camera and says that he is waiting for the day when he will have his baby close to him and hold his hands. He says Ceylan and he are very dear to him and mean the world to him which is why he will try hard to be a good father. He continues that even if he is unable to be a good dad, he still has a mother like Ceylan who is the best mother in the world and is full of love. He orders his son to never hurt Ceylan as she is a wonderful woman. Ceylan feels guilty hearing his message and runs out the moment Umut focuses the camera on her.


A Love Story Episode 73Korkut follows her and asks her to stop crying. She then confesses to having lied about her pregnancy just to prove that he was faking his hatred for her. Korkut gets angry and he screams at her. He says it is all over between them and he stalks off as she begs him to forgive her. We then see her crying alone and realise that it was just a dream. When Korkut really approaches her she tells him that she loves him before wrapping her arms around his neck.

A Love Story Episode 73Tolga asks Gonul if she is willing to divulge his father’s name to him and she replies that she does not have an answer to his question because she herself does not know who his father is. Disgusted by her reply, he screams at her for being a woman of poor character to not know who is the father of her child. She tries to calm him down fearing he might feel stressed but he does not care and asks her to leave him alone.


A Love Story Episode 73Memduh forces Asli to call Yilmaz to meet her. She hesitatingly calls him and tells him that she is repentant and wants to come back to him. Yilmaz catches her bluff in an instant and tells her to hand the phone to Memduh. He then tells Memduh that his son’s skeleton is with Korkut. Memduh rubbishes his claim and he says that he can check Korkut’s house for it.


A Love Story Episode 73Next morning, Memduh reaches Korkut’s house with his men and asks for his son’s remains. Korkut screams that he does not have it. Memduh’s men then hold him and start searching his house. Korkut tells Memduh that he has no enmity with him and only wishes to lead a peaceful life with his family. Memduh’s minion finds the skeleton and Memduh winces in pain when he sees it himself. Memduh then charges at Korkut as Ceylan and Emine scream in fear. Memduh orders his men to take Korkut with them. In the car, Korkut tells Memduh that he did not do anything and that someone has unjustly framed him.


A Love Story Episode 73Ceylan immediately calls Ceynat and tells her about Memduh beating Korkut and then kidnapping him. Ceynat assures to look into the matter.

In an abandoned factory, Memduh’s men tie up Korkut. Memduh leaves after telling him that he shall deal with him after he is done burying his son’s remains.


A Love Story Episode 73Tolga meets Tahsin and tells him that he cannot dig deeper into Gonul’s past and that he just wants to meet his father once before dying. Tahsin’s eyes widen and he takes in Tolga’s request. Just then, Tahsin receives a frantic call from Ceylan.


A Love Story Episode 73Worried and scared, Ceynat tells Asli that Memduh will kill Korkut since he has discovered that it was he who exhumed his son’s skeleton. Asli looks terrified. She tells Ceynat that he does not listen to anyone and that Korkut has invited his own death. Asli wonders what prompted Korkut to do something like that. Thinking about the fact that Korkut is Memduh’s biological son, Ceynat tells her that there is a secret which if revealed to Memduh would save Korkut but she will be thrown out of the house for it. Asli urges her to speak up so they can save Korkut, but Ceynat refuses to say anything.


A Love Story Episode 73Memduh returns to Korkut and asks him why he did that. Korkut says that he is innocent and that the day Memduh realises that, he will repent and cry. Furious, Memduh beats Korkut black and blue till he loses consciousness. In a daze, Korkut calls out ‘papa’ but Memduh does not fully understand what Korkut is saying. Memduh remembers the day when he was shot and Korkut called him ‘papa’ when he was lying unconscious on the ground.


A Love Story Episode 73At the police station, Ceylan loses her cool and she screams the policeman to find Korkut as soon as possible. Tahsin tells her to calm down and she tells him that Memduh is dangerous and can kill Korkut.

Memduh cradles Korkut’s head as he takes him to the hospital. Tears sting his eyes as he sees Korkut being taken on the stretcher inside the hospital. The doctor gives him electric shocks after he sees that Korkut has suffered a cardiac arrest. The police inform Ceylan that Korkut is in the hospital and she rushes to see him.


A Love Story Episode 73Ceylan sees Memduh outside the emergency room and threatens to kill him if anything untoward happens to Korkut. The doctor tells Memduh that Korkut is alive but in a serious condition as lack of oxygen has caused tremendous damage to his brain and that they will be able to determine his condition only after he gains consciousness.

Ceylan forcibly enters the emergency room and talks to an unconscious Korkut when his vital signs on the monitor flatlines. She screams for help and urges Korkut to stay alive as he promised to always be by her side.


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