A Love Story: Episode 9

A Love Story

Written Update: Episode 9

A Love Story Episode 9

Korkut instantly ducks when he sees Tahsin walking towards the gate. In a flashback, we see Hakki asking Korkut to be cautious as people may recognize him after seeing him on TV. Korkut assures that nobody in Tolga’s house recognizes him but Hakki expresses his apprehension over Gonul’s driver seeing him. Tahsin notices Korkut and when Ceylan tells him about Korkut being Tolga’s new driver he expresses his displeasure saying that he would have introduced Tolga to a much reliable driver. Ceylan asks him to not worry about it as going by Gonul’s previous record she will have Korkut chucked out soon.

Ceylan’s date looks disinterested in talking to her. When she tries to strike a conversation he tells her how disappointed he is in her. He says that she looked decent as a kid but now she has grown up to be an ugly woman. He tells her that he wants a beautiful wife and that she doesn’t fit the bill. He leaves saying he will speak to his mother and flashing a note he states that he will only pay for his coffee. Ceylan is flabbergasted by what he said and she sadly peeks at her reflection in a spoon. (Such an a**h*** for a date.)


A Love Story Episode 9

Korkut is driving Tolga and Gonul in the car. Gonul suggests Tolga invite Eda for dinner. Tolga is shocked to hear Gonul asking to meet Eda and she explains that since he is unwilling to give her up it is better she meets her for his sake. She then pulls Tolga in a hug saying that she has nobody but him in her life. Korkut is witnessing the scene from the rear-view mirror going green with envy.

Selim advises Asiye to get Ceylan married to the very next guy she meets as he feels nobody will ever be interested in marrying her. Ece says that it is likely for her to be married before Ceylan and Asiye admits that Ece is smart so she will surely get a good job unlike Ceylan who refused to study further. Selim blames Tolga for ruining Ceylan’s career as Ceylan sits gloomily in her room overhearing their discussion.


A Love Story Episode 9

Disheartened, Ceylan looks at herself in the mirror and wonders if she is really ugly. She then collects the torn pieces of Korkut’s note and joins them back with a cello tape. (Poor Ceylan needs to be reassured of her beauty.)

A realty agent brings Korkut to a house near Eda’s house and tells him that the house has recently been vacated as the owner has shifted abroad. He informs him of the high rent and maintenance of the house as only celebrities inhabit the area but Korkut looks unperturbed by the expense and the agent decides to prepare their agreement.

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A Love Story Episode 9

Korkut gets in his car when and sees Eda jog in the vicinity. He follows her in his car and we hear him hold Gonul responsible for the things he is doing. He says Gonul decided to abandon Emine and him to live a nameless life in poverty while she gave her son her name and wealth. He continues that she stole their reason to live and now he will do the same to her by ruining Tolga’s life.

Ceylan goes to Tolga’s house where she sees Asiye abuse Gonul’s picture begging her to rot in hell because she despises her and can’t stand looking at her images all over the house. Ceylan scolds Asiye for speaking so loudly but Asiye pays no heed to her. Gonul is startled to see Asiye resume work. However, Asiye mockingly expresses astonishment at Gonul’s appearance as she is out without any makeup. Embarrassed, Gonul retracts to her room as Asiye cheers happily for having caught her without makeup.


A Love Story Episode 9

Ceylan requests Asiye to prepare some juice for Tolga as she goes to his room to wake him. Tolga doesn’t leave his bed when Ceylan tries to wake him up so she plays a song on her phone and he is up in an instant annoyed by the fact she saves songs of singers other than him. Her trick works and he finally rises from his bed. He walks up to her and holds her in a back hug. She pushes him away and chastises him for behaving like a boyfriend with her. She asks him to stay within his limits. Hurt by her remark he refuses to leave for work. Annoyed with his tantrums Ceylan picks her bag and leaves at once. She stops by the stairs musing that she cannot go on like this and decides to leave for a place far away from everyone.


A Love Story Episode 9

Ceylan sits in Tolga’s car. Korkut sees her disgruntled and offers her some fritters which she refuses. He claims that she is acting moody because she has finally fallen in love with him and she replies with a straight no to him. He asks her a few questions to which she continues to reply with a no and he tricks her asking if she hates him a lot and she blurts a no. Annoyed, she puts the car window up as he grins at her.

Tahsin meets up with the caretaker of the orphanage to inquire about Korkut and his sister. The caretaker tells him that he had met Korkut a few days ago as he was looking for his sister and that he gave him his sister’s address. Tahsin asks him for their address which the man readily gives.

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A Love Story Episode 9

Tolga tells Gonul that Ceylan had first met Korkut in Germany. Gonul is astonished to know that their two-day meet had such an effect that Korkut came all the way to Turkey for Ceylan. Ceylan clarifies that they had only met briefly in Germany and that nothing transpired between them.

Gonul is getting her make-up done as Tolga relaxes by the lake. He calls Ceylan to sit beside him and admits to having crossed his limit slightly. However, he adds that he sees no wrong in it and that he knows that she loves him. Ceylan interjects and requests him to not say anything that will make it difficult for her to meet him again. Bewildered by her request, she explains that today is her last day at work as she can’t handle this anymore. He tries to reason out with her but is interrupted by Gonul.


A Love Story Episode 9

Tolga complains to Gonul about Ceylan leaving her job and she says Ceylan has no option as Korkut’s presence reminds her of their time spent together. Ceylan states that it is not the case and Gonul silences her by reminding her of the deal they agreed upon. Gonul then cribs about having Korkut around and Tolga says he is just a regular harmless guy but Gonul says he looks weird.

Tolga and Gonul are busy with their photo shoot and a bored Ceylan takes a stroll on her own when she sees Korkut standing over a bridge. She joins him at the bridge and he mumbles that the lakes in Germany are much better and she retorts that he should go back to Germany if he misses it so much. He mournfully states that he will one day go far far away and will never return again. She then receives a call from Tolga and asks Korkut to join them for lunch.


A Love Story Episode 9

As they walk back, Ceylan rambles that he can take money from her in case he needs it to return to Germany. She tells him about Gonul disliking him and her not having feelings for him but Korkut walks ahead of her uninterested in her chat. She rattles on only to realise that she has been talking to herself all this while.

Ceylan walks in alone at the restaurant and informs Tolga that Korkut didn’t want to join them for lunch. Tolga goes looking for Korkut and Gonul feels surprised by his affection for Korkut. Gonul and Ceylan start have their food when the restaurant owner request for a picture with Gonul. Gonul gladly obliges and the lady poses putting her hand on Gonul’s shoulder which makes Gonul uncomfortable. The lady then calls her son for a picture and pushes his face close to Gonul’s making her feel even more uncomfortable.

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A Love Story Episode 9

Unhappy with the picture the lady requests for another click and Gonul responds that she has already clicked two pictures and is too hungry to click another picture with her. The lady’s tone changes and she screams at Gonul for being an arrogant and not caring about her fans. She taunts Gonul for having money and fame only because of her fans and Gonul retorts that she has worked hard to earn her fandom. They continue to argue and as Gonul rises to leave, the lady throws a plate of salad on Gonul.

Tolga finds Korkut sitting alone outside the restaurant. Assuming Korkut to be upset over Ceylan, Tolga tries to pacify him and Korkut decides to use his misunderstanding to his advantage. He slyly states to wanting to quit his job as he does not intend to ruin Tolga’s friendship with Ceylan. Tolga says that though Ceylan and he fight often, nothing can ever break their friendship.


A Love Story Episode 9

Tolga walks in the restaurant to see Gonul looking disturbed. She narrates the whole incident to Tolga as Korkut hears furiously. The restaurant owner returns and starts screaming at Gonul. She raises a jug of water in her hand but Korkut steps in on time and manages to twist her arm and throw the jug in another direction.

Korkut then belligerently upturns tables in the restaurant smashing every piece of crockery on the table as Tolga, Gonul and Ceylan gasp in shock. Ceylan runs to stop him and dashes against his body. But he pushes her away before striding off the restaurant.


A Love Story Episode 9

Korkut drives Tolga and Gonul home as Ceylan decides to stay back to catch up with a friend. We then see Ceylan walk back into the restaurant. Tolga berates Korkut for overreacting and Gonul says that they have already compensated them for the damages. Tolga states that it isn’t about money and he is sure that Ceylan has stayed back to help the restaurant lady.

Tahsin reaches Emine’s house where he asks Hakki about Emine. Hakki tells him that Emine relocated last month. Tahsin asks him for her new address and he denies having it. Just then, Umut and Emine step out of their house ready to leave for the market but Hakki discourages them from leaving the house.

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A Love Story Episode 9

Korkut recalls the incident at the restaurant and remembers Ceylan hugging him. He drives back to the restaurant and sees her help the woman set up tables. The lady tells Ceylan that she has high diabetes which is why she sometimes loses her temper. She thanks Ceylan for helping her who is ready to leave as it is too late to stay back.

Ceylan misses the last bus home and Asiye is paranoid about her spending the night out alone. Asiye asks her location to send Tahsin to fetch her but Ceylan disconnects the call pretending to be unable to hear her clearly.


A Love Story Episode 9

Ceylan checks in a nearby hotel and staggers her way to the room. However, she collapses the moment she opens the door to her room. Korkut runs to her aid as he sees her passed out outside the room. He lifts her in his arms and takes her inside the room.

Feeling her head he realises that she is running a temperature and he quickly places a damp towel on her forehead as she unconsciously mutters of feeling cold. Korkut rushes to a pharmacy to get her some medicine but finds it locked. Tolga is trying to reach Ceylan but is unable to get through.


A Love Story Episode 9

Korkut prepares a concoction and slowly feeds it to her. He stays up the night watching over her and plants a soft kiss on her forehead after her fever subsides.


(Yay!! The show is developing so well. It is getting interesting with each episode. I can’t wait to see Ceylan and Korkut fall in love.)

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