I am AlphaGirl and welcome to my blog AlphaGirlReviews.com. 🙂 I started this blog in 2015 to share my views and opinions on the three topics that I am extremely passionate about i.e. dramas, beauty, and books. So, let me throw some light on the categories on this blog and explain what you will find here.

Review – For All My Fellow Drama Addicts

A self-confessed fiction addict I thrive on almost everything that is created for entertainment. I have grown up watching all sorts of television dramas. But since the scene on the Indian drama shores got stagnant, I decided to explore new lands. As I traversed the eastern hemisphere, my fiction compass pointed towards the Korean peninsula where I found a whole new world of entertainment. When everyone I knew had been going ga-ga over shows from the West, I found solace in Asian dramas. I was first hit by the Hallyu i.e. Korean Wave in 2016 after a friend strongly recommended a K-drama and since then Korean dramas have me hook, line and sinker. Korean dramas are short with mostly 16-20 episodes and are only an hour long. These dramas are easily found online with English subtitles. If you have never watched a K-drama then do it right now. Check out my Korean Drama review section and see if any show interests you or read my post for K-drama beginners. Trust me, you won’t regret it. From K-Dramas, I slowly shifted to Japanese and Taiwanese dramas that are also short, sweet, and romantic….just the way I like my dramas 😉 Off late, I have been exploring and loving Turkish shows (yeah I just can’t leave the Asian continent). The only challenge with these shows is the length i.e. each episode is two hours long which is equal to one Japanese movie. Even if I’m okay with that then finding a good show with English subtitles is what contributes majorly to my selection of drama. But you don’t worry I will help you find good Turkish shows. 🙂  

I review K, J, and T-dramas so that you, my readers and fellow drama lovers, know about the types of dramas out there and are able to select the dramas that you feel are worth watching.

Beauty – For All Those Who Love To Look and Feel Pretty

My own beauty corner on this blog, I post reviews for all types of beauty products. I like to be the guinea pig for beauty experiments to guide you through the beauty market that is flooded with all kinds of products. I personally prefer using and recommending products that are low in chemicals and are infused with natural ingredients. I am crazy about Korean sheet masks and Indian herbal products so be prepared to find a lot of those products. 


Other than beauty products I also I love to hoard books. I am a bibliophile and nothing gives me more happiness than seeing a shelf full of books. Reading is like an exercise for my mind to keep mentally fit and sane. Romance is my favourite genre but that doesn’t mean I read only mushy stuff. I read books with storylines that seamlessly merge romance with almost anything.

Apart from these categories, you will also see a ‘written update’ category on my blog, which is for foreign shows. I recently completed the updates for Turkish drama – A Love Story (Bir Ask Hikayesi), Japanese drama – Boys Over Flowers 2, and Thai lakorn – U-Prince: The Single Lawyer. Written updates for Ukrainian revenge drama – Snowdrop and Thai show – Secret Seven are left incomplete because they got unbearably boring and I couldn’t carry on. 🙁 

Lastly, the blog section is for weekly posts that do not fit in any of the above categories. My blog posts could contain anything from my random musings, to feature articles or even something sent by my readers. It is just an open space meant for something and everything.

If you are still reading this, then thank you for being so patient and I hope you enjoy reading articles on AlphaGirlReviews.com.

Happy Reading!    

I am Ambadnya!!

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