Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania Review: The Tale Of A Handsome, Troubled Boy And His Overcrowded Family

Show Title: Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania

Channel: Sony TV

Timing: Monday to Friday 9 pm

I may have grown-up watching family dramas but I have no liking towards such shows anymore. I hate dramas involving joint families and 100’s of additional characters that pop in and out anytime the writer wants them to, without any proper reason. Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya is a family drama with all the ingredients I dislike the most (what ingredients? an infinite number of relatives, big house poor family, insensitive family members). Despite being a family drama Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya’s first episode impressed me as it seems slightly different because the central character is a young boy and not a young salwar kameez wearing girl. The show is about a lad named Abhishek who is the breadwinner for a family of 14 people (Seems too much naa?). His family has been looking for a bride for him who can share his responsibility of providing for a humongous, lazy family. Let’s have a look at the first episode synopsis and see if Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania is an entertaining family drama or not.  

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania (2016)

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania Reviews
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Synopsis: Episode 1

The story is set in a place named Devpur, Mussorie. The Pant family’s oldest member, daadi (paternal grandmother) has invited a pandit (a priest or astrologer) to help find a bride for her grandson Abhishek (Priyanshu Jora). Daadi starts by introducing the Pant family to the pandit. Daadi tells the pandit that Abhishek’s mother has some health issues and is unable to walk down to the ground floor. Abhishek’s mother greets the pandit from the gallery and sits there listening to all that is happening on the ground floor. The three daughter-in-laws fight to serve tea to the pandit only to appear idealistic before the pandit. The pandit tells them that he has a girl in mind and will talk to her family tomorrow. As the pandit leaves the threshold of the house a boy named Rohan comes running to him and asks him if he will surely find a bride for his brother and not run away after showing 11 girls. He is confused with what the boy says but is unable to ask him anything further as Rohan is called inside. The family is discussing the kind of daughter-in-law they want and what was wrong with the 11 prospective brides that they had seen for Abhishek. Meanwhile, Abhishek is on his bike riding through the mountain lanes. His daadi praises his sense of responsibility considering the fact that he quit engineering to look after the family. Abhishek stops at a marketplace to buy vegetables for the house (This is just the beginning of the numerous chores that the boy does singlehandedly). The vegetable vendor asks him if he can repair his radio (If you think Abhishek will charge for it then let me tell you that he is a very generous guy and will do it for free). Abhishek agrees to take a look at it. He packs the vegetables and then goes to pick his cousin Mona (Saloni Daini) from school. On his way, he sees young engineering students testing their gadgets and sighs at the sight. At home, daughter-in-law Madhu (there are too many characters in the show. I will try to mention as many names as I can remember) asks Daadi if she is scared to get a rich bride for Abhishek as he might end up following Yuvraj’s footsteps and run away from the family (OK. So one of the uncles’ is missing because he lives separately with his wife. And now the whole family is scared of history repeating itself in Abhishek’s case).

At school, Abhishek writes something in his diary when Mona playfully snatches it from him. She says she wants to see if her brother mentions his girlfriend in his diary. Abhishek remembers about a foreigner who will be arriving soon and asks his uncle to pick her up. His uncle is a big time slacker (like most of the family members) and gives him some stupid reason for not being able to receive the foreigner. Abhishek decides to receive her himself and calls his brother to apologize for being unable to go with him to buy books. He tells him to take the money from his drawer and buy the books himself. When the brother goes to take the money Kapil (yeah another cousin) comes and grabs the notes from his hands and runs away. Meanwhile, Abhishek has asked another uncle of his to pay for the wall construction work going on in the courtyard. The uncle (a big time miser) is unhappy about it and ends up having a scuffle with the construction manager over payment of fees. They come to blows when Abhishek’s sister Avni attacks the construction manager with a hockey stick to save her uncle. The construction workers flee the place leaving the work incomplete. The house is in complete chaos with family members fighting inside as well as outside the house.

Abhishek arrives with the foreigner and Mona on his bike. The foreigner is a writer visiting India to write her next book and is looking for a place to live (She has come without any luggage or bags. Weird!). Seeing the noisy environment of the house she reconsiders her choice but Abhishek manages to convince her to stay back. He tells her the commotion was because his family was excited to meet a foreign writer (He explains all of this to her in Hindi. Weird!). The family members gift her flowers and a basket of goodies. She feels impressed and pays Abhishek the money on the spot and goes to see her room. Abhishek then takes the children of the house to task and reproves them for bad behavior in front of their guest. Before he can punish any of the kids, their respective parents intervene and ask Abhishek to not be so stern with their children. The family again gets into an argument. Abhishek distracts the family by luring them with a plate of pakoras (a snack). And once again Abhishek bhaiyya saves the day and the family from a fight.

Abhishek goes to his room and looks at all the post-it stamps pasted across a wall and his to-do list. He is trying to take a nap when he hears someone sniff. His mother is quietly sobbing in the adjacent room. She feels bad about the fact that her son has to take on so many responsibilities at such a young age. She can’t even help with finding a bride for him because of her health (She is suffering from obesity and is unable to move around). She asks him to run away from the house and live separately. Abhishek tells her that two of the family’s sons have already escaped responsibilities by running away and he does not intend to be like them. She tells him she is waiting to have a daughter-in-law who will take good care of him.

Meera (Namita Dubey) is setting alarms clocks in her house. Her mother is surprised to see her dressed up so late at night. She tells her mom that she will be staying awake the whole night to avoid getting late in the morning. However, we see that Meera is fast asleep on the couch while all the alarms are constantly buzzing in the background. Her father finds her sleeping and asks the house help to switch off the alarms. Abhishek, on the other hand, is the first one to wake up in the house. He makes tea for the family and also tends to other tasks in the house. (Okay, so both are opposites in nature. He is the ideal son while she is the outspoken pampered brat).


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First Episode First Impression

I don’t know why this show reminds me of an old movie named Ghar Ho Toh Aisa. Of course, the stories are completely different but some elements seem common. I guess once Meera marries Abhishek she might change the dynamics of the house and that will be interesting to watch.

Priyanshu Jora looks every bit of the dedicated, responsible, and sincere son that he plays. However, the family is just too big to remember any other character. Many characters ensure many parallel storylines helping the show to run longer but that doesn’t always work. Sometimes the crowd can prick your eye. Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania has the potential to keep the audiences engaged. If you like watching family drama then this one is worth a try.  


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