8 Benefits Of Having A Guy Best Friend – The Boy Buddy

Guys are simple, uncomplicated creatures who make great friends. Yes! People around will judge you but, who cares? When you have your buddy by your side then nobody else should matter that much. Here are some reasons why you should be happy to have a guy best friend.   


1. No jealousy!

Having a Boy Best Friend
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Unlike girls, boys do not feel jealous easily.


2. Your secrets will remain safe with him

Girl Sharing secret with her Best Friend
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Guys do not feel the need or compulsion to share one person’s stuff with another. Guys do gossip but a little less than women.


3. Will Patiently Listen To You 

woman sharing her thoughts with a man
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Guys are very good at listening. They will hear you out before advising or commenting on anything.


4. Come up with the best possible solution to a problem

boy offering creative solution to a problem
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Guys will often surprise you with the weirdest and wackiest of solutions to a problem that will make you forget your problem altogether.


5. Warn you of menacing guys

Boy Warning Girl
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There are certain things about guys that even our sixth sense cannot sense. It is a very ‘guy’ thing and only another boy can understand that.


6. Gorge on anything and everything

man and woman enjoying pizza
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Guys seldom watch their weight. Their appetite is mostly tad more than women. So if you feel like binging and cannot finish the plate then call your bestie. He might be more than happy to help you.


7. Gives you the ‘guy’ take on things

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It’s not only our chromosomes but also our perspective that differs on a major level. What may seem confusing or irrational to you may seem completely simple and justified to him. It’s always good to take a guy’s opinion to understand things from a wider perspective.


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8. Will help you in the gym

Man_and_woman_in Gym
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Not just with weights but also the pull-ups and cardio too. Guys are great gym partners and will motivate you to sweat a little more.

With so many perks of having a guy bestie, there is no apparent reason that can withhold you from enjoying the camaraderie of an awesome guy.

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