Biotique Bio Soaps Review: Effective But Expensive

I have mentioned several times before that I am a hoarder of toiletries. I hoard shampoos, conditioners, lip balms, body washes, soaps and almost all types of personal hygiene products. If you ask me what I love hoarding the most then my prompt reply will be – soaps. I love hoarding soaps the most. Even now I have five different soaps from different brands waiting to be opened. So be prepared to see more of soap reviews in the coming weeks. 😀 I am always looking out for new soaps as I want to try them all. While selecting soaps, I try to pick the ones with least amount of chemicals. The more natural the ingredients the more likely I am to use it. Biotique boasts of using natural ingredients in their product which I why I am always excited to try their products. I tried two of their soaps and here my experience using them.

Biotique Parsley Soap Review

Name: Biotique Bio Basil & Parsley Revitalising Body Soap

Price: ₹90/- for 150 gms


Biotique Parsley Soap Review

Biotique Bio Almond Soap Review

Name: Biotique Bio Almond Nourishing Body Soap

Price: ₹90/- for 150 gms


Biotique Bio Almond Soap Review


What does it claim?

The Bio Basil & Parsley Revitalising Body Soap gently nourishes and moisturises the skin without disturbing the natural pH balance of the skin.

The Bio Almond Nourishing Body Soap nourishes the skin leaving it soft and smooth. It also combats skin problems like ringworm, scabies and dermatitis infection.

How to use?

Gently work up a foamy lather, and rinse.


Does it fulfil its claim?

The Basil & Parsley Revitalising Body soap is a clear green soap. It did not form a foamy lather but was very gentle on my skin. I had a hard time gripping the soap as it is huge in size and semi circle in shape. The soap slipped off my hands numerous times while using it. It was a real task to use it without dropping it. It has a strong fragrance that lasts a few hours even after a bath. My skin did feel slightly refreshed and smooth after a bath but I did not notice any major change or effect on my skin.

The Bio Almond Nourishing Body soap is clear orangey-yellow in colour. This soap too does not lather much and is difficult to grip because of its huge shape and grip less shape. It does not have a strong fragrance like the Basil & Parsley soap. It claims to fight against a few skin problems. However, I cannot comment on that as I do not suffer from any of those skin issues. I do suffer from body acne and though this soap did not help me reduce the acne, it also did not aggravate it like a lot of creamy soaps do. It was gentle on my sensitive skin and left it feeling soft and smooth.

What’s good about it?

Contains natural ingredients

Suits all skin types

Does not contain additives, dyes or hardening agents

What’s not so good about it?

Lacks grip


I give Biotique Bio Basil & Parsley Revitalising Body Soap 3.5 out of 5 rating and Biotique Bio Almond Nourishing Body Soap 3 out of 5 rating. I gave Bio Basil & Parsley Revitalising Body Soap 0.5 marks extra because of its fragrance. Both the soaps are gentle on the skin and leave the skin refreshed and smooth. They fulfil their respective claims and you can certainly give it a try if you do not mind the price.


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