Blog Update: Why Did I Go Into Hiding?

My Dear AlphaReaders,

I am BACK!! First of all, I am terribly SORRY for going AWOL last week. But I have a valid reason for going underground. December is AlphaGirl’s birthday month and I was working on changing the blog’s look and logos. After a week of dedicated hard work, I am highly content with the result. My site discusses a lot of topics and some of my readers were a little confused as to what the blog is about. Well, AlphaGirl is an exclusive review blog for Asian Dramas, Beauty products and fiction Novels. Keeping the blog updated on these three extremely different topics would often drain me out and I thought of officially dropping one of the three categories. But then I decided not to do so because for me dramas and books mean life and trying new beauty products is my passion. These are topics I am really passionate about and I could not bring myself to give up on any one of them. Since I could not dedicate my blog to a specific category, I decided to segregate my social media accounts. I now have different Twitter handles and Facebook pages meant for the three main categories on my blog. My Instagram too is now divided into two accounts. I have assigned every account a different logo colour to help you differentiate between the accounts. Here are the links to my updated social media profiles. If you like them then please follow them. 🙂

Facebook Main Account

Facebook Drama Review

Facebook Book Review Page

Twitter Main Account

Twitter Drama Review

Twitter Beauty Account

Instagram Drama Review

Instagram Bookstagram

Pinterest Account


Apart from updating the blog theme, I also wanted some time to study and modify my writing style. I have maintained a very formal tone in most of my posts and seldom indulged in amusing banter. After going through a lot of my posts, I realised that my blog was not very entertaining. So, I have decided to add more of my personal comments to all of my posts including beauty product reviews. I will try to make my posts as fun as possible. And I hope you like them.

Coming to the most requested post on my blog i.e. Snowdrop written updates, I will be writing Snowdrop episodes regularly going forward. Since I have recently concluded A Love Story, I can now concentrate on Snowdrop. I will try to upload written updates for Snowdrop every single day including the weekend. So do watch out this space.

Also, please note that Book Reviews will be posted on Tuesdays while Drama Reviews will be posted on Thursdays. Other than that rest of the blog schedule remains the same.


Keep Reading!


Lots of Love,



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