Darkfever Review: A Fever You Will Wish Never Subsides

I am not a big fan of fantasy fiction. Harry Potter was my first and last fantasy series and after that, I did not feel interested in investing in fantasy fiction. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Harry Potter. It was just that I never felt attracted to supernatural stuff. But thanks to Bookstagram and several YouTubers not only have I developed a taste for it I have become an almost fanatical follower of this genre. My bookshelf today is filled with fantasy novels that I have been greedily devouring for the past few weeks. And my hunger only seems to be increasing with each book. The Fever series is one of the reasons that got me addicted to fantasy fiction. Want to know how and why? Read on.  


Synopsis: MacKayla Lane is a 22-yr-old student and part-time bartender, leading a simple and secure life with her family in Georgia. Her small world is shaken when she receives the news of her sister Alina’s death. Alina was studying in Dublin before she was ruthlessly murdered by an unidentified person. After Alina’s death, MacKayla happens to discover some cryptic messages sent by Alina, the last one being sent a few moments before her murder. These slightly vague audio clips could lead MacKayla to her sister’s murderer. However, the police in Dublin are hardly cooperative or even helpful with solving the case which forces MacKayla to take matters in her hands. She packs her bags and lands in Dublin with limited money and steely resolve of finding and punishing Alina’s murderer. On reaching Dublin, MacKayla learns that she possesses several supernatural abilities that make her a powerful being in a mystical world. It is this mystical world that caused her sister’s death and she is determined to avenge her murder. 

Points I Liked About Darkfever

Terrific Writing: Karen Marie Moning’s writing is superlative. Her characters are so fascinating that you will want to dig deeper into her fantasy world. Her dark new world is built so persuasively that I couldn’t stop myself from getting addicted to the entire MacKayla Lane Novel or Fever series. The book is fast-paced and the writing doesn’t slump even a bit. The description of the supernatural characters is graphic enough to believe in their existence. There is humour and wit in small doses and a flicker of probable romance. 

Strong Protagonist: MacKayla is barely 22 yrs old but she knows what she wants and leaves no stone unturned in finding her sisters’ murderer. She leaves her home to come to Dublin only to be entangled in a whole new world that can scare anybody. But that does not deter her from keeping her search on. In fact, no warning or threat can dim her determination to get to the truth. She finds Jericho Barrons attractive but does not bow before him like a love-struck girl. He is intimidating, condescending, and demanding but she knows how to keep that within limits without losing his helping aid. She is a strong girl with a mind of her own. She follows her instincts and relies only on herself to get her mission accomplished. MacKayla Lane has guts, grits, and tenacity and I love her for that.

Points I Did Not Like About Darkfever

Low On Romance: Do not read the book with the expectation of seeing some intensely romantic encounters between a helpless young girl and her knight in shining armour. It is normally a given that when the male character is described to be irresistibly sexy there have to be some sparks flying. However, in the first book of the Fever Series you will see only a few sparks here and there and that too only if you squint really hard. I am sure their romance will develop in the following books.     


Final View: I loved Karen Moning’s Darkfever and would recommend it to anyone who loves reading especially fantasy novels.


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